• Enhancing Your Shooting Experience: Suppressors significantly improve shooting by reducing recoil, enhancing accuracy, and protecting your hearing, making every trigger pull a more enjoyable experience. 
  • Affordable Options Available: Learn about the various affordable suppressor options across rimfire, pistol, and rifle categories, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of suppressed shooting without a hefty investment. 
  • Choosing the Right Suppressor: Gain insights into selecting the perfect suppressor for your needs based on caliber, firearm type, and shooting style, and consider special features. 
  • Top Picks for Budget-Friendly Suppressors: Explore top recommendations for budget-friendly suppressors in different categories, ensuring high performance and durability at a fraction of the cost. 
  • The Value of Suppressors: Understand the immediate and long-term benefits of using a suppressor on your firearms, from enhanced shooting experiences to improved safety and noise reduction, making it a worthy addition to your shooting arsenal. 

Top Picks for Affordable Suppressors: A Guide to Cost-Effective Silencer Solutions 

Suppressors make shooting better, point blank. 


Attaching a silencer to your favorite pistol, rifle, or shotgun immediately improves your shooting experience. You'll enjoy reduced recoil, better accuracy, and a smile with every trigger pull. 


One of the most common questions we get asked is, "How much do suppressors cost?" Thankfully, you can get an affordable silencer that won't break the bank and will give you all the amazing benefits you expect from a high-quality suppressor. 

Table of Contents

How Much Does the Average Suppressor Cost? 

There are various types of suppressors, and each class has different price points. Let's break down the three primary types of silencers:   

  • Rimfire 
  • Pistol 
  • Rifle 

Rimfire Silencer Cost:  

Rimfire silencers, or 22lr silencers, are generally the most inexpensive silencers. That is due to their smaller size requiring less materials to manufacture and the use of different materials compared to centerfire silencers.  


Because 22 cans are so budget-friendly, they're a great way to get into suppressors to test out the waters of shooting suppressed before diving into the deep end of the NFA world. 


You can get a great 22 suppressor starting around $250, with the average being $350-$400. 

Pistol Silencer Cost:  

Pistol suppressors are usually bored for either 9mm or 45 calibers and will work on handguns and pistol caliber carbines, and some can even run on centerfire rifles. 


Pistol suppressors are more complex than rimfire cans. They have features such as modular mounting systems and piston booster assemblies and use various materials from aluminum to Inconel. 


Pistol silencers start around $375, and the average cost is about $600. 

Rifle Silencer Cost:  

Rifle suppressors are the most common silencers on the market and are split into various caliber options, including 5.56, .308, .338, .360, .45, and even 50 calibers. 


Rifle silencers handle the most pressure and are usually rated for hard use, requiring their build material to be very durable, such as titanium, stainless steel, and Inconel. 


You can get an excellent suppressor for less than $500; the average price is around $850. 

How to Choose a Suppressor 

There are hundreds of different silencers that fill tons of unique roles and have attributes that set them apart for specific goals. 


Choosing the best silencer for you comes down to a few key considerations 

  • Caliber of your firearm  
  • Type of firearms  
  • Style of shooting  
  • Special features 


Suppressors are rated by cartridge and categorized by bore size, including .22LR, 5.56, .308, .338/8.6, 9mm, and .45, with specialty options available for larger bore rounds like 50BMG or 12-gauge shotguns. 


A larger bore suppressor can typically be used with smaller caliber rounds; for example, a .30-caliber suppressor is often suitable for 223/556 rifles because the bullet is smaller than the silencer's bore. 


To find the ideal suppressor for the caliber you shoot, just review the product descriptions for caliber compatibility and consider the firearms you want to suppress. 

Firearm Type: 

After determining which calibers you shoot the most, it's important to think about the type of firearms you plan to shoot with your silencer. 


Some suppressors may be better suited for a bolt action rifle than a semi-auto AR15, pistol caliber carbine (PCC), or handgun.    


For high rates of fire or high-pressure rounds, you'll want durable materials like stainless steel, Inconel, Stellite, and Cobalt-6. 


Lightweight options like aluminum and titanium are usually more at home on bolt action rifles, precision rigs, and low-pressure rounds. 

Type of Shooting: 

How you use your guns can make a big difference in which silencers are the best for you. 


Suppressors enhance all sorts of shooting activities, including hunting, tactical shooting, and competition shooting. Different attributes can make suppressors better suited for these activities. Consider factors like weight, length, and durability. 


If you're trekking into the wilderness for a hunting excursion, you may not want a heavy silencer. Ounces make pounds! And if you're blasting rounds down range at training events or long-range days, you'll likely want a silencer that maximizes durability. 

Additional Features: 

While most suppressors might look similar on the outside, they have special features that set them apart from one another. Some features that might be important to you might include: 

  • Backpressure reduction 
  • Modularity 
  • Mounting system 

Backpressure reduction: 

There has been a recent trend in suppressor design to reduce the amount of gas that is added to the firearms system; this feature can be important on semi-auto, gas-dependent guns like the AR15. If you’re shooting a locked breach weapon, like a bolt action or lever action, this feature is much less important. 


Some suppressors can be broken down into smaller units or have multiple configurations, allowing you to adjust size, weight, length, and sound suppression to match the task or firearm that you're using. For example, you could use a short configuration on a handgun to keep it maneuverable and compact and then add length if you're using the same silencer on a PCC to maximize sound suppression. 

Mounting System: 

How your silencer attaches to your firearm, or firearms, is essential. The universal HUB mount, or 1.375x24 mounting pattern, allows you to use nearly any quick detach (QD) mounting system you prefer. The direct thread mounting saves weight since no muzzle device or other accessories are needed. A few suppressor brands use their own proprietary mounting systems, and some are direct thread only.   


Consider the firearms to which you're attaching your new silencer. If it is dedicated to one gun, the mounting system is less important than if you plan to move your can across multiple weapon systems. 


Best Affordable Suppressors 

Thanks to technology advancing, machining getting cheaper, and the industry growing, you can get an excellent suppressor without spending a ton of money. 


An affordable suppressor today would have been considered a top-of-the-line option less than a decade ago thanks to rapid innovation and the emergence of so many new, brilliant companies introducing new tech and new processes into the suppressor world. 


Let's look at our top picks for inexpensive suppressors across different categories so we can help save your ears and save you money. In the interest of getting top performance for bottom dollar, we will suggest caliber-specific options. 

Best Budget Suppressor

Thanks to technology advancing, machining getting cheaper, and the industry growing, you can get an excellent suppressor without spending a ton of money. 


An affordable suppressor today would have been considered a top-of-the-line option less than a decade ago thanks to rapid innovation and the emergence of so many new, brilliant companies introducing new tech and new processes into the suppressor world. 


Let's look at our top picks for inexpensive suppressors across different categories so we can help save your ears and save you money. In the interest of getting top performance for bottom dollar, we will suggest caliber-specific options. 

Best Affordable 30 Cal Suppressors 

30 caliber silencers are some of the most common rifle silencers on the market, and for good reason. These suppressors are versatile, covering multiple calibers, and highly effective at protecting your hearing. 


Aero Precision Lahar 30 

the Aero Precision Lahar 30 follows Aero Precision's ethos of high quality at an affordable price. It offers a high-end feature set, including an Inconel blast baffle, interchangeable end caps, and HUB mount. 


You can shoot any centerfire caliber, 30 cal or smaller, without barrel length restrictions. If it fits through the Lahars barrel, send it.   


This tank of a silencer gives you maximum useability across a wide range of calibers. Features like these used to demand four-digit price tags, but Aero stepped onto the scene and offered silencer customers incredible value with the Lahar series. 


Dead Air Nomad 30 

The Dead Air Nomad 30 is a high-performing, durable 30cal can that is at home on heavy-use rifles to hunting rings and precision rifles. The Nomad has a larger-than-average diameter. The added volume allows this 7.62 suppressor to have an incredible sound reduction, yet it's under one pound. 


Featuring HUB mount and interchangeable endcaps, the Nomad is easily adaptable to your needs by swapping out mounts or tuning with flash-hiding endcaps or ebrakes.   


AAC Ranger 7 

AAC's Ranger 7 offers big value and excellent performance. The Ranger series is full auto-rated and has a new baffle design that reduces back pressure to ensure your semi-auto hosts keep running well and that your ears are safe. 


Built from Inconel and stainless steel, this affordable 30 cal suppressor is built to last forever, no matter how hard you're running it. 

Best affordable 30 cal silencerBest affordable 30 cal silencer

Best Affordable 556 Suppressors 

The AR15 is one of the most common styles of firearms in America, but they aren't perfect. The 5.56 cartridge is loud and can cause significant hearing damage with just a few shots. Luckily, there are some fantastic silencers to upgrade your carbine that won't break the bank.  


Otter Creek Labs Polonium 

The Otter Creek Labs Polonium is a hard-use, full auto-rated 5.56 silencer designed to last a lifetime and save your hearing. 


The OCL Polonium uses stainless steel baffles that trap a ton of gas, drastically reducing the gunshot noise, and features a built-in flash hider, so you're good to go even in low light. 


You can easily attach the Polonium to your favorite .223 rifle. The HUB mount system allows you to integrate with your preferred mounting system. This is an amazing silencer at any price! 


When asked about the Polonium series, Andrew King, Co-Owner of Otter Creek Labs said, "I know what's it like to work overtime and save up for months for something, just to get a flat tire or have an emergency and have to start saving all over again. I want the guys in that position to have access to a high-quality silencer, that they can afford." 


Rugged Razor 556 

The Rugged Razor 556 was featured on our top 5 5.56 silencers of 2023. Thanks to its good price point, it is an excellent suppressor and a customer favorite. 


The Razor carries Rugged's promise to make silencers that will outlast the firearm it's mounted to; the Razor 556 isn't just fully auto-rated; it's belt-fed rated, too. 


You can put this suppressor on any 5.56/.223 rifle, with any barrel length and rate of fire.   


Yankee Hill Machine Turbo T3 

YHM is known as a brand that punches above its price point. Their latest 5.56 silencer, the YHM Turbo T3, is no exception. 


Building on the success of the Turbo T2, the new T3 uses premium features like a low backpressure baffle design and HUB mount. The Turbo T3 is designed to quiet down your AR15 rifle and keep the gas out of your face, keeping your rifle clean and running smoothly as it directs the sound and harmful gas down range. 

Best affordable 556 silencerBest affordable 556 silencer

Best Affordable 9MM Suppressors 

Shooting a suppressed handgun or pistol-caliber carbine is some of the most fun you can have. These suppressors take subsonic 9mm to a laughably quiet level and basically eliminate recoil. 


Look no further for some of the best 9mm silencers that don't cost their weight in gold. 


JK Armament CCX 9 

The JK CCX 9 is one of the smallest, lightest 9mm silencers on the market and is designed for concealed carry. It's so lightweight that it runs reliably without a booster, even in its longest configuration. 


Using aluminum baffles and a fully modular design, you can perfectly dial in the size you need, no matter your shooting type. The 105 CCX is an awesome addition to your favorite handgun or PCC.  



HUXWRX' CASH 9K brings its patented Flow-Through Technology into the 9mm market. 


The Cash 9K is primarily designed for carbines but can be adapted to run on your favorite handgun. Thanks to its durable titanium and steel construction, the Cash can handle rifles up to 350 Legend, giving this silencer a ton of versatility and excellent performance without emptying your coffers.   



The CGS MOD-9 is a user-serviceable, aluminum 9mm silencer designed for superior sound suppression on pistols and carbines like the MP5 and Scorpion Evo. 


The MOD 9 is very lightweight, allowing it to be well balanced on any host you're using it on, up to 300BLK subsonic rifles. The Orion baffles do an incredible job of reducing the decibels to below hearing safe. 


It is hard to find a more quiet 9mm suppressor for less money.  

Best affordable 9mm silencerBest affordable 9mm silencer

Best Affordable 22LR Suppressors 

Often called the gateway into the suppressor world, 22lr silencers have the highest performance and the lowest cost in most cases. 


These affordable rimfire silencers are a great way to breathe new life into a dusty old .22lr that's been in the back of your safe or to enhance a new plinker like the Ruger MKIV SSH, and they won't cost you a fortune.  


CGS Hydra-AL 

A featherweight suppressor at just 3.07 ounces, the CGS Hydra-AL features a shielded baffle stack of hard anodized, 7075 aluminum baffles.  


Its shielded baffled design means the Hydra can easily be cleaned and sounds fantastic. 


CGS is a top-tier manufacturer, and the Hydra-AL is very affordably priced. It's a lot of silencer for the money and will perform incredibly well on your 22 LR pistols and rifles.  


SilencerCo Sparrow 

Taking the top spot on our top 5 .22lr suppressors list, the SilencerCo Sparrow is an excellent rimfire silencer, and it's easy on your wallet. 


This perennial fan favorite uses a stainless steel monocore design that allows it to be full auto-rated and can even suppress 5.7x28mm. The Sparrow uses an innovative clamshell design, making it one of the easier suppressors to clean. 


Lower your cost and the decibels with this top-rated 22 silencer. 


Q Erector 

The Erector by Q is a fully modular .22lr silencer that gives you complete customizability and superb performance. 


The Erector uses a stainless steel blast baffle and nine aluminum expansion baffles, allowing you to add or remove any of these nine baffles to tune this silencer to your host. Even in its longest configuration the Erector stays maneuverable and lightweight. 

Best affordable 22lr silencerBest affordable 22lr silencer

Additional Suppressor Costs 

Silencer Shop is the one-stop shop for all things NFA. We are the authority on how to buy a suppressor, and we make it simple! 


In addition to selecting a suppressor, there is one required "accessory" and a few nice-to-haves when getting a new silencer:  

  • NFA Tax Stamp  
  • NFA Gun Trust  
  • Quick Detach Adapter  
  • Muzzle Devices  


NFA Tax Stamp  

The ATF requires an NFA Tax Stamp for every silencer purchase. 


The tax stamp is a $200 tax paid to the government. Once your suppressor paperwork is approved, it will feature the paid stamp. 


We're often asked how to get an NFA tax stamp? At Silencer Shop, we make it simple. You can add the stamp to your cart upon checkout, and we will apply an electronic tax stamp credit to your account. There is nothing easier!   


NFA Gun Trust  

While not required for suppressor ownership, filing your paperwork under a trust is highly recommended. 


Trusts offer you additional freedoms and flexibility compared to filing as an individual, and Silencer Shop makes trusts easy to get. 


You can get a Single Shot Trust for only $25; it is formed quickly and doesn't require any additional paperwork, processing time, or notarization.  


We also offer a traditional NFA trust and the Single Shot Unlimited Trust if you plan to keep growing your suppressor collection -- once you start, you won't stop!   


Quick Detach Adapter  

Many suppressors on this list featured HUB or modular mounting threads, allowing you to use a QD system. These QD adapters attach to your silencer and give you some excellent benefits, like moving your silencer to different weapons quickly and easily. 


Muzzle Devices  

These pair with your selected QD mount to give the suppressor something to attach to. Modern muzzle devices like flash hiders and muzzle brakes are very effective at reducing flash, eliminating recoil, and protecting your rifle or pistol threads when your suppressor isn't in use. 


If you have multiple guns, you can get matching muzzle devices for each of them and swap your silencer around to the different hosts without swapping out any mounts.

Is It Worth it to Own a Suppressor? 

Shooting with a suppressor is one of the best upgrades you can make to your guns. Getting a suppressor is absolutely worth it 


We have shot a lot of silencers with a lot of first-time suppressor users, and we always hear the same thing "I'm never going back to shooting without one of these again."  


The benefits are immediately noticed. Once you attach a silencer and pull the trigger for the first time, your eyes will be opened to a whole new level of firearms enjoyment.


Investing in a suppressor significantly enhances the shooting experience across a variety of firearms and activities, offering benefits like reduced recoil, improved accuracy, and noise reduction.  


With a wide range of options available for different calibers and firearms —from rimfire to pistol to rifle suppressors — there are awesome silencers that accommodate shooters with diverse needs and budgets. 


Affordable suppressors now offer high-quality features that were once considered premium, making suppressed shooting accessible to more enthusiasts. Whether for hunting, tactical training, or competitive shooting, there's a suppressor suited to every shooter's requirements, ensuring that the benefits of quieter, more enjoyable shooting sessions are within reach without breaking the bank.