Silencer Shop Blog - Insights on Silencers and Other NFA Items

  1. Rugged Obsidian 9

    Although 9mm modular silencers might not be ground-breaking, engineering a unit that works as well as the Obsidian 9 is a stroke of genius. Utilized in either its full configuration (7.8”) or its short configuration (4.8”), this pistol suppressor’s versatility is remarkable. To (..)
  2. One For All or All For One

    One silencer to fit most or different silencers to fit each? This is a pretty great debate - the only issue is, there’s no concrete answer. A lot of our customers have dealt with this discussion in one way or another while dealing with the process of purchasing a silencer (we wrote up an (..)
  3. What Is A Modular Silencer?

    Once you get into the working world of any industry, there’s a distinct shift that happens. The details of any field yield this new language that you initially need a working dictionary to translate. It’s not necessarily that the word is a difficult one to define or translate, but in a (..)
  4. Sig Sauer SRD22X

    Sporting a titanium tube and a stainless steel baffle setup, the SRD22X is a highly-durable option in the rimfire category. Run on either pistols or rifles, this model is at home on a variety of host firearms. A direct-thread can, it offers simplicity while at the range or in the field. Its compact (..)
  5. How To Buy A Silencer

    The silencer was invented in 1902, but the process of acquiring one doesn’t have to be that antiquated. In an era where people have more conversations with their phone’s user face (ahem, Siri) than actual people some days, the ability to digitally apply for class 3 items has been (..)
  6. How To Use Your Customer Account

    We’ve all been there – waiting on hold for hours, but it’s actually only been 3 minutes. Whether in silence or with maddening elevator music, it’s easy to get frustrated waiting on someone else to answer a simple question or give a quick status update. We’re happy to (..)
  7. NRA Board of Directors Election

    A new year, a new election. If you’re eligible to vote for the 2018 National Rifle Association Board of Directors, you recently received a ballot via your preferred NRA magazine. There’s a total of 76 seats on the NRA Board of Directors, and each year 25 seats are up for election to a 3-(..)
  8. Form 4 Barcode System Approved By ATF

    At Silencer Shop, suppressors and technology literally flow through our veins. Okay, maybe not literally, but we continually strive to make silencer ownership as simple as possible for you via new technological innovations. Our latest advancement benefits both owners and dealers alike by (..)
  9. What Is An ATF Form 1?

    The ATF Form 5320.1 (Commonly known as a "Form 1"), in its most basic sense, is the required document to fill out if you intend to create an NFA item, ranging from altering the configuration of an existing firearm to manufacturing an entire unit on your own. For a better understanding (..)
  10. Silencer Finishes 101

    - Often taken for granted (or simply overlooked), the finishes that silencer manufacturers employ on various cans play a pivotal role in the effectiveness of each unit. With so much emphasis (and rightly so) on the baffle design, the build materials, and so on, a suppressor’s finish(..)