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  1. Top 5 Best 22 LR Suppressors

    The Best 22lr Suppressor Sellers of 2021 are live! See what's tracking, and why each 22 suppressor listed has become a top dog in its category.
  2. How Does a Silencer Work?

    A silencer works by trapping and slowing down gas that is being quickly released as the firearm is discharged. A firearm suppressor is a device that attaches to the gun barrel to reduce the noise from the gunshot.
  3. What Does A Gunshot Sound Like?

  4. Meet Dead Air's New Multi Caliber Suppressor - Primal

  5. NFA Storage Requirements While You're Away

    In previous posts, we've discussed moving with suppressors, or any other NFA item, as well as traveling temporarily with them. Now, we'll dig into NFA storage requirements and best practices while you're away and you have to leave it behind.
  6. Suppressor Laws by State

    There are a lot of relevant federal laws governing the purchase and use of silencers and Silencer Shop is here to help you navigate suppressor laws by state.
  7. What is a Silencer vs Suppressor?

    The terms go head to head in a debate on silencer vs suppressor - which is better to use? In this blog, we’ll be talking about the history of silencers, why some people prefer calling them suppressors, and whether one term over the other really matters.
  8. Common Silencer Cycling Issues

    Common Silencer Cycling Issues While cycling issues on your favorite firearm can be a royal pain in the posterior, they are not quite as common as some of the internet may lead you to believe.  They certainly are a factor, but gaining a very simple understanding of how silencers affect the (..)
  9. Interview With An Engineer: Ethan Lessard

    We were paid a visit by, in our opinion, one of the most well-known silencer moguls, Ethan Lessard. Currently the VP of Engineering at Q, his accolades span back to engineering at Sig Sauer and Advanced Armament Corporation. We were able to sit down with him for lunch and dive deep into Ethan’(..)
  10. Silencer Finishes 101

    Silencer Finishes
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