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Form 4 Tax Stamp

Form 4 Tax Stamp

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Every Powered By Silencer Shop order is also Guaranteed By Silencer Shop!

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Powered By Silencer Shop

Buy your Tax Stamp for Form 4 and Form 1 online!

All silencers, or other NFA items, require a 'Tax Stamp'.  

At Silencer Shop, we make the process easier by simply selling the tax stamp on our website - which can be added to your order, or purchased seperately on another order.  

We'll write the check directly to the ATF on your behalf, and will notify you via email as soon as it gets cashed.  This also allows us to track each order more closely to ensure nothing is falling through the cracks.  As a result, we're able to fully guarantee every Form 4 submission that is Powered By Silencer Shop!

If you see a PBSS logo by your dealer's name - you need a tax stamp

There are several real advantages to the way we handle tax stamps:

  1. We're able to track each NFA transfer so we can ensure everything is proceeding normally
  2. We write the check on your behalf (or on behalf of your trust or corporation), so you don't need to worry about managing a seperate bank account
  3. Every PBSS order is also Guaranteed By Silencer Shop

If you don't see a PBSS logo by your dealer's name - you do NOT need a tax stamp

In this case, your dealer will be responsible for filling out and filing all your NFA paperwork.

Be sure to read more about our Powered By Silencer Shop program on this page.


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10 Reviews For Form 4 Tax Stamp

  • Joshua2/16/2018

    This process made things easy. Silencer Shop's Form 4 Tax stamp just simplified everything.

  • Thatcher2/13/2018

    Pretty easy, just follow the instructions and emails. Will use again, would recommend to others.

  • Gram10/31/2017

    Was clueless going into this, 1 SBR in past but different process. Guided through entire process with utmost patience & great guidance.

  • Josh7/11/2016

    I didn't fret too much about purchasing an NFA item with this service. Silencershop has been very prompt with easy to follow instructions, and damn fair pricing. Essentially they are charging you five bucks for telephone support along with a guarantee. So for the price of a few Mickey's Wide Mouths you got some piece of mind...

    Why wait? Have a snicke... uh, silencer.

  • Jeremy5/12/2016

    Filled it out, got my bank to notarize it and now I'm the proud owner of a SBR... and someday my form 4 will also go through on the can. Silencer Shop has made all my NFA dealings super easy.

  • Carl5/1/2016

    I have given this some thought and I can't think of a single way they can make this any easier until the NFA is repealed!!!! Great job Silencer Shop...your one stop shop for any good can.

  • Michael4/30/2016

    It makes thing so much more simple than having to keep up with it yourself. I would definitely do this way again.

  • Michael1/19/2016

    The easiest suppressor purchase I have ever done! Dealing with "powered by Silencer Shop" has been a breeze and I am already thinking of additional purchases as soon as I can pay for them!

  • James12/4/2015

    this is easy,, awesome guys thank you

  • Tracy11/27/2015

    Just as easy as can be

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