NFA Trust, Single Shot TrustNFA Trust, Single Shot Trust

Silencer Shop makes registering a new suppressor through a trust an incredibly easy process. We highly recommend registering through a trust (as opposed to registering as an individual) because trusts make your suppressor easier to share, sell, bequeath, and more. More fun, less headache! 

But which NFA gun trust should you choose? Let's compare the advantages of the Silencer Shop Single Shot vs. a traditional NFA trust.

Single Shot Trust Advantages

The Silencer Shop Single Shot Trust is simpler and less expensive than any other NFA trust available. They are by far the easiest way to register a single item in a trust. 

At just $25, Single Shot Trusts are a cost-effective way to get the advantages and flexibility of a trust, with the simplicity of registering as an individual. 

Single Shot Trusts are pre-drafted, so you don't have to do any notarizing prior to purchase (although you should do this after receiving your trust) or written paperwork. And as always, we take care of CLEO notification for you. Just purchase a suppressor (or another NFA item) from Silencer Shop or a Powered by Silencer Shop dealer, buy a Single Shot Trust, and submit fingerprints and a passport-style photo. You'll digitally sign the trust at the same time you sign your Form 4. Easy!

Once it's complete, we'll send you a PDF of the trust with an amendment form attached. If you want to add trustees such as your spouse, kids, or hunting buddies, you can easily do so later. Simply print the amendment form mentioned above, bring it to a notary and get it stamped, then attach it to the back of your trust. In the meantime, there's no need to round up everyone for fingerprints and passport-style photos.

A Single Shot Trust can only be used for one serialized NFA item. If you anticipate purchasing six or more NFA items through Single Shot Trusts, you should consider purchasing a Single Shot Unlimited Trust. This $130 option allows you to create new Single Shot Trusts for every new NFA item you purchase at no extra cost.

NFA Trust Advantages

If you want to add multiple NFA items to a single trust, Silencer Shop can help you set up a legacy gun trust. Registering a new suppressor through a new NFA trust is a slightly more involved process, but Silencer Shop makes it as straightforward as possible. 

The major difference with an NFA trust is that before your order can be completed, you'll need to have submitted demographic information for all your fellow trustees, including their fingerprints, passport-style photos, and personal information. You'll also need to have completed background checks for EVERYONE on the trust. The process of adding additional trustees at a later date is the same as it is for a Single Shot Trust, but when additional trustees are added to an NFA trust, they remain there when you make your next purchase. As a result, you'll have to verify all your fellow trustees' information and have background checks done for everyone for all subsequent purchases. 

One particular advantage of NFA trusts is that they allow you to add NFA items purchased outside of Silencer Shop and outside Form 1 items (e.g. machine guns, converted SBRs) to your trust.


If you're a first time suppressor-buyer, Single Shot Trusts are a fast, easy and advantageous way to register your new tool. If you're pondering a higher quantity of acquisitions, a Single Shot Unlimited Trust or a traditional NFA trust might be the best route. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about what would work best for you! 

*NOTE: Single Shot Trusts are not available/valid in Iowa or Vermont. This blog post is not legal advice and is to be used at your own direction. Consultation with an attorney is highly recommended, and this post is not a substitute for appropriate legal advice in your state.