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  1. Interview With SureFire

      If you’ve heard of SureFire, there’s a distinct possibility you’ve heard of Chris Skahill. He has a tall, domineering stature, and a booming voice that carries, probably from his years as a firearms instructor, but his presence is strong enough to fill a room on his own. (..)
  2. SureFire SOCOM 556 Mini2 vs Mini - RTR

    Range Time Report: Surefire SOCOM 556 Mini 2 SureFire SOCOM 556 Mini 2 Product Page As part of the impressive line in the Special Operations Command 2 (SOCOM2) series, the 556 Mini2 displays not only functionality but also durability in a high-performance state. The 556 Mini2 features a new and (..)
  3. How to Buy a Silencer as a U.S. Resident While Out of The Country

    If you’re temporarily living overseas or don’t have easy access to one of the Silencer Shop Kiosks, it may come as a surprise that you can still go through the application process to purchase a suppressor (assuming of course that you can still claim residency in a state that allows for (..)
  4. SilencerCo Chimera - RTR

    Range Time Report: SilencerCo Chimera 300 SilencerCo Chimera Product Page The SilencerCo. Chimera 300 is ideal on short-barreled rifles (SBRs), this silencer offers no barrel restrictions and is as versatile as it is awesome. What will Silencer Co. think of next? Nestled near Salt Lake City, the(..)
  5. Silencer Shop Becomes A Tier 1 ASA Sponsor

    PRESS RELEASE: Silencer Shop becomes a Tier 1 sponsor for the American Suppressor Association (ASA) to continue their efforts in pro-suppressor reform. August 7, 2019 Silencer Shop is proud to announce an enhancement of our longstanding relationship with the ASA from Tier 2 to Tier 1 sponsor. (..)
  6. Interview With TriArc Systems

    With the tools, knowledge, and drive to change the game as we know it, the owner and co-founder of TRIARC Systems, Chris Reeves, has been on a mission to empower customers to have the ability to build their weapon systems from the ground up. Providing the option for a fully customizable platform, (..)
  7. How To Remove An A2 Flash Hider

    How to Remove an A2 Muzzle Device & How to Install a New Muzzle Device With a bonus tip on how to time them! As most of you know already, we like to indulge in all things NFA. But when it comes to getting a new silencer for your firearm, there’s potentially one more step standing in (..)
  8. Dead Air Interview With Mike Pappas

    We had an opportunity to meet with the Man, the Myth, the Legend: Mike Pappas. Whether celebrating Pappas day is a milestone in your family, or you only know a little bit about him, read on to discover everything from the innovative marks he’s forged in this industry to what it’s like (..)
  9. Interview With YHM

    Sitting down with Chris Graham, one of the co-owners of Yankee Hill Machine, was like catching up with an old friend, which is a true homage to the integrity and values of a third-generation-run business. With the company having such rich history, Chris’ knowledge extends well beyond merely (..)
  10. OSS Rad 22 - RTR

    Range Time Report: OSS Rad 22 OSS used their patented Flow-Through technology on the RAD 22 to redirect the expanding gasses in a helix-pattern, which allows the gas to cool as it moves through the body of the silencer. By doing so, the gas is routed out of the end of the silencer, greatly (..)
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