ATF Form 1: Top 10 FAQsATF Form 1: Top 10 FAQs

May 22, 2023 UPDATE: ATF announced they intend to disable pistol brace forbearance applications at 12:01 a.m. on May 31.


April 26, 2023 UPDATE: Due to the surge in demand, Silencer Shop is extending our amnesty eForm 1 services until May 16, 2023, 11:59 PM CST. For those who choose to submit a tax-exempt form 1, you must complete your profile, enter your firearm information, and have your fingerprints and photo submitted to Silencer Shop by May 17, 2023, 6:00 PM CST. We recommend you complete your fingerprints through a local Powered By Dealer kiosk to ensure we have your fingerprints by the deadline to ensure submission with the ATF.


Top Brace Question: What is the Amnesty Period for Pistol Braces?

The most recent ATF pistol brace rule allows for a 120-day amnesty period, beginning on January 31, 2023. During this amnesty period ATF Form 1 tax stamps will be waived for qualifying submissions, and Silencer Shops eForm 1 system allows for tax-exempt during this forbearance period.

ATF Form 1: Top 10 FAQs

There has been a massive growing demand for National Firearms Act (NFA) items such as short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and silencers. Many Americans have decided to build their own NFA firearms using the ATF Form 1.   

For many firearms enthusiasts, the Form 1 is used to convert an AR lower into a short-barreled rifle (SBR), allowing you to use an upper receiver with a barrel length shorter than 16” The Form 1 can also be used for any other rifle with a barrel longer than 16”, and to create short-barreled shotguns (SBS), destructive devices, and any other weapons (AOW).  

What is ATF Form 1?

The ATF Form 1 (or Form 5320.1) is the application to make and register an NFA firearm for individuals who are not licensed to manufacture such firearms.

What is an eForm 1?

Similar to the ATF eForm 4, eForm 1 allows for the electronic submission of Form 1 documents, creating a simplified and more efficient application process.

What Does a Form 1 Allow You To Do?

With an approved Form 1 ATF application, you can build your own short-barreled rifle (SBR), short-barreled shotgun (SBS), suppressor, or destructive device.

Does Silencer Shop do Form 1?

Yes, Silencer Shop's Form 1 Service facilitates eForm 1 submissions for your short-barreled rifle or shotgun application with our updated eForm 1 system.  This is applicable to all 

How To Fill Out ATF Form 1

Silencer Shop makes filling out an ATF Form 1 simple, we take care of all the complex paperwork for you. Simply create an account on our site, enter your demographic information, snap a selfie and upload it using our smartphone app, and visit a kiosk to submit your fingerprints. If you’ve already submitted a Form 4 through us, your profile is likely already complete!


Please note: Because each Powered by Silencer Shop dealer is independently owned and operated, dealers may charge a fee of up to $40 to use their kiosk.   

Form 1 SBR Guide

With Silencer Shop’s ATF eForm 1 service, filing for an SBR is easy.

We also make building your own SBR easier than ever with our SBR Builder. 

  • Login to your Silencer Shop account: if you don’t have one already you can quickly create one by selecting “Login” then “Register as a “New User”. From the Dashboard, go to “eForm 1” on the top banner and click the “Start New Form 1” button. You’ll then be prompted to choose whether your submission will be tax-exempt based on ATF rule 2021R-08F.
  • You will need to enter a few pieces of information: about the firearm you’re applying for, including the original manufacturer, model, serial number, caliber or gauge, barrel length (in its SBR configuration), and overall length (in its SBR configuration).
  • You will be asked to submit a photo: of the engravings on your firearm, this is used to ensure accuracy on your form; this is not required by the ATF but is highly recommended. 
  • Once your information is input:a member of our compliance team reviews your application packet and checks it for accuracy (Silencer Shop compliance has a 99.5% accuracy rate compared to the industry average of 60%).
  • Upon a successful compliance review: your eForm 1 will be prepped for submission. You will get an email from DocuSign, verify the info is correct and sign it. Then just keep an eye out for an email informing you that your eform1 is ready to certify.
  • Certification can be done quickly and easily: at your home on your own computer or mobile device, just make sure to have your ATF eForms login and password ready!  

Important Notes:

After you submit your Form 1 through Silencer Shop, the ATF will send you an email titled: "eForms Application Submission Notification for Permit/Control No: ######". This email has an attachment asking you to submit your fingerprints.  Silencer Shop does this for you! 

If you need any assistance, hovering over the “Need help” question mark (?) icons will provide useful information on how to fill out the indicated field. 

Form 1 SBR GuideForm 1 SBR Guide

Is There an ATF Form 1 Tax Stamp?

Yes, ATF Form1 requires an NFA tax stamp just like ATF Form 4 submissions. The cost of the tax stamp is $200.  

Please be aware: The ATF is waiving the $200 ATF form 1 cost for the tax stamp for qualifying submissions during the 120-day forbearance period beginning on January 31, 2023, in accordance with Rule 2021R-08F.  

Can You Use a Single Shot Trust with Form 1?

Yes! When filling an eForm 1 with Silencer Shop you can take advantage of the simplest trust options on the market, our Single Shot or Single Shot Unlimited trusts. 

Note: For tax-exempt registrations in accordance with 2021R-08F, registration must be done as an individual unless the braced weapon was owned by a trust prior to the day the Rule is published in the Federal Register (January 31, 2023)ATF requires tax-exempt trust registrations to include a signed, dated, and notarized trust or trust addendum as evidence the trust possessed the firearm prior to the publication date.   

How Long Does eForm 1 Approval Take?

As of 1/31/2023, according to the ATF, eForm 1 applications usually process within 60 days after certification. This may change due to an increased volume of applications resulting from ATF Rule 2021R-08F.

What is the Difference Between an ATF Form 1 and Form 4?

ATF Form 1 and Form 4 both allow qualified individuals to possess NFA items, the difference is in how the Items are acquired. ATF Form 1 allows you to build your own NFA Item, while ATF Form 4 allows an already manufactured item such as a Dead Air suppressor or Q Honey Badger SBR to be transferred to you.