ATF Form 1 Service

Form 1 Service for SBR and SBS ONLY

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Form 1 Service for SBR and SBS ONLY


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    ATF Form 1 Service Powered By Silencer Shop is the easiest way to electronically apply for a short barrel rifle (SBR), or a short barrel shotgun (SBS) with the ATF. Using our kiosk and browser tool, you’ll be able to rapidly navigate and upload your information without the hassles of printing and mailing fingerprints or photos to the ATF. This process is faster and easier than the current paper process.

    What is included in our Form 1 Service:

    • Fingerprint Submission Service
    • Passport Style Photo
    • Trust Optimization Service
    • A Quality Assurance Check by a Silencer Shop Compliance Specialist

    For all Form 1 transfers, please verify that SBRs are legal in your state.  Submitting a Form 1 for an SBR in one of the following states will most likely lead to disapproval: NJ, NY, CA, RI, HI, MD (if OAL is less than 29"), DE (Wilmington only), and DC.

    Please note this is a credit for the Form 1 Service. Once purchased, you will find this credit available in your Silencer Shop account dashboard and will be able to fill out your Form 1 there.

    As part of Silencer Shop’s commitment to the Second Amendment, 10% of every Form 1 Service purchase will be donated to FRAC and 2AF.  Silencer Shop is a longtime supporter of 2A organizations, and these groups are leading the charge with multiple lawsuits to fight back against ATF overreach, and Silencer Shop stands with you in the fight to protect our second amendment rights.

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