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Single Shot NFA Gun Trust


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Single Shot NFA Gun Trust


Valid in all states except IA or VT.

Check Out the Single Shot Unlimited as well!

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The Single Shot Trust ain’t your traditional NFA Gun Trust. This new option simplifies the registration process by using one trust per silencer (or other NFA item).

For example, if you purchase a Bowers USS 22 can, you can add a Single Shot Trust for that specific NFA item. In turn, your Form 4 and Trust will be generated simultaneously, and will be named automatically after the item's serial number (e.g., Bowers USS 22 SN: 0187 Trust).

Moreover, no notary is required, only your fingerprint data and photo are needed, trustees may be added once ATF approval is received, and electronically signing your Form 4 via DocuSign completes this streamlined process.  You don't have to track down a bunch of trustees, get them all to the notary, and scan everything back in to submit back to us.

Let the ease of the Single Shot Trust enhance your suppressor purchase experience. For more details regarding this option, click here.  

If you think that this sounds like the right option for you, but you plan on purchasing more than a few silencers in the future, be sure to check out the Single Shot - Unlimited version as well!

Single Shot Trust


Silencer Shop Notes:

Note: The Single Shot Trust is valid for all states that allow civilian ownership of silencers except Iowa and Vermont.This page is not legal advice and is to be used at your own discretion.  Consultation with an attorney is highly recommended and this form is not a substitute for appropriate legal advice in your state

If you are using a Single Shot Trust with your Form 1, the Single Shot trust name will be generated as "[serial number] Trust"


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