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  1. Orchid Press Release: Silencer Shop and Orchid Advisors Partnership

  2. Silencer Shop and Orchid Advisors Sign Partnership

  3. The Best Multi Caliber Suppressor Choices

  4. The Best Big Bore Rifle Suppressor Choices

    Big bore suppressors are suppressors that include the highest caliber ratings offered. Our most popular large bore silencers have a caliber rating up to .338 LM, .458 SOCOM, and .408 Cheytac, to name a few. Our best large bore rifle suppressor choices blog post is going to lay out our top 5 sellers (..)
  5. The Best .45ACP Suppressor Choices

    As with any silencer purchasing process, the best 45 suppressor largely depends on what you’re wanting to shoot it on. The great news about 45 silencers is that their versatility basically sells themselves. With the ability to run larger calibers, along with smaller calibers, 45 suppressors (..)
  6. The Best 22 Suppressor Choices

    There’s a reason a lot of people consider 22 suppressors to be the gateway drug into the NFA world. They’re nearly “Hollywood quiet,” a competitive price point, and incredibly fun to shoot. But, as you may already know, .22lr ammo is dirty, so being able to easily get to the (..)
  7. The Best Rifle Suppressor Choices

    There’s no question that deciding the best rifle suppressor is extremely important. Our best rifle suppressor choices are going to give you our top 5 rifle silencer sellers in this combined 5.56/.223 and .30 caliber category, and some reasons why they deserve a spot on your shopping list. (..)
  8. The Best 9mm Suppressor Choices

    Choosing the best 9mm suppressor is a multifaceted decision that depends largely on your host gun and what’s most important to you in a silencer. This blog post is going to give you our best pistol suppressors of 2020 and of all time with an explanation of why they’ve managed to make (..)
  9. What Is The Quietest Silencer?

    By far the question we get asked most frequently is what is the quietest suppressor available? No pun intended, but what a loaded question! There are a good amount of attributes to consider when you talk about the quietest suppressor. Things like ammo, barrel length, environment, and even silencer(..)
  10. Who Is Allowed To Shoot Or Use My Silencer?

    We’re getting asked “who can use my suppressor?” more than ever these days. The answer is relative to how you registered your silencer, the state you live in, and the responsible persons you’d like to use your silencers. Lending a silencer to a family member or friend may (..)
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