What is a Modular Suppressor?

In the firearm industry, the term modular suppressor takes on two meanings: suppressors modular by length and suppressors modular by mounting options. Modular suppressors have become widely popular because they offer more customizability and versatility, all with just one tax stamp. In this article, we'll be covering each modular category in addition to providing product spotlights on some of our best selling modular suppressors in their respective categories.

Suppressors Modular by Length

A silencer modular by length is just what it sounds like - you can shorten the length of the silencer based on how many different connections there are. Because of the different connections, there are two subcategories for suppressor lengths: extension tubes and threaded baffles. Whether you're interested in a suppressor that has extension tubes or threaded baffles, these modular silencers can only be as long as the longest length from the manufacturer (and the length the ATF approved). So additional extensions can't be added on to the suppressor's original design, but they can be removed.

Extension Tube Suppressors

Some modular suppressors are constructed using an extension tube. This tube threads onto the other portion of the suppressor to add more baffles. Generally, this type of configuration is technically two tubes that can be threaded together to make a longer suppressor, or unthreaded to make a shorter suppressor. These modular suppressors also have a removeable end cap, that you remove from the extension tube portion when you want to shoot with a shorter, more maneuverable silencer.

Modular suppressors that use extension tubes are a great option for balancing whether you want your firearm quieter and longer or lighter and less quiet. For examples of modular suppressors that boast an extension tube design, scroll to see our product spotlight and honorable mentions.

Rugged Radiant 762, Rugged Suppressors, Extension Baffle, Modular SuppressorRugged Radiant 762, Rugged Suppressors, Extension Baffle, Modular Suppressor

Product Spotlight


The Rugged Radiant 7.62 is one of the most popular options in the extension tube category. Yielding the ability to switch between a length of 7.5” and 5.1”, the Radiant wasn’t the first .30 caliber silencer to let you change lengths, but since its debut, this Rugged suppressor brings two ideal lengths into one silencer, making it a widely popular option.

A few other great extension tube modular suppressors are:

Threaded Baffle Suppressors

Suppressors that boast threaded baffles are constructed so that the baffles, when threaded together, create a tubeless silencer. This option – while a relatively new technology – is considered the most versatile and customizable option for determining the suppressor's length. Silencers with threaded baffles allow you to decide exactly what kind of balance you want in your silencer. 

While an extension tube lets you decide between heavier but quieter, and lighter but louder, threaded baffles let you tune your system to fall anywhere in between. This also means you have the opportunity to change the tune of your suppressed firearm at any point, without needing to purchase a different silencer. This sliding scale provides a considerable amount of options. Great examples of modular suppressors with a threaded baffle design are below. Take a look to see which one might work best for you.

Q Erector, Threaded Baffle, Modular SuppressorQ Erector, Threaded Baffle, Modular Suppressor

Product Spotlight


The Q Erector is a good example of a threaded baffle modular suppressor. Providing the option to choose between 11 different configurations based on how many baffles you want to thread together, it is perfect for shooters who want a rimfire silencer that they can “tune” to various firearm hosts and applications.

Another popular item for threaded baffle modular suppressors is the:

Suppressors Modular by Mounting Options

The other type of modular silencer is a suppressor that has configurable suppressor mounts, meaning you can use the suppressor on various firearm hosts. This is appealing because the suppressor is designed to shine on multiple firearm hosts. Most pistol suppressors are intended to be used on a tilt-locking semi-auto pistol, and most rifle suppressors are intended to run on a centerfire rifle.

Suppressors with modular mounting options bridge these gaps and allow you to run the same suppressor on your AR-15 and your Glock 19. Take a look at our product spotlight and a few other heavy hitters in this suppressor mount category.

SilencerCo Hybrid, Suppressor Mounts, Modular SuppressorSilencerCo Hybrid, Suppressor Mounts, Modular Suppressor

Product Spotlight


The SilencerCo Hybrid is a good example of modular suppressor mounts. Depending on the host firearm and mount, this SilencerCo suppressor has the ability to be equally at home on a variety of hosts, including your 9mm handgun and your .308 deer rifle. You’ve got a lot of options to choose from, and you only need one suppressor to do it.

Note: Depending on the suppressor, you may need to purchase a separate mount for your particular application.  Check out the “What’s in the Box” section of the product description to see if you’re covered.

Some more notable mentions for suppressors with adjustable mounts would be the:

Modular Suppressors by Length and Mount

We just discussed the benefits of the two main categories of modular suppressors. And you may be asking yourself, what if I want both? Well, there are a few silencers that do offer what we're going to call a fully modular suppressor. These silencers can be adjusted by length and by mounting option, meaning you are able to adjust your set up to fit your needs for your specific host firearm.

These fully modular suppressors are truly as versatile as they come. For examples of suppressors that provide both kinds of modularity, take a look at our product spotlight and list of popular fully modular suppressors.

SilencerCo Omega 36M, Modular Suppressor by length and host firearmSilencerCo Omega 36M, Modular Suppressor by length and host firearm

Product Spotlight

SilencerCo 36M

The SilencerCo Omega 36M is a good example of a modular suppressor by length and mount. This SilencerCo suppressor is able to be at home on a variety of hosts while still offering an adjustable length, depending on the host firearm.

Note, depending on the suppressor, you may need to purchase a separate mount for your particular application.  Check out the “What’s in the Box” section of the product description to see if you’re covered.

A few other notable options for fully modular suppressors include the:

In Conclusion

A modular suppressor is truly the modern day jack-of-all-trades, and even boasts not one, but two, vastly different but equally essential, meanings in the firearm industry. It's important to understand both of the terms for what a modular suppressor is because it helps with getting the right suppressor in your hands. Whether you're looking for a silencer capable of changing length, capable of changing firearm hosts, or you're even looking at silencers that aren't modular, we've got you covered.