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  1. Best Big Bore Suppressor Choices of 2021

    Oh, the beauty of a big bore suppressor! As we progress through our 2021 Best of series, we’d be remiss not to mention this category. Why? Because a big bore silencer has a lot to offer avid long distance shooters and hunters alike.
  2. Best 7.62 Suppressor Choices of 2021

    30 cal suppressors are insanely popular, but what's been the most popular out of the bunch? Read our best 7.62 suppressor options of 2021 now!
  3. Best 45 ACP Suppressor Choices of 2021

    Interested in learning our top sellers so far in 2021? This blog post will give you our top five picks from the 45 ACP suppressors with some facts and figures to back them up.
  4. Best 5.56 Suppressor Choices of 2021

    At long last, our best 5.56 suppressor of 2021 has arrived! 5.56 suppressors are in a category of their own in a lot of ways. Read all about the best 5.56 silencer choices now.
  5. Best 9mm Suppressor Choices of 2021

    Given the versatility of 9mm ammo — in compact handguns, full sized handguns, pistol caliber carbines (PCCs) and more — the 9mm suppressors category must be similarly adaptable. Here's what made our top 9mm silencer list in 2021!
  6. Best 22lr Suppressor Choices of 2021

    The Best 22lr Suppressor Sellers of 2021 are live! See what's tracking, and why each 22 suppressor listed has become a top dog in its category.
  7. How Does a Flash Hider Work?

    It's time to wrap up our blog series on the most popular types of muzzle devices by discussing what is a flash hider and how does a flash hider work? Let's get started!
  8. What is a Compensator?

    Besides answering your question of what is a compensator, we’ll also dive into what compensators do, their pros and cons, and finish out with a few examples. Read on to learn more!
  9. Second Amendment Foundation Gold Sponsors!

    In honor of becoming an SAF Gold sponsor, we want to highlight who the Second Amendment Foundation is and what they have continued to do for our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.
  10. Second Amendment Foundation Press Release: Gold Level Sponsor

    Silencer Shop is proud to announce its Gold level corporate sponsorship with the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), a non-profit organization rooted in protecting and advocating for constitutional rights to bear arms.
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