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  1. Silencers Offer a Case Study in Regulatory Overreach — But Ambitious State Laws Carry Their Own Risks

  2. How to Use a Silencer Shop Kiosk

  3. ATF Contact List

    Get answers to those burning questions pertaining specifically to your application process or regulation interpretations. This post will give you all the ATF contact information you may need, and how you can get in touch with them.
  4. What Do I Need to Own a Suppressor?

    This blog post is here to sweep any misconceptions you may have aside and answer your question to what do I need to own a suppressor? Let’s get into it!
  5. Tri Lug Adapter 101 - Everything You Need to Know and More

    There’s no faster attachment method for a silencer than a tri lug adapter. You may have heard of it referred to as a 3 Lug adapter, or variations of these terms, but they all mean the same thing. Click to read all about 3 lugs now!
  6. NFA Storage Requirements While You're Away

    In previous posts, we've discussed moving with suppressors, or any other NFA item, as well as traveling temporarily with them. Now, we'll dig into NFA storage requirements and best practices while you're away and you have to leave it behind.
  7. Traveling with a Suppressor

    In this post, we'll cover the basics of traveling with a suppressor out of state for a temporary trip. You could be going to a gun match, pursuing a cool hunting opportunity, or just showing off your new suppressor to your cousin.
  8. Moving with a Suppressor

    And just when you're drowning in change-of-address paperwork and cardboard boxes, you remember… "Wait — what am I supposed to know about moving with a suppressor?" Read on to see just how easy it is!
  9. How to Complete FD-258 Fingerprint Cards

    In the process of buying a silencer (or any NFA item), the ATF requires that you submit fd-258 fingerprint cards as part of your documentation. Learn more about how easy ATF Form 4 fingerprint cards are to complete.
  10. Suppressor Laws by State

    There are a lot of relevant federal laws governing the purchase and use of silencers and Silencer Shop is here to help you navigate suppressor laws by state.
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