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  1. Barrett QDL - RTR

    Range Time Report: Barrett QDL The Barrett QDL Suppressor is in a class of its own introducing a .50 BMG silencer engineered to improve sound and signature reduction while still maintaining its functionality and dependability. Known for their out-of-the-box ideas, Barrett’s QDL is another (..)
  2. Barrett AM30 - RTR

    Range Time Report: Barrett AM30 Sound suppression is only one metric by which suppressors are measured. While the AM suppressors do offer world class decibel reduction, they also take into consideration other critical factors such as accuracy, point of impact shift, weight, and flash reduction. (..)
  3. YHM Top End - RTR

    Range Time Report: YHM Top End Product Description This is a YHM product you won't want to miss! This AR-15 upper receiver comes with a Phantom ULT silencer that is pin and welded to their 9.1" .300BLK barrel. This permanently affixed silencer means that the over all length of the top-end is over (..)
  4. OSS HX-QD 762Ti - RTR

    Range Time Report: OSS HX-QD 762Ti The lightweight multi-caliber offering from the guys and gals of OSS, the HX-QD 762 Ti is the choice for users who live by the mantra: “ounces equal pounds, pounds equal pain.” As with all of the OSS Helix style silencers, the patented Flow-Through (..)
  5. Rugged Obsidian 9 - RTR

    Range Time Report: Rugged Obsidian 9 Although 9mm modular silencers might not be ground-breaking, engineering a unit that works as well as the Obsidian 9 is a stroke of genius. Utilized in either its full configuration (7.8”) or its short configuration (4.8”), this pistol suppressor&(..)
  6. Buying A Silencer

    There is a lot of information – and misinformation – when you search on the internet for how to buy a silencer and how our kiosk works. Google is a wonderful avenue to learn things, or to laugh at cat memes. Whatever your prerogative, when you search for how to purchase a silencer, (..)
  7. Rugged Radiant - RTR

    Range Time Report: Rugged Radiant 7.62 It has been brought to our attention that the meter numbers we recorded in this episode of Silencer Shop's Range Time Report had some inconsistencies. In the interest of providing the most accurate information that we possibly can to inform your purchasing(..)
  8. Q Honey Badger - RTR

    Range Time Report: Q Honey Badger The original Honey Badger was developed at AAC by previous owner and Q CEO, Kevin Brittingham and his R&D team at the request of an elite US special operations group looking to replace their MP5-SD’s with an upgraded platform. Requirements included the (..)
  9. A Look Inside Dead Air: Interview

    Mikeith Green, the Texas Sales Manager at Dead Air Silencers, visited us so we took the opportunity to get down and dirty into silencer talk and more. Having in depth knowledge of silencers from both a professional and personal standpoint, Mikeith is a wealth of knowledge we couldn’t wait to (..)
  10. Dead Air Ghost-M - RTR

    Range Time Report: Dead Air Ghost-M Dead Air’s Ghost-M silencer is a modular unit that shoots so quiet it’s scary. Whether you believe in poltergeists or not, this can provides proof that eerily silent pistol suppressors do, in fact, exist. The versatility offered by its design can&(..)
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