Dealer Registration

At Silencer Shop, we highly value every phase of the NFA process: from manufacturers to dealers and customers. Each group plays an integral role in our success, and we try to show our appreciation by working hard to provide the easiest silencer buying experience possible.

We realize the suppressor industry is saturated with options when dealers research how to best align their merchandise with retailers/distributors. To that point, we would like to explain exactly how we address your business needs and help expand its brand. In the following, we will highlight the benefits of partnering with Silencer Shop as well as our unique loyalty program to encourage and incentivize your growth.

NFA Is Our Business

An extension of the connections stated above, we pride ourselves on being NFA experts. The Silencer Shop staff offers a wealth of knowledge regarding NFA-related topics. We fully understand the buying process and are continually improving our own procedures to get you and your customers the desired products as quickly as possible.

Although the ATF works at their own pace, we specifically employ a detailed process that streamlines the pre- and post-ATF stages. This ensures a more efficient processing time and guarantees organized handling of the submitted documentation.

With the abundance of steps and paperwork involved throughout the buying process, we face the challenge head-on to lighten your workload and make it stress-free for your clientele. Nobody takes silencer ownership as seriously as we do… We will gladly prove it to you and your customers.

Let Us Manage the Process

The amended ATF regulations in July 2016 brought change to the silencer ownership process. And, contrary to popular belief, a SID Kiosk is NOT needed on your part... Every dealer is welcome to utilize our resources as necessary. With the ATF 41F alteration, Silencer Shop immediately employed cutting-edge technology (i.e., SID Kiosk and Mobile App) to help streamline the modified steps.

Due to these advances, we offer the lowest error rate in the industry when submitting ATF paperwork on behalf of your customers, which results in repeat business.

Moreover, we proudly provide the highest number of submissions (Forms 1 and 4) to the ATF, making our process the most efficient and effective available. Because we handle all things ATF-related, you won't need a staff dedicated to the process. Our ATF staff does everything required for you (and your customers), including:

  • Collect all customer information: fingerprints, photo, trust documents
  • Review all customer paperwork: extensive in-house inspection of every page
  • Provide CLEO notification: nationwide database automatically matches customer with nearest CLEO
  • Contact each customer: personally notify customer if any of their information is missing
  • Submit all customer paperwork: uniform, complete packet sent that enables customer tracking

Silencer Shop will manage any/all ATF changes encountered. We truly value our partner relationships and strive to bring more traffic to your business.

Skip this if your SOT is included in the FFL document

Continuing our focus on what Silencer Shop can do for you, we now touch upon the wide-reaching knowledge base that we offer. With a thorough understanding of the suppressor industry, Silencer Shop is able to apply unmatched knowledge and technological methods to provide the best, most advanced service to dealers and customers.

To that end, we strive to utilize our convenient practices as often as possible to bring more business to you, the dealer. In turn, your customers are able to experience an informed, simplified silencer ownership process.

Knowledge Base

Silencer Shop Authority Through our Silencer Shop Authority program, we have direct contact with some of the top suppressor reviewers in the country, thus we are able to provide unbiased feedback regarding individual units. The fact that none of our expert reviewers are affiliated with silencer manufacturers allows for a true/fair assessment of all products.

Moreover, we offer our own YouTube reviews to assist your clientele in their suppressor selection. During each review, extensive tests and evaluations are performed to provide first-hand information to customers.

We understand the products that we carry and strive to deliver thorough and useful insight of every silencer in our inventory, from product descriptions to blog posts to video clips. Not to mention, our customers submit their own reviews on our website via the specific product’s page (Reviews tab) for even more perspective.

In a nutshell, silencers are our passion, and nobody takes the ownership process as seriously as we do. Give us a chance to prove our know-how via:

  • Silencer Shop Authority: direct contact with industry’s best reviewers and users
  • Silencer Shop YouTube channel: assortment of videos highlighting our vast inventory
  • In-house test and evaluation: regular trips to gun range for product testing
  • Customer reviews: unfiltered feedback from suppressor owners
  • Informed staff: avid silencer enthusiasts with extensive experience

Our in-depth knowledge base is a unique opportunity that both dealers and customers should take full advantage of. After all, we specialize in silencers… Why not rely on us?

Silencer Shop is committed to increasing customer acquisition for each and every dealer that we partner with. By utilizing our nationwide marketing and advertising platforms, bringing traffic to your business is our main goal.

To further address what Silencer Shop provides dealers, below we discuss how our marketing and advertising efforts result in more customers for your firearm enterprise.

Marketing and Advertising

Customer acquisition is essential to any business, and Silencer Shop uses a variety of outlets to gain clientele for our dealers. Because we handle approximately 15,000 individuals per day (via website, phone, email, etc.), we gladly direct paying customers with disposable income to the closest dealer. After your crew delivers a great first impression, you will become that customer’s preferred option for all future purchases.

To that point, we also have a strong social media following (e.g., Silencer Shop Twitter,Silencer Shop Facebook,Silencer Shop Instagram,Silencer Shop YouTube), so our customer base is always expanding. This, in turn, creates more customers for you. Because our dedicated staff/website recommends the nearest dealer to each customer, your in-store foot traffic will assuredly increase when you partner with us.

Another major benefit that Silencer Shop offers our cohorts is the national advertising campaign for the Powered By Silencer Shop program, specifically our series of commercials. With a coast-to-coast range, our PBSS presence reaches all markets and helps enhance every dealer’s brand. (Plus, joining our Powered By initiative is free and simple!)

To augment your customer acquisition, we highlight the following to bring more business to your doorstep:

  • Access to over 15,000 daily customers
  • Staff and website dealer recommendations
  • Prominent social media presence
  • National PBSS advertising campaign

By providing an ever-expanding customer base, Silencer Shop will help grow your business. Our daily interaction with thousands of firearm enthusiasts offers a perfect opportunity to increase your profits. And with our influence through social media and national advertising platforms, we strive to market your business as effectively as possible. After all, your success is important to us.

At Silencer Shop, we constantly strive to make suppressor ownership as simple as possible, namely through cutting-edge technology. Via recent advancements, our team streamlined the entire purchasing process, and we take great pride in keeping dealers and your customers informed every step of the way.

To continue our discussion highlighting the benefits that Silencer Shop provides to partnered dealers, we focus on how our technological savvy helps your clientele quickly become silencer owners.

Simplicity and Technology

In terms of simplifying the suppressor ownership process, dealers and customers alike can look no further than our groundbreaking SID Kiosk and Silencer Shop Mobile App platforms. Additionally, our intuitive website allows customers to connect with local dealers during the purchasing procedure, with our Powered By Silencer Shop partners spotlighted. Needless to say, being a PBSS dealer is beneficial to you, us, and your customers.

On that note, a kiosk IS NOT required to take advantage of the incentives we offer our PBSS dealers. Your partnership is always important to us, SID Kiosk or not.

Moreover, the tailored dealer portal gives you unlimited access to manage/set prices at your discretion… You have total power. This entrance also allows you to prioritize your inventory early on, giving you an advantage in forecasting future sales and letting you instantly restock your inventory in a seamless manner.

Order Tracking

Silencer Shop also provides you the ability to track all customer orders, which reinforces trust between client and dealer. This feature supports your customers as they wait for their NFA items to arrive at your location.

Keeping your customers informed is crucial for repeat business. We emphasize the significance of this interaction through this feature, which offers accurate status checks in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Plus, the helpful ATF Wait Times page on our website provides even more updates to your clients as they await their new suppressors.

We emphatically believe in our “Silencer Ownership Simplified” creed. Let us prove it.

Building upon how we can help you succeed, we want to emphasize to suppressor dealers that partnering with Silencer Shop benefits your business in a variety of ways. As well as overseeing the entire silencer purchasing process and offering second-to-none customer service, our dedicated team provides you and your clients a simplified ownership experience.

Leverage Our Staff

With a knowledgeable and professional crew onsite, Silencer Shop is able to offer something that no other distributer in the industry can provide: We will gladly answer any/all questions that your customers might have. This courtesy affords you to focus on managing your business without the worry of providing direct feedback to a wide assortment of suppressor queries.

Our staff is more than ready to address your customers’ questions, in addition to any that you have, whether it is regarding our SID Kiosk platform, how our Powered By Silencer Shop program helps you, or an overview of our preferred cans, we are here to support you and your success.

Let Silencer Shop’s experienced crew work for you… Whatever is needed on our end, your expectations will be met and exceeded. We provide quality backing via our dedicated ATF, Sales, Social Media, Website, and Purchasing teams. Therefore, when guiding your customers toward our expertise, do not hesitate to contact us with anything that comes to your mind, as well. We are always at your disposal.

Customer Communication

Along those same lines, we proudly boast the option to directly contact your customers if you prefer. We understand that running a firearm business is time-consuming, so we offer this courtesy in order for you to focus on your company while we communicate with your loyal suppressor enthusiasts.

At Silencer Shop, our end goal is to provide dealers and customers alike the easiest suppressor purchasing experience possible. Nobody takes silencer ownership as seriously as we do, and we look forward to being your partner.