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  1. Dead Air Odessa 9 - RTR

    Range Time Report: Dead Air Odessa 9 The Odessa-9 features a 1.1″ tube, allowing you to fully utilize your stock sights. That’s right, the Odessa-9 is almost as small as the Dead Air Mask. It is also fully modular and can be shot in multiple configurations. 11 to be exact (well, 12 if (..)
  2. Know Thy Terms - Part 1: Legal Terms & Organizations

    In a world filled with acronyms, the firearm industry, and silencer community, is no different. Taking much of its influence from military lingo, the ability to condense a slew of words into just a few letters is extremely appealing. But when half of a sentence is riddled with abbreviations and (..)
  3. 9mm Suppressed Handgun Shootout - RTR

    We were curious how different handguns with similar barrel lengths metered using the same silencer. We tested a Rugged Obsidian 9 on a Glock, 19, Hudson H9, Sig P229 and S&W M&P 9 Compact. Do the differences in handgun designs and build materials amount to differences in sound attenuation(..)
  4. Silencer Shop Does DC

    Silencer Shop Goes To Washington DC To Advocate For Your Rights -- Read the key takeaways following our event in DC.
  5. Griffin Optimus Micro 5.7 -RTR

    Range Time Report: Griffin Armament Micro An all-stainless steel can, the Optimus Micro offers shooters the toughness required to handle a wide variety of calibers (e.g., .22LR, .22WMR, .17HMR, and 5.7mm) without sacrificing performance. To that point, if 5.56mm is your preferred cartridge, the (..)
  6. Dead Air Sandman-K -RTR

    Range Time Report: Dead Air Sandman-K on 9" .300 BLK and 16" .308 The Sandman-K measures a mere 5.4” short and only adds 2.9” to your rig (with muzzle device mounted). Weighing in at 12.8 ounces, the maneuverability of this silencer is remarkable and definitely a feature not often seen (..)
  7. What's A "Responsible Person?"

    When you decide to file your applications under a gun trust, you will be prompted to choose a “responsible person.” Although it isn’t imperative to assign someone, and a responsible person is a relative term, it’s one of the main reasons most folks choose the gun trust route (..)
  8. Dead Air Wolverine - RTR

    A top incentive of owning a Wolverine is it utilizes user-changeable thread inserts, thus eliminating the need to purchase multiple silencers to fit varying threads of combloc rifles. The state-of-the-art stainless steel design also employs a brilliant crown interface and reverse-ratcheting locking (..)
  9. Muzzle Devices 101

    Although we’re in the business of hiding mounting devices on firearms, their importance is still significant, especially since they don’t get a ton of facetime as a topic of discussion. We’ll be shedding some light on muzzle brakes, flash hiders, compensators, and everything in (..)
  10. Rugged Obsidian 9

    Although 9mm modular silencers might not be ground-breaking, engineering a unit that works as well as the Obsidian 9 is a stroke of genius. Utilized in either its full configuration (7.8”) or its short configuration (4.8”), this pistol suppressor’s versatility is remarkable. To (..)
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