• The tax stamp was created by the National Firearms Act of 1934
  • The NFA regulated certain types of firearms, including silencers, short-barreled rifles, and machine guns. 
  • A tax stamp is required to own NFA items such as silencers.
  • The tax stamp cost is a $200 fee paid to the federal government
  • Each NFA Item requires its own tax stamp

How to Get a Suppressor Tax Stamp

Silencer Shop makes getting an NFA tax stamp easier than ever; simply add the stamp to your cart, visit a kiosk, and complete your Silencer Shop profile. Once your account is set up, you can add all future tax stamps for Form 4 and Form 1 items, such as suppressors and short-barreled rifles (SBRs), right from your phone at your home. Let's dive deeper into what a tax stamp is, when you need one, and how Silencer Shop simplifies the process.

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What is a Suppressor Tax Stamp?

A tax stamp is a fee imposed by the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) and is required for NFA firearms such as silencers, SBRs, and machine guns. On your approved Form 4 or Form 1 NFA transfer, there will be a stamp indicating that you paid the required tax to own a suppressor.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Tax Stamp For a Suppressor?

An ATF tax stamp for suppressors costs $200 and is paid to the federal government. The NFA established the tax requirement in 1934 and was designed to be prohibitively expensive; $200 in 1934 is equivalent to about $4500 today. Luckily the cost of the stamp was never changed, so tax stamps are much more affordable now than when the NFA was enacted.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Suppressor Tax Stamp?

The average wait time for a suppressor tax stamp is 6-7 months in 2023. These wait times can fluctuate based on the volume of submitted forms, ATF staffing, and individual variables such as military PCS orders. The Silencer Shop ATF wait time tracker makes keeping up with the current suppressor tax stamp wait time easy; the tracker automatically updates every day and compiles data from the previous 7 days of approvals to give up-to-date median wait times.

Suppressor Tax Stamp FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions


1. I need a tax stamp for each suppressor.


2. I can buy suppressor tax stamps whenever, and when I buy a suppressor, the tax stamp will be automatically added to my purchase.


3. I can shoot my suppressor while I’m waiting on my tax stamp to be approved.


4. The ATF wait time starts once everything is purchased (including my tax stamp) and I have certified my form.


5. Tax stamp approval times vary.


6. I will get an email when my application is processed by the ATF.


7. I need to visit a Silencer Shop kiosk to get a tax stamp.


8. I have to carry a copy of my approved suppressor tax stamp at all times.


9. The ATF can search my home without a warrant after approval. 


10. I can change from Individual to a Trust option without paying another tax stamp.


Do I Need a Tax Stamp for Each Suppressor?

Yes. Each NFA Item requires an NFA tax stamp. Customers often ask, "Can I buy multiple suppressors with the same tax stamp?" Unfortunately, each suppressor and SBR need their own individual stamp, but we make getting those stamps as simple as possible and even offer free tax stamp promos frequently!

Can I Buy Suppressor Tax Stamps But Buy a Suppressor Later?

Yes. If you're in our system here at Silencer Shop, you can purchase a tax stamp whenever you want. We'll even have customers purchase multiple tax stamps so that when the time comes to buy a suppressor, they don't even have to think about the tax. The more common practice is to buy a suppressor and tax stamp simultaneously. Whether you decide to stack up your tax stamps or purchase them as you go, as long as you have a stamp and a suppressor, we can get your eForm 4 process started.

Can I Shoot my Suppressor While I'm Waiting on My Tax Stamp to be Approved?

Typically, no, you ahve to wait for your eForm 4 to be approved. However, some Powered by Silencer Shop dealers with gun ranges on site will let you shoot your pending suppressor at their facility while you're waiting on your tax stamp to be approved by the ATF. The NFA community often refers to these trips as conjugal visits. If you want to shoot your pending silencer during your wait, call the FFL dealer ahead of your purchase to see if that is allowed at their place of business.

The ATF Wait Time Starts Once Everything is Purchased (Including my Tax Stamp).

True. You need all your tax stamps, silencer, fingerprints, passport-style photo, filing information, and demographic information submitted before your form can be certified. As soon as you certify with your dealer your Form is  the ATF. If one or more of these items is missing, we'll shoot you an email to let you know how to get everything submitted so we can get your application started.

How Long do Tax Stamp Approvals Take? 

ATF wait times vary greatly based on the volume of submitted forms, ATF staffing, and other variables. Check out our ATF wait time tracker to check the average current wait for ATF Form 4s. The best day to buy a suppressor is today because it gets the ball rolling for the ATF process.

Will I Get an Email When My Application is Processed by The ATF?

You and your dealer will receive an email from eforms.notifications@atf.gov whenever there is a status update to your Form, including when it is approved! Once you get the approval email, your silencer is ready to be picked up; give your dealer a call to set up a time to do the transfer.

Do I Need to Visit a Silencer Shop Kiosk to Get a Tax Stamp? 

You can get a tax stamp off our site by adding it to your cart and checking out; you do not need to visit a kiosk to get your tax stamp. If you're a new Silencer Shop customer, the kiosk will make submitting your fingerprints for the first time a breeze. After your profile is complete, you don't have to use the kiosk ever again, it's once and done. 

Do I Have to Carry a Copy of My Approved Suppressor Tax Stamp at All Times?

You do not need to keep the original copy of the ATF approved tax stamp with you, a copy of the Form, including a digital copy on your phone, is sufficient. We usually recommend printing off two copies of the approved ATF eForm 4 PDF, keeping one at home with your documents, one in your gun case/shooting bag, and saving the PDF to your phone so you're never without your approved eForm 4.

Can The ATF Search My Home Without a Warrant After Approval?

The ATF or other law enforcement agencies CANNOT enter your home unless accompanied by a warrant signed by a judge and issued with probable cause.

Can I Change from Individual to a Trust Option Without Paying Another Tax Stamp?

Transferring the item from yourself (individual) to your trust requires another Form 4 and another tax stamp. If you're unsure how you want to file, we've laid out each option for you and their respective benefits.