SILENCER SHOP RENEWS TIER 1 SPONSORSHIP OF ASA   AUSTIN, TX – The American Suppressor Association (ASA) is pleased to announce that Silencer Shop, the largest suppressor distributor in the United States, has renewed their sponsorship of the American Suppressor Association to ASA(..)
  2. Introducing The Single Shot Trust

    Just when you thought Silencer Shop couldn’t possibly be any more awesome, we go and do something like this… And totally turn traditional NFA gun trusts upside down! Welcome, Single Shot Trust In a nutshell, our new Single Shot Trust arrangement provides suppressor (..)
  3. ATF 41F Is Not The End

    July 13, 2016, is a date which will forever live in suppressor lore. On that Wednesday, the much-discussed ATF 41F rule goes into effect, kick-starting a new process for suppressor ownership approval. Because we’ve known this industry-wide change became a reality in early January, we at (..)
  4. Iowa: No Longer Suppressor Suppressed

    If you heard a celebratory “Woohoo!” from our friends in Iowa on March 31st, you can thank Governor Terry Branstad for their excitement. At 3:00 p.m. that Thursday, he signed House File 2279 into law and made Iowa the 42nd state in which civilians can possess lawfully obtained (..)
  5. ATF 41F Was Published Today

    It's been a long couple of years with the fight against ATF 41P; but, as most people now know, the rule was finalized - and got published in the Federal Register this morning (1/15/2016). ATF 41F will bring many new changes to how this industry works, but here are the main things to keep in mind(..)
  6. Meet the Silencer Shop Family

    Do you ever wonder who's answering your calls and emails when you contact Silencer Shop? Our employees come from a broad range of backgrounds; ranging from military & police to audio experts, software engineers, and a Minister (among others). We value 'being a nice person' just as highly (..)
  7. SilencerCo / Silencer Shop

    Historically, Silencer Shop & SilencerCo have had an excellent working relationship; but, that started to slip this year for a variety of reasons. Over the last year, lots of great suppressor companies have either come into the market or have finally been able to produce enough product to (..)
  8. What is Silencer Shop Authority?

    At Silencer Shop, we've always worked to provide as much reliable information as possible to help our customers make the best purchase decision possible for their needs. Over time, we've released that information in various forms, including: Videos, Facebook, and our Blog(..)
  9. eForms 2.0 is Delayed Again

    The ATF has been working on their new eForms 2.0 system, internally referred to as the Firearms and Explosives Application Module (FEAM), since the original system was taken down in the spring of 2014.   Since that time, the NFA Branch has reduced wait (..)
  10. New Silencer Shop Commercials

    We decided to depart from the normal marketing of silencers and do some commercials that are more fun. They are airing on the Outdoor Channel currently. Let us know what you think about them and which one is your favorite. Mime Ninja https://www.(..)
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