1. How do Silencers Impact Blowback?

  2. 8.6 Blackout Ammo: Everything You Need to Know

  3. How to Customize Your AR-15 for Suppression

  4. What Does a Compensator Do?

  5. Why You Need a Suppressed 22

  6. Flash Suppressor vs Muzzle Brake

  7. Four Pro Tips to Hunting with a Suppressor

  8. Best 9mm Subsonic Ammo for Suppressors

  9. Can You Suppress Supersonic Ammo?

    When people first start learning about suppressors, one of the first 'facts' they learn is typically that you can't suppress supersonic ammunition. This couldn't be further from the truth! What is the Supersonic Crack? After a bullet is fired, it creates pressure waves as air is displaced along(..)
  10. Hunting with Silencers

    I was out the other day eating at a restaurant near the shop and overheard a man talking to his son. His son pointed to Silencer Shop and asked if it was a store for hunters. The father answered, “No silencers aren’t for hunting. They are for people that shoot a lot.” Sitting(..)
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