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    *Not for use in Iowa or Vermont*

    *A trust exclusive to Silencer Shop when Form 1's and Form 4's are submitted by Silencer Shop*

    Streamline your silencer purchase with Silencer Shop's Single Shot Trust, combining the ease of individual filing with the benefits of a traditional NFA Gun Trust. This cost-effective solution simplifies silencer ownership by allowing a straightforward filing method for each NFA item, including suppressors and short barrel rifles.

    After your new NFA purchase, Silencer Shop prepares and verifies your ATF Form 1 or 4 information via DocuSign, along with your Single Shot Trust, ensuring a hassle-free submission to the ATF. No notary is required. Instructions for adding or removing trustees are included, ensuring flexibility to craft your trust to include family members or other trustees. The Single Shot Trust is ideal for both new and existing customers aiming for the simplest path to lawful silencer ownership. Complete your paperwork, including fingerprints, at any Silencer Shop kiosk, and use our Full Auto software to easily submit your Form 1 or Form 4.


    • The ability to add different responsible parties, or trustees, quickly and easily.
    • No notarization is required.  The Single Shot Trust is created quickly and does not require any additional paperwork.
    • The ease of filing as an individual, with all of the benefits of having an NFA trust.
    • The option to add or remove responsible parties through an addendum, which Silencer Shop provides at no additional cost
    • Each Trust is designated for one NFA item, allowing you greater flexibility to manage who has access to which items. 
    • Trusts are created by leading gun trust attorneys, ensuring legality in every state in the United States where suppressor ownership is permitted (except for Iowa and Vermont), and are tailored specifically for NFA purchases.


    Q: Is the Single Shot Trust required for purchasing a silencer?

    No, the Single Shot Trust is not required for purchasing a silencer. However, it is a highly recommended option for those seeking the easiest and most flexible way to navigate the legalities of NFA item ownership. It simplifies the process of adding or removing trustees and streamlines the ATF paperwork process.

    Q: How do I add or remove trustees from my Single Shot Trust?

    Silencer Shop provides an addendum to add or remove trustees, which can be completed without any additional expense. This process allows for the easy management of responsible parties within your own trust.

    Q: Can I have more than one NFA item in a Single Shot Trust?

    Each Single Shot Trust is designed for one NFA item to keep the registration process simple and streamlined. For multiple NFA items, the Single Shot Unlimited Trust is recommended.

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