How to Buy a Suppressor

How to Buy a SuppressorHow to Buy a Suppressor

How to Buy a Suppressor in 5 Simple Steps

Silencer Shop makes buying a silencer simple.

  1. Purchase a Silencer
  2. Complete Your Silencer Shop Profile
  3. Sign the Electronic Document
  4. Create an ATF eForms Account
  5. Ready to Certify and Submission to the ATF

It's that easy for anyone who lives in the 42 states where silencers are legal.

Our nationwide dealer network of over 6,000 dealers, more than 500 Silencer Shop Kiosks,  and over 30,000 reviews on Google and 52,000+ reviews on TrustPilot, shows Silencer Shop makes it easy and quick to get a suppressor as the largest NFA (National Firearms Act) distributor in the United States.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Suppressor Right Now? 

Suppressor approavals are as fast as few days. We are seeing customer get suppressors somewhere between 1 day and 100 days plus. These are the fastest times we've ever seen, and it looks like this is becoming the new norm. You can stay up-to-date on suppressor tax stamp wait times with our ATF wait time tracker

atf wait times fast approvals in 1, 2, and 3 daysatf wait times fast approvals in 1, 2, and 3 days

How to Purchase a Suppressor

Buying a silencer is easy and can be done online at Silencer Shop. We are the largest distributor of NFA items in the country and, thanks to the Silencer Shop Kiosk, will make getting your next rifle suppressor, pistol suppressor, or rimfire suppressor easier than ever. 

Buying a suppressor online only takes 5 simple steps:

1. Purchase a Silencer

Start the process by purchasing a suppressor of your choice from our site.

If you need help deciding which silencer is best for you, our dedicated staff is available to chat via phone (512-931-4556) and online.

We have also published a post about the 4 key considerations on when selecting a silencer.

Know which calibers you want to suppress? See what our customers' favorite suppressors are:

You'll also need to add a tax stamp to your order. What is an NFA tax stamp? An approved tax stamp is required to own NFA firearms such as gun silencers. This is a $200 federal tax for the purchase of all items regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA). For each suppressor you purchase, you will need to add a suppressor tax stamp to your cart.  

If you want, you can also choose how you’d like to register: Trust, Individual, or Corporation. The most common way customers file for suppressors is the Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust. It’s a versatile trust and you can easily add responsible parties/trustees, and it is extremely cost-effective: it's the lowest-priced trust available.

Finally, select a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer, which is the local gun shop that you’ll work with to submit your eForm 4 application to the ATF and ultimately go to when you pick up your silencer.

2. Complete Your Silencer Shop Profile

If you’re new to Silencer Shop, visit a Silencer Shop kiosk, and in about 5 minutes, your fingerprint scan and demographic information will be integrated into your Silencer Shop profile. With thousands of silencer kiosks throughout the US, there is likely a dealer local to you. You can also get your silencer in central Texas at our store in Austin

The kiosk is one-and-done. Once your prints are submitted, you'll never have to re-scan your fingerprints. 

You can also submit your fingerprints using FD-258 fingerprint cards by mailing them to Silencer Shop.

Next, download the Silencer Shop smartphone app, snap a selfie, and upload it to your profile. You'll need to take a "passport-style" photo. Look straight ahead, shoulders up, no headwear, scarves, or sunglasses, and preferably against a neutral-colored background.

3. Sign the Electronic Document

Silencer Shop will email a document with all of your relevant information to you. 

Please review all of the information for accuracy and digitally sign the file from your computer or mobile device.  

4. Create an ATF eForms account

Register for your ATF eForms account. Ensure that all of your information matches exactly to your Silencer Shop profile. 

Your email, full name, and address MUST match your Silencer Shop profile information exactly. 

What is ATF eForm? eForms is the submission process for submitting your electronic Form 4 (“eForm 4”) to the ATF. There is no cost to create an ATF eForms account.

5. Ready to Certify and Submission to the ATF

You’ll receive an email from  Silencer Shop with the subject line “Ready to Certify”  This email also includes the phone number of your local Powered by Silencer Shop dealer.

Set up and time to certify, and you and your dealer will submit the form to the ATF for processing.  

That’s it! You’re on your way to silencer ownership.

You can find the most up-to-date information on average approval times for your next NFA Item.

how to buy a silencerhow to buy a silencer

What Is The Difference Between a Silencer and a Suppressor?

Suppressor and Silencer are interchangeable terms and have the exact same meaning. Either word is applicable for a device that you attach to the barrel of a firearm that reduces noise and gas when the gun is fired. In this write-up, the words “silencer” and “suppressor” will be used in different instances to communicate the same device.


Buying a suppressor is simple with Silencer Shop. You can get your first silencer in 5 easy steps. When tapping into Silencer Shop for your suppressor or other NFA item, you're also supporting your local gun shop.

If you're wondering: does Silencer Shop ship to your house? Silencer Shop partners with over 6,000 gun shops nationwide to create the Powered By Silencer Shop network.

When you order on and pick it up at the dealer near you, a portion of the proceeds go to the local business in your neighborhood. We'll facilitate your order and application accuracy, and your purchase still supports independent gun shops near you.

If you’d like to contact Silencer Shop, we’re here for you! And if you’re wondering how to contact Silencer Shop, we’re available via phone: 512-931-4556, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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