1. ATF Contact List

    Get answers to those burning questions pertaining specifically to your application process or regulation interpretations. This post will give you all the ATF contact information you may need, and how you can get in touch with them.
  2. 41F and Gun Trusts

    It’s been over two years since 41F’s implementation and we’re still getting the age-old question of whether or not gun trusts are a viable option since its debut. What left some people a glass case of emotions at one point has subsided. We covered
  3. What's A "Responsible Person?"

    When you decide to file your applications under a gun trust, you will be prompted to choose a “responsible person.” Although it isn’t imperative to assign someone, and a responsible person is a relative term, it’s one of the main reasons most folks choose the gun trust route (..)
  4. What Is An ATF Form 1?

    For most gun owners, the Form 1 process entails transforming an existing AR lower receiver into a short-barreled rifle (SBR). An approved Form 1 allows you, the manufacturer of the SBR, to purchase a barrel (or complete separate upper receiver) shorter than 16 inches in length. Additionally, (..)
  5. What is a Single Shot Trust?

    The revolutionary Single Shot Trust is simpler, more flexible, and less expensive than any other NFA Gun Trust available.To use the Single Shot Trust, all you need to do is: Purchase a Silencer, or any other NFA item, from - or from a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer in (..)
  6. Say Goodbye To CLEO Certification Signatures

    Although the recent implementation of ATF 41F was generally met with disdain throughout the suppressor community, not every aspect of the rule change is hellfire! And even with the new steps included, our S.I.D. Kiosk and Silencer Shop Mobile App initiatives provide a paperless, convenient process (..)
  7. ATF 41F Is Not The End

    July 13, 2016, is a date which will forever live in suppressor lore. On that Wednesday, the much-discussed ATF 41F rule goes into effect, kick-starting a new process for suppressor ownership approval. Because we’ve known this industry-wide change became a reality in early January, we at (..)
  8. Iowa: No Longer Suppressor Suppressed

    If you heard a celebratory “Woohoo!” from our friends in Iowa on March 31st, you can thank Governor Terry Branstad for their excitement. At 3:00 p.m. that Thursday, he signed House File 2279 into law and made Iowa the 42nd state in which civilians can possess lawfully obtained (..)
  9. Form 23 and Form 4 Drafts Have Been Published for Review

    For everybody who is tracking the implementation progress of ATF 41F/41P, the new forms have been published for review. Take Time to Look Over the Form 4 and Form 23 Drafts Before linking to the new Form 4 and Form 23 drafts, we want to be clear that these are NOT final versions - and should (..)
  10. How to Sell Your Used Silencer

    Have you ever wondered about selling your used silencer to a private party? If you've owned guns for any amount of time - you know that used firearms are often in high demand.  As a result, the market is healthy for these firearms and you can often get as much (or more) than you originally (..)
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