ATF Wait Times

What is the current wait time for a suppressor?

The Department of Justice has directed ATF to reduce eForm 4 processing times to 90 days and when ATF launched its new eForm 4 in early 2022, ATF stated they were “committed to a processing goal of 90 days.” On October 1, 2022, per their site, the ATF Current Processing Times are averaging "180 days" for eForms.

Silencer Shop would like you to have the most current information, and below, you’ll see what we’ve observed for ATF processing times for both electronic forms (eForm 4) and paper Form 4s.

What ATF form is needed for a suppressor?

For a suppressor, SBR or any item on the NFA registry, Silencer Shop would work with you on an eForm 4. An eForm 4 is an electronic filing of the ATF Form 4: the application to posses an NFA item manufactured, purchased and ready to use by the consumer.

These statistics are auto-generated from our most recent approvals

Even though it’s impossible to know exactly how long ATF wait times will be in the future, the best indicator is typically to look at what’s currently being approved.

eForms Approvals

This information is based on approvals we’ve received over the last few days, and is updated daily. If there is an item with no data, that means no forms of that type were approved during the time span we’re sampling.

ATF eForms are Back!

As of December 23rd, 2021, the ATF has relaunched eForms and are now accepting eForm 4 submissions.

Silencer Shop is currently submitting all applications through ATF eForms. For more information, please visit our blog