Category Breakdown

  1. Top 5 Best 22 LR Suppressors

  2. Specialty Silencers: What Are They For?

    The next stop on our silencer category breakdown is a change from the norm. One of the smaller categories of suppressors in our inventory, the shotgun and specialty class brings a variety of units to outdoorsmen wanting to shoot their favorite guns without the need for ear protection. With (..)
  3. 7.62mm Rifle Category: Where to start?

    To continue our breakdown of the different categories of silencers, we turn our attention to the expansive 7.62mm rifle group. With such a great variety of 7.62mm rifle suppressors to choose from, there are several highly-effective options available. In order to help you select the perfect 7.62 can (..)
  4. 5.56mm Rifle Category: What AR-15 Silencer Do I Want?

    Next in our series discussing the diverse categories of silencers is the extensive 5.56mm rifle group. With such a wide array of 5.56mm rifle suppressors to choose from, there are several highly-effective options on the market. To help you research and select your next 5.56 can, Silencer Shop (..)
  5. Pistol Category: What Handgun Silencer Is Best For Me?

    Following the first installment of our series, this segment focuses on another category of suppressors to provide insight for the question: Which pistol silencer do I need? With so many to choose from, finding which can fits your purpose might seem like a difficult task… Silencer Shop is here(..)
  6. Rimfire: Which .22 Silencer Do I Need?

    For some enthusiasts, choosing the correct suppressor(s) for their firearm(s) is an overwhelming endeavor. With so many manufacturers and cans to pick from in the six main categories, deciding which option is best for your purpose might seem daunting… Have no fear, Silencer Shop is here to (..)