What is a Silencer Shop Trust?What is a Silencer Shop Trust?

Millions of Americans own firearms under the NFA items (National Firearms Act), which encompasses popular 2A items such as silencers, short-barrelled rifles (SBR), short-barrelled shotguns, and machine guns. Silencer Shop is the largest NFA distributor in the US, and a common question people ask is "How do I register an NFA item?" 

There are three types of NFA registration methods: Individual, Corporation, and Trust.

  • Individual: Registering as an Individual is the most restrictive, as only that person can possess or transport the NFA item. 
  • Corporation: A Corporation allows multiple users, but is costly and requires you to do the most work: you’ll need to facilitate fingerprints, photographs, and registration info, etc for each user.
  • Trust: The Single Shot Trust at Silencer Shop is one of the least expensive gun trusts, requires minimal additional steps on your part and provides versatility to easily add users aka responsible parties.

What is a Silencer Shop Trust?

The Silencer Shop Single Shot trust (aka Silencer Shop Trust) was created by a top gun trust lawyer and is legal in every state where NFA items are permitted (except Iowa and Vermont). Getting a trust with Silencer Shop is simple: just visit our site, create a free account (if you don’t already have one), and add the Single Shot trust to your cart and checkout. The information in your account will be populated in the Single Shot Trust: there is no specific paperwork nor documentation you need to provide and when you’re ready, you can easily add responsible parties.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Gun Trust?

A Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust is by far the most popular registration method because:

  • The Single Shot Trust is inexpensive
  • It requires no additional work on your part 
  • Allows you to easily add or remove responsible parties while also being the most popular registration method with nearly 7,000 five-star reviews.

Silencer Shop is the #1 NFA distributor in the country and has been based in Texas since its inception in 2010, even beyond our awesome trusts, it’s the easiest way to get a suppressor and a resource for processing all of your NFA items (even if they aren’t from our site).

How Does a Gun Trust Work?

A gun trust is a legal entity established to own firearms and/or NFA items. A gun trust works by establishing the entity as the owner of the items (suppressors, guns, etc) held within said trust. You will be the trustee, which allows you to handle and operate the item covered within the trust, as well as appointing additional responsible parties or beneficiaries.

How Does a Gun Trust Work?How Does a Gun Trust Work?

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How Much Does a Gun Trust Cost?

The Silencer Shop Single Shot trust is only $24.95, it’s one of the most inexpensive gun trusts on the market. The Single Shot trust will save you more than $100 compared to a traditional gun trust and is easier and faster to establish.

What is a Single Shot Unlimited Trust?

Since each NFA item requires registration, and if you’re planning several NFA purchases, the best way could be the Single Shot Unlimited trust. With one Single Shot Unlimited Trust, you’ll have an infinite number of Single Shot trusts to tap into. Example: if you’re getting two suppressors, one SBR, and a machine gun; the Single Shot Unlimited trust will generate a trust for each of those items (as opposed to you paying for a trust each time). The Unlimited is a great resource for enthusiasts that plan to build their firearms collection. Also note: the Unlimited doesn’t expire, so the sooner you have it applied to your account, the longer you’ll be able to use it; and whether you buy 2 or 200 NFA items, the Single Shot Unlimited trust will have you covered for one low price.

What is a Single Shot Unlimited Trust?What is a Single Shot Unlimited Trust?

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What are the differences between the Single Shot Trust vs Traditional Trust

A Single Shot Trust offers you the least expensive and most flexible Trust. Single Shot Trust doesn’t require additional paperwork nor notarization, and can be easily amended to add responsible parties. Additionally, keeping each Item in its own trust allows you to decide who is a trustee on specific items, and makes purchasing more NFA items easier. Simply add it to your cart and you’re done. 

The traditional NFA Trust is a higher price and requires fingerprinting, paperwork and processing for all parties on the application. Over time, it becomes arduous to maintain the Traditional Trust, because when the trust acquires a new NFA item, you'll have to verify all the information and complete background checks, etc for every trustee. Note: NFA Gun Trusts allow for multiple NFA items to be on the same trust, and accommodate Form 1 items.

  Legacy Gun Trust   Individual
  Who Can Use The Serialized Item?   Anyone added as a trustee after you receive approval   Anyone added as a trustee after you receive approval   Anyone listed as a trustee   Just you
  Cost   $24.95   $129.95   Varies   N/A

Set Up

  One-time digital signature   One-time digital signature   Requires printing, notary, scanning, & uploading   N/A


Adding Trustee(s)

  Simple Amendment Provided   Simple Amendment Provided   Varies by trust Nope


  Just you   Just you   Required for you and all additional Responsible Parties   Just you

Passport Photo

  Just you   Just you   Required for you and all additional Responsible Parties   Just you

Registration Info

  Just you   Just you   Required for you and all additional Responsible Parties   Just you

Number of Items

  1   No Limit   No Limit   No Limit

If you have any questions regarding your trust options, please contact us. This page is not legal advice and is to be used at your own discretion. Consultation with an attorney is recommended and this form is not a substitute for appropriate legal advice in your state.