1. The HEAR Act: Inside the Latest Attempt to Ban Silencers

    Say hello to the HEAR Act — a bill introduced on Thursday that would restrict Second Amendment rights and outlaw silencers.
  2. Silencer Shop Becomes A Tier 1 ASA Sponsor

    PRESS RELEASE: Silencer Shop becomes a Tier 1 sponsor for the American Suppressor Association (ASA) to continue their efforts in pro-suppressor reform. August 7, 2019 Silencer Shop is proud to announce an enhancement of our longstanding relationship with the ASA from Tier 2 to Tier 1 sponsor. (..)
  3. Silencer Shop Does DC

    Silencer Shop Goes To Washington DC To Advocate For Your Rights -- Read the key takeaways following our event in DC.
  4. 2017 NRA - Board Of Directors

    If you’re eligible to vote for the 2017 National Rifle Association Board of Directors, you recently received a ballot via your preferred NRA magazine. There’s a total of 76 seats on the NRA Board of Directors, and each year 25 seats are up for election to a 3-year term (with one (..)
  5. Iowa: No Longer Suppressor Suppressed

    If you heard a celebratory “Woohoo!” from our friends in Iowa on March 31st, you can thank Governor Terry Branstad for their excitement. At 3:00 p.m. that Thursday, he signed House File 2279 into law and made Iowa the 42nd state in which civilians can possess lawfully obtained (..)
  6. More Details on ATF 41F

    Earlier this month (on 1/15/2016), ATF 41F was published in the Federal Register and the clock started ticking on a final implementation date of July 13, 2016. After the initial publication, there was quite a bit of speculation and interpretation - so we sat down with the ASA, ATF, & NFA (..)
  7. Overview of ATF 41P

    I'll be the first to admit that we didn't think 41P would happen at all; but, as everyone now knows, it was approved (with some modifications) as ATF 41F earlier this week. Here are the key takeaways: The ATF 41F ruling won't be enforced until 6 months AFTER it has been published in the Federal(..)
  8. John Carter Visits Silencer Shop

    Congressman John Carter (TX-31) was out visiting local businesses in his district and stopped by Silencer Shop. Rep. Carter is a gun rights advocate with an A rating from NRA. He asked us to tell him more about silencers, so we invited Rep. Carter and his staff to join us at local gun range. They (..)
  9. Maine Senate Passed Pro-Silencer Hunting Bill

    On June 12th, the Maine State Senate passed ASA backed Legislative Document 942, a bill which if signed by the Governor would make Maine the 37th state to legalize full game silencer hunting. LD 942 i
  10. Silencers now shipping to Minnesota

    Last week, Governor Mark Dayton signed Senate File 878 into law, making Minnesota the 40th state to legalize the private possession of silencers. Starting August 1st Mi
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