1. Silencers Offer a Case Study in Regulatory Overreach — But Ambitious State Laws Carry Their Own Risks

  2. What is a Silencer vs Suppressor?

    The terms go head to head in a debate on silencer vs suppressor - which is better to use? In this blog, we’ll be talking about the history of silencers, why some people prefer calling them suppressors, and whether one term over the other really matters.
  3. 2017 NRA - Board Of Directors

    If you’re eligible to vote for the 2017 National Rifle Association Board of Directors, you recently received a ballot via your preferred NRA magazine. There’s a total of 76 seats on the NRA Board of Directors, and each year 25 seats are up for election to a 3-year term (with one (..)
  4. What would silencers look like without the NFA?

    Over the last couple of months I've started to wonder what standard firearms would look like if they were regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA). For example, look at the existing pistols from Glock, Smith & Wesson, or Springfield Armory and you'll see dedicated models for just about (..)
  5. What is POI Shift?

    We get a lot of calls from people who are concerned with POI, or Point of Impact, shift when using a suppressor.  Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't 100% sure what that is, even though it's a very simple concept. At a high level, POI shift is simply the shift of the bullet when a (..)
  6. More States Passing Pro-Suppressor Legislation

    On July 1st, pro-suppressor legislation in both Kansas and Georgia went into effect. In Georgia, House Bill 60, the most comprehensive gun bill ever to pass in the state of Georgia, included a provision which allows the use of silencers while hunting. HB60 taking effect brings the number of (..)
  7. Shot Show Recap

    It’s funny because this year’s SHOT show seemed a bit underwhelming while I was there. Once I got back and started thinking through the new products, it really started sinking in how many cool products are coming down the pipe!   The biggest changes this year are with rifle (..)
  8. Silencer Shop Smile

    I recently heard the phrase ‘Silencer Shop Smile’ at a local event, and it’s funny how true that is! Each time a new shooter would take that first suppressed shot, the resulting ‘Silencer Shop Smile’ would show up without fail.  It didn’t matter if the (..)
  9. A customer’s view on the benefits of suppressors

    We receive a lot of comments from customers that we post regularly on our testimonials page; but, every now and then, a comment comes through that demonstrates just how much of a difference a silencer can make for the overall shooting experience. In this case, we got the customer’s (..)
  10. Form 3 approvals in 11 days?

    Well, almost two weeks ago we started using the new eForm submission system from the NFA Branch. I have to admit that it's been a bit of a bumpy ride with multiple issues - including a slow/klunky interface and several system outages. Fortunately, we got back our first Form 3 submissions with (..)
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