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  1. OSS HX-QD 556 - RTR

    Range Time Report: OSS HX-QD 556 The HX-QD 556 is the optimal choice for the widest range of 5.56 caliber rifles. Focusing strongly on a maximum sound performance, the HX-QD 556 is ideal for shooters who are more concerned with maximum suppression over size and weight. As with all of the OSS (..)
  2. Meet The Team: Sales & Service

    Sales and Customer support is a critical part of any successful business. Let’s be honest, without each and every satisfied customer, we wouldn’t be the Silencer Shop you’ve grown to know and (hopefully) love. But what’s at the heart of our customer support and sales team? We(..)
  3. 41F and Gun Trusts

    It’s been over two years since 41F’s implementation and we’re still getting the age-old question of whether or not gun trusts are a viable option since its debut. What left some people a glass case of emotions at one point has subsided. We covered the overview of 41F when the (..)
  4. Griffin Paladin 5 - RTR

    Range Time Report: Griffin Armament Paladin 5 .22 LR video coming soon! Adding to an already extensive array of silencers, Griffin Armament debuted the Paladin 5, exhibiting one of the lighter cans on the centerfire market. Constructed of titanium and stainless steel, we’re pleased to say (..)
  5. Griffin GP5 - RTR

    Range Time Report: Griffin Armament GP5 The new Griffin Armament GP5 direct-thread suppressor is a compact, lightweight, and durable 5.56mm unit. With an abundance of silencers in the 5.56mm rifle market, this can stands out from the crowd with its large wrench flats for obtaining proper (..)
  6. Common Silencer Cycling Issues

    While cycling issues on your favorite firearm can be a royal pain in the posterior, they are not quite as common as some of the internet may lead you to believe.  They certainly are a factor, but gaining a very simple understanding of how silencers affect the action of your particular firearm(..)
  7. OSS HX-QD 762 - RTR

    Range Time Report: OSS HX-QD 762 The strong “utility player” silencer, the HX-QD 762’s features were heavily influenced by the U.S. Army CSASS requirements. This silencer will fill the widest range of calibers and host rifles of any of the OSS silencers. As with all of the OSS (..)
  8. Interview With An Engineer: Ethan Lessard

    We were paid a visit by, in our opinion, one of the most well-known silencer moguls, Ethan Lessard. Currently the VP of Engineering at Q, his accolades span back to engineering at Sig Sauer and Advanced Armament Corporation. We were able to sit down with him for lunch and dive deep into Ethan’(..)
  9. Sig Sauer SRD556-QD - RTR

    Range Time Report: Sig Sauer SRD556-QD Conveniently made for 1/2x28 threads to match the vast majority of modern .223/5.56mm rifles on the market, the Sig Sauer designers emphasized both durability and versatility when constructing this suppressor. To that end, its compactness (6.5” short; 14(..)
  10. The Bare Necessities

    You have your silencer and you’re ready to take it to the range. Congratulations! We know that feeling; we love that feeling. But with great power comes great responsibility, so we wanted to give you a peek inside of our range bag to see what we pack specifically for silencers. If it makes (..)
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