How Much Are Suppressors?How Much Are Suppressors?

How Much Are Suppressors?

There are many different silencer manufacturers making hundreds of suppressor models, and because of this, there is a wide spectrum of price tags when looking at suppressors. We all understand the difference between a Ford Fusion and a Lamborghini Aventador, and the suppressor market follows a similar trend. Exotic materials, specialized designs, durability ratings, etc. can all impact the price of a silencer. 

First, we need to outline all of the relevant costs associated with buying a suppressor:

  • National Firearms Act Tax Stamp = $200
  • Suppressor of your choice = $225+
  • Legal Trust (optional, but highly recommended) = $24.95+

While these 3 charges are what are required, or are highly recommended, there are a few other things to think about when you are shopping for a suppressor such as barrel threading, mounting solutions, suppressor accessories, and more. 

There are many factors that go into the cost of a new silencer. If you list all of the attributes you may want in a suppressor; durability, lightweight, sound suppression, or maybe a special feature like flow through technology™ or mounting for non-concentric threads. All of these features can impact the cost of a suppressor as the materials required get more expensive and the designs to achieve these characteristics become more advanced. This figure illustrates how these features might interact with each other, the more features you want in a suppressor the total cost may be higher than a more basic design.

how much is a suppressorhow much is a suppressor

How Much Does a Suppressor Cost?

  • Rimfire & .22LR Suppressors

    Rimfire cans are usually designed with .22LR in mind, but will often accommodate other small bore calibers such as .17HMR, .22MAG, and 5.7x28. T6 aluminum, 17-4 stainless steel, and titanium are the most common build materials for these cans and are selected for their durability and lightweight. The smaller tubes and baffles, direct thread mounting, and lower pressure of rimfire cartridges compared to most centerfire cartridges result in rimfire silencers being generally less expensive to manufacture, resulting in a lower average cost. 

    Pistol Suppressors

    Pistol caliber silencers, 9mm or .45cal bore size, generally range from $400 to $900. If you are mounting a suppressor on your handgun the suppressor will require a booster assembly with a piston and spring, adding some cost to the full setup. These parts can be foregone if you’re shooting a fixed barrel platform like a pistol caliber carbine (PCC). Pistol suppressors can be very versatile options, some are rated for higher-pressure rifle cartridges like 300BLK, 350 Legend, and 5.56, meaning the same silencer will work on your Glock or your AR15.  Pistol suppressors start to introduce less common materials such as Inconel and stellite to their construction which aids in durability and higher caliber ratings, in addition to more standard materials like stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum.

    Centerfire Rifle Silencers

    Centerfire rifle silencers have the broadest price range as they vary greatly in size, materials, and complexity. These cans are where differences in materials and design start to become more broad, and the use cases for the suppressors begin to become more specified. Things like flow-through technology™, belt-fed ratings, super lightweight designs, and versatility of mounting systems can add cost over more simplistic suppressor designs. Complex manufacturing processes like DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) can result in incredibly durable, complex, and lighter-than-average suppressors, but it is also an expensive form of manufacturing. There is a rifle silencer for every application, from hunting to competition shooting.

    Specialty and Large-Bore Suppressors

    While the three categories of rimfire silencers, pistol silencers, and centerfire rifle silencers represent the vast majority of silencers in the consumer marketplace, there are “specialty” suppressors that are more niche: large-bore silencers and integral silencers/ integrally suppressed firearms. Large-bore suppressors are designed for calibers up to and including .50 BMG. These silencers need to be incredibly durable to withstand the extreme pressures of these large bore rounds.  Integral silencers are part of the firearm, whether included during manufacturing or permanently installed as part of the barrel. Some integrally suppressed barrel systems, such as on the Ruger 10/22, can be purchased on their own and easily swapped with basic hand tools that you likely have on your workbench. Note: integral suppressors will have two serial numbers and two transfers,  one for the firearm and one for the silencer - despite the fact that they’re permanently attached to each other.


How much are Suppressors?


Cost Range

Cost Average

Rimfire suppressors



Pistol suppressors



5.56 rifle suppressors



7.62 rifle suppressors



Large bore suppressors




How Long Do Suppressors Last?

Most silencers in use for the consumer market have an indefinite life expectancy, provided they are matched to the correct host and cared for properly. A quality silencer made from durable materials, barring misuse, will not wear out under average usage with some maintenance.

How do you care for your silencer? Silencers, especially rimfire models, should be cleaned every few hundred rounds to prolong the life of the suppressor. There are two factors to consider in order to maximize the lifespan of your suppressor: heat management and mount management.

Heat Management: 

All metals lose strength when they get hot, though “hot” for aluminum is a much lower temperature than “hot” for 17-4 stainless steel, which is lower than for Inconel.  Whether that’s a specific temperature (e.g. don’t exceed 800 degrees for a titanium suppressor) or a maximum rate of fire, consult the owner’s manual and the manufacturer. Once the metal loses strength, it begins to degrade and wear away, causing internal erosion.

Mount Management: 

You may inadvertently damage your suppressor with a loose or non-concentric mount. If the bullet impacts the silencer internals, known as a baffle strike, it causes damage that may be catastrophic. Protect yourself from burns by using the Silencer Shop Suppressor Removal too to check regularly to ensure your suppressor is still tight to your barrel or mount. If it loosens or wobbles it could detach or cause a baffle strike. Before shooting a silencer on a new firearm, it’s always a good idea to mount it and use a bore alignment rod to ensure that the barrel bore is concentric with the bore of the silencer. Most modern firearms have precision bored barrels and perfectly square shoulders with concentric threading, but it isn’t guaranteed. Many surplus firearms should not be trusted until you’ve verified the bore alignment.

How Much Should I Spend on a Suppressor?

The best silencer for you is dependent on your needs and budget. If you’d like to know the top-selling suppressors for your firearm, check out our YouTube channel: 

All products you get from Silencer Shop are high-quality s and, likely, backed by a solid warranty.

What Does a Suppressor Cost? Other Factors:

In addition to the costs detailed above, there are other potential costs associated with buying and using a suppressor.

NFA Tax Stamp 

Suppressors are regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934, and as such are subject to a special tax, often referred to as a tax stamp. You're probably wondering how much does a suppressor tax stamp cost? The tax is $200, the same as any other NFA item, and is required to purchase a suppressor. This amount has not changed since its introduction in 1934. 

Gun Trust 

There are advantages to registering a silencer with a trust rather than registering it as an individual private party. Silencer Shop provides multiple gun trust options, and the associated costs range from $25 for a Single Shot NFA Gun Trust, the most simple way to set up a trust for your suppressor, to $130 for a Traditional NFA Gun Trust.  There is also the Silencer Shop Single Shot Unlimited Gun Trust, which allows you access to an individual Single Shot Trust for every suppressor you purchase. What is the purpose of an NFA trust? A trust allows generations of your family and trusted friends (who are co-owners of the trust) to possess, shoot and enjoy the NFA-regulated items owned by the trust. 

Threaded Barrel(s)

If your firearm doesn’t already have a threaded barrel, you’ll need one to mount your silencer or its mounting device. For most common handguns a threaded barrel can be bought starting around $125 and will allow you to mount a silencer. For rifles or shotguns without threaded barrels gunsmiths can usually thread the barrel for you, prices will vary depending on the style of the firearm and the area you live in. 

Suppressor Accessories

There are nearly endless accessories for suppressors, quick detach (QD) mounts and muzzle devices, swappable end caps, wipes, suppressor removal tools, suppressor covers, bore alignment rods, adjustable gas blocks, heavier buffer systems, and more. The sky's the limit when it comes to these add-ons! QD mounts range between $65-$250, with muzzle devices averaging $60-$100 each, but these systems allow you to easily swap a suppressor to many of your different compatible firearms. 

How Long Does it Take to Buy a Suppressor?

Silencer Shop makes the suppressor purchasing process easy. Using our network of kiosks you can easily submit your fingerprints and demographic info, and submitting your photo is as simple as snapping a selfie and uploading it using the Silencer Shop smartphone app. According to our ATF Wait Time Tracker, the current average wait for a suppressor is 8 months after certification. With our system, in just five minutes, you can be on your way to getting your suppressor!


Silencer ownership is simplified at Silencer Shop. You will find a massive variety of suppressors spanning every budget and niche. Silencer Shop makes it easy to add an NFA tax stamp and a Gun Trust to your cart at checkout, making sure you are covered on all the essentials. We also carry a plethora of mounts, tools, and other accessories to customize your silencer experience to exactly what you need.