The revolutionary Single Shot Trust is simpler, more flexible, and less expensive than any other NFA Gun Trust available.To use the Single Shot Trust, all you need to do is:

  1. Purchase a Silencer, or any other NFA item, from - or from a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer in your local area.
  2. Purchase a Single Shot NFA Gun Trust.  (You can also opt for the Single Shot Unlimited Edition if you plan to get more NFA items in the future - and why wouldn't you?)
  3. If you haven't already done it, submit your fingerprints and a recent photo.

With the Single Shot Trust there is NOTHING TO NOTARIZE, NOTHING TO FILL OUT, and you do NOT have to worry about uploading documents or dragging friends and family members out to get fingerprinted. Instead, you'll simply sign the trust digitally at the same time you sign your Form 1 or Form 4.  It couldn't be simpler! Once your new NFA toy is approved, you can add as many additional family members or friends onto the Single Shot Trust as you want without having to worry about fingerprints, photos, or CLEO notification. To put it simply, the Single Shot Trust NFA Gun Trust gives you all the flexibility of a traditional Gun Trust, with the simplicity of registering as an Individual! Remember, the Single Shot Trust is valid in all NFA-Legal states EXCEPT Iowa and Vermont.

Single Shot


For suppressor owners wanting to add the benefits of a trust to their NFA purchase without the hassle of setting it up, we gladly offer the new and convenient Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust available exclusively through our Powered By network of dealers. A versatile alternative to the effective NFA Gun Trust, this option simplifies the suppressor purchase process even more and takes the headache out of the ownership experience. Removing several of the cumbersome steps involved with the typical NFA trust setup (e.g., notary, state filing, etc.), our Single Shot Trust arrangement streamlines the process in many ways. Essentially, Silencer Shop is turning the traditional trust on its head!  Instead of buying a [more expensive] trust and adding silencers to it as you go, the Single Shot Trust is meant to go along with your silencer purchase and be used only for that single item. No more gathering up all your trustees, taking a trip to the notary, scanning everyones prints, emailing/faxing the trust back to us, and so forth… All you need to do is digitally sign the document and we will send it to the ATF on your behalf. This simple setup allows you to add trustees and responsible parties after you receive approval, to take advantage of the long-term benefits offered by registering as a trust without the hassles of initial set up. Whether new to the wonderful world of silencers or an established collector, the Single Shot Trust might be the best option for you. Some of the benefits to this trust include:

  • Priced at $24.95, the Single Shot Trust is less burdensome on your bank account
  • Offered for $129.95, the Single Shot Unlimited Trust option is designed for devoted users (Learn More)
  • One-time purchase brings completion to suppressor ownership process
  • Elimination of time-consuming steps streamlines processing (no notary, state filing, etc.)
  • Ability for responsible persons/trustees to be added down the road affords flexibility
  • Automated system allows for quick purchase/submission of trust
  • Trust conveniently named for each NFA item purchased (e.g., “Q El CaminoSN:0187 Trust”)
    • The trust will only ever contain that one serial number
  • Digitally sign (i.e., DocuSign) Form 4 and be done in less than 30 seconds
  • Form 4 reviewed and submitted to ATF by Silencer Shop’s expert staff
  • The purchaser (you) will be the initial "Trust Maker" and sole "Trustee" at the time of signing
  • Listing a beneficiary is not necessary, it will be the heir named in your will, or, if you don't have a will, the beneficiary will be the person(s) who would inherit from you under state law

We realize getting your hunting buddy to complete his necessary trustee paperwork can take much longer than anticipated. To sidestep this scenario, our Single Shot Trust provides you the ability to add trustees without anyone having to visit a famous S.I.D. kiosk. Overall, this trust option is ideal for either first-time owners or silencer aficionados purchasing single NFA items because it consolidates the vexing traditional trust set-up and ensures your ability to utilize your completed document after approval by the ATF. In other words, you no longer have to sit on a trust waiting for family/friends to submit their fingerprints/photos; a Single Shot Trust is quickly activated for each individual NFA item submitted.   The concept behind the Single Shot Trust is to bridge the gap – post 41F – between the ease of registering as an individual, and the long term flexibility of owning your NFA item in a trust.  Here is a quick comparison to help you decide the best option for your needs:  

  Legacy Gun Trust   Individual
  Who Can Use The Serialized Item?   Anyone added as a trustee after you receive approval   Anyone added as a trustee after you receive approval   Anyone listed as a trustee   Just you
  Cost   $24.95   $129.95   Varies   N/A

Set Up

  One-time digital signature   One-time digital signature   Requires printing, notary, scanning, & uploading   N/A


Adding Trustee(s)

  Simple Amendment Provided   Simple Amendment Provided   Varies by trust Nope


  Just you   Just you   Required for you and all additional Responsible Parties   Just you

Passport Photo

  Just you   Just you   Required for you and all additional Responsible Parties   Just you

Registration Info

  Just you   Just you   Required for you and all additional Responsible Parties   Just you

Number of Items

  1   No Limit   No Limit   No Limit


What If You Have an NFA Trust?

Even if you already have an NFA Trust, getting a Single Shot Trust (individual or unlimited) is a beneficial option. Once the trust is completed and your Form 4 is approved, you may easily add other persons to your trust via an addendum page, as needed.  Over the years you have owned your current trust, you have likely added people to it.  All of these people need to get their fingerprints in our system before you can file for a new item.  The Single Shot allows you to cheaply buy a trust each and every time you end up wanting that new silencer!   Of course, either trust choice is useful and beneficial, depending on your preference/situation. However, a Single Shot Trust offers more bang for your buck in one simple transaction. And remember, whether adding your trust during the suppressor/tax stamp purchase or afterward, Silencer Shop will submit the required Form 4 on your behalf.

What Is The Single Shot "Unlimited" Option?

Even though the name sounds a bit like an oxymoron, the idea is pretty simple.  For those of you who like the idea of the Single Shot Trust - but plan on buying many suppressors over the course of your shooting career - we offer a "lifetime subscription" to the Single Shot service.  For a one-time purchase of $129.95, you will have as many Single Shot Trusts as you need. Whether you buy the NFA item through our webstore, or at your local Powered By Silencer Shop dealer, you can use a shiny new Single Shot Trust for every form we file for you... for the rest of your life! This product/service is not transferable and is linked to your customer account (which is to say: your fingerprints, passport photo, demographic information, etc.).

If you have any questions regarding your trust options, please contact us. *NOTE: Single Shot Trust not available/valid in Iowa or Vermont. This form is not legal advice and is to be used at your own direction.  Consultation with an attorney is highly recommended and this form is not a substitute for appropriate legal advice in your state.