How to Buy a Silencer

How to Buy a Suppressor in 6 Simple Steps

How to Buy a SuppressorHow to Buy a Suppressor

You can easily purchase a suppressor at Silencer Shop’s website. With nationwide shipping and over 30,000 reviews on Google and TrustPilot, the easiest way to get a suppressor is with Silencer Shop: the largest NFA (national firearms act) distributor in the United States.


How long does it take to get a suppressor right now? By tapping into ATF eForm 4 Powered By Silencer Shop, you can get your suppressor in an estimated 90 days, with some customers receiving their silencer or SBR (short barreled rifle) in as little as 7 days.

What is the difference between a silencer and a suppressor?

The two words are interchangeable and have the same meaning. Either word is applicable for a device that you attach to the barrel of a firearm that reduces noise and gas when the gun is fired. In this writeup, the words “silencer” and “suppressor” will be used in different instances to communicate the same device.

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Can You Purchase Suppressors Online?

Yes, with a few clicks on your computer or the Silencer Shop smartphone app, buying a silencer is easy and can be done online. Getting your suppressor is simple when working with Silencer Shop.


Are you wondering, how long does it take to get a suppressor tax stamp?  When submitting with Silencer Shop dealers, you can get a tax stamp in an expected 90 days. Some Silencer Shop customers have received their tax stamps in just seven days


Buying a suppressor online only takes 6 simple steps:

how to buy a silencerhow to buy a silencer

1. Purchase a Silencer

Order your suppressor online at Select your suppressor and add an NFA tax stamp to your shopping cart.


What is an NFA tax stamp? A suppressor tax stamp is a $200 tax set forth by the ATF that is applied to the purchase of all NFA items on the NFA registry. Purchasing a tax stamp is a one-time cost (unlike, for example, a car registration that must be renewed annually). 


On our website, you’ll also choose how you’d like to register: Trust, Individual, or Corporation. The most common way customers register is the Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust. It’s a versatile trust and you can easily add responsible parties/trustees, and it is extremely cost-effective: it's the lowest-priced trust available.


While checking out, you’ll also select a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer, which is the local gun shop that you’ll work with to submit your eForm 4 application to the ATF and ultimately go to when you pick up your silencer.

2. Visit a Silencer Shop Kiosk

If you’re new to Silencer Shop, visit a Silencer Shop kiosk and in 5-minutes, your fingerprint scan and demographic information will be integrated into your Silencer Shop profile. With nearly 2,000 silencer kiosks throughout the US, you can also get your silencer in central Texas at our store in Austin


You can also submit your fingerprints using FD-258 fingerprint cards by mailing them to Silencer Shop.


Do you need fingerprints for suppressors? Yes, you’ll scan your fingerprints when you visit the kiosk. The visit to the kiosk only happens once and the information will be saved for your current and future orders. 

3. Add a Photo to Your Silencer Shop Profile

Snap a selfie (similar to a passport photo) on your smartphone and upload it to your Silencer Shop profile using the Silencer Shop app or send it by email ( and we’ll gladly add it to your profile. When taking your photo, please use a plain/light-colored background and keep your shoulders and head up. Please do not smile, wear a hat, sunglasses, scarf, etc.

4. Sign the Docusign

Silencer Shop will email a Docusign to you, please review and after confirming its accuracy, please sign the file. This applies to all registration methods: Trusts, Corporations and Individuals.

5. Create an ATF eForms account

Register for your ATF eForms account. What is ATF eForm? eForms is the submission process for submitting your electronic Form 4 (“eForm 4”) to the ATF. There is no cost to create an ATF eForms account.

6. Ready to Certify and Submission to the ATF

What does Ready To Certify mean at Silencer Shop? This is the final stage of your eForm 4 application before it’s submitted to the ATF. 


You’ll receive an email from Silencer Shop with the subject line “Ready To Certify.” When you receive the Ready To Certify email, you should contact the Powered By Silencer Shop dealer (their information will also be in the email you receive) to set an appointment to submit your application to the ATF (“eForm 4”). This can be done remotely if you register in any method: Trust,  Corporation or Individuals.


That’s it! You’re on your way to silencer ownership and may get your ATF approval in a few months. 


If you are thinking What is the average wait time for a suppressor? The expectation for ATF approval should be 90 days. By working together, you’ll be tapping into the 99.5% accuracy rate of Silencer Shop’s Compliance team (the industry average is 60%). 

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Buying a suppressor is simple with Silencer Shop. You can get your first silencer is done in 6 easy steps (5 if you’ve previously worked with us) with an expected ATF approval in 90 days. When tapping into Silencer Shop for your suppressor or other NFA item, you're also supporting your local gun shop. If you're wondering: does Silencer Shop ship to your house? Silencer Shop partners with over 4,000 gun shops nationwide to create the Powered By Silencer Shop network. When you order on and pick it up at the dealer near you, a portion of the proceeds of your order go to the local business in your neighborhood. We'll facilitate your order and application accuracy, and your purchase still supports independent gun shops near you.

 If you’d like to contact Silencer Shop, we’re here for you! And if you’re wondering how to contact Silencer Shop, we’re available via phone: 512-931-4556, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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