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  • Suppressor manufacturers standardized a common thread pitch, 1.375x24, known as HUB mount. 
  • HUB Mount allows you to mix and match your favorite suppressor mounting accessories across brands. 
  • Using a HUB mount silencer makes attaching a suppressor simple.  

Suppressor HUB Mounts: Get More Out of Your Silencer

The suppressor hybrid universal base (HUB) mount simplified muzzle attachment methods with its inception.  


It standardized a once chaotic scene where silencers had different thread sizes and pitches, leading to manufacturer compatibility issues.  


Now, silencer enthusiasts have a plethora of mounting systems that are interchangeable with the variety of suppressors available today. HUB mounts allow you to use nearly any attachment method, from direct thread to quick detach to piston assemblies. 

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What is a HUB Mount?

HUB refers to 1.375x24 (also expressed as 1 3/8x24) TPI threads on the base of the silencer.  


The hybrid universal base, or "HUB," has become the industry standard for suppressor mounting threads.  


This standardized system means you have a wide variety of suppressor accessories to choose from instead of being locked into proprietary systems or only using muzzle devices from a specific manufacturer.   


Any suppressor accessory, such as Dead Air Keymo adaptersSilencerCo ASR adapters, pistol boosters, direct thread mounts, and more that are threaded in 1.375x24 HUB threads will work with any HUB mount silencer. 


Despite the standardization, this thread pitch goes by a few different names, such as:  

  • Bravo mount 
  • Omega mount  
  • HUB mount  


All of these refer to the same 1.375x24 thread pattern.

HUB Mount SilencersHUB Mount Silencers

The History of HUB Mount Suppressors

Silencers and the suppressor industry have undergone many changes and improvements over the years, making them more accessible and popular.  


One of the most significant suppressor improvements has been simplifying the mounting solutions.   


For a long time, the suppressor industry was like the Wild West; manufacturers were all staking their claims to unique designs and thread patterns, and there was little to no interchangeability between brands.  


That meant suppressor owners were locked into specific mounts and accessories. Often, the options were limited, so if you had a unique European firearm, there may not have been a mount on the market for it.  


Setting up a silencer for your favorite gun was a headache. This all changed when SilencerCo popularized the 1.375x24 thread. 


In 2014, SilencerCo launched the Omega 300, featuring a 1.375x24 threaded base called Bravo mount. The Next year, in 2015, the Hybrid 46 debuted, featuring the same thread pattern. These two suppressors became some of the most popular silencers of all time and are still favorites today.  


The multi-cal abilities of the Hybrid 46 meant that various accessories were needed to support its use on multiple firearms. The Hybrid could use all sorts of mounts, from 1/2x28 direct thread mounts for AR15s to ASR QD adapters and even 45ACP pistol boosters, all threaded in 1.375x24.   


Because of the variety and volume of Bravo accessories on the market, it was easy for other manufacturers to adopt the 1.375x24 suppressor mount as the accessories were already abundant.  


Many suppressor owners had Bravo adapters and did not want to change all of their accessories.  


The term "suppressor HUB mount" became synonymous with Bravo, or the 1.375x24 base.   


Now, many manufacturers make silencers and accessories featuring HUB mounts so that you can mix and match your favorite silencers and mounting devices across brands.

Hub Mount SuppressorsHub Mount Suppressors

The Benefits of HUB Mounts  

HUB allows you to use your favorite mounting system on various silencers. For example, you can use Dead Air Keymo on a HUXWRX Ventum or a YHM tri lug mount on a Rugged Alaskan 360 


The combinations of silencers and mounting systems are nearly endless. This gives you a ton of options to create the perfect suppressor setup for your firearm and use case.   


HUB allows you to easily adapt your silencer to whatever host you want to run it on (given that the bores are compatible). Whether you need a tri-lug mount for an MP5, a booster assembly for a Glock, or a QD system for an AR15, there is a HUB-compatible solution.   


HUB gives you the freedom to equip all of your silencers with the same QD system, so you can quickly move suppressors between your hosts to get the maximum use out of each of your cans.

HUB Versus Other Mounts

While HUB has become widespread, there are other mounting solutions available.   


The most significant benefit of HUB is the versatility to use any system you want instead of being locked into a specific mount. This gives you more control over your weapon systems and often makes it easier to swap your suppressor to different hosts.  


You can think of HUB mounts like USB-C; I can plug into almost any smartphone, laptop, PC, and other electronic devices with one cable. I even have a car battery jumper that charges via USB-C.


Universal HUB mount makes attaching your suppressor to your favorite firearm easy. With tons of different mounts in nearly every thread pitch and configuration, there is an ideal solution for your suppressed weapon system.  


HUB eliminates the guesswork. You no longer have to ask if a muzzle adapter will work with your silencer; if they're both HUB, they'll work without any issue.