Glock with Suppressor Everything You Need to KnowGlock with Suppressor Everything You Need to Know

Glock with Suppressor: Make Your Glock Even Better 

Movies, television, and video games have shown off suppressed pistols for decades. Heroes such as James Bond or Ghost from Call of Duty have shown off silencers on their handguns and how quiet they can be.

A suppressed pistol shooting subsonic ammunition gets pretty close to "Hollywood quiet" and is undeniably cool. And, a significant benefit is moving your hearing protection from your head to your gun. You'll get a better shooting experience and keep your hearing safe while reducing your handgun's recoil and more fun.

Today, we're focusing on the most popular semi-automatic handgun ever made, the Glock. Suppressed Glock handguns run great due to their robust build quality, reliability, and customization for suppression, thanks to the massive aftermarket.

While this blog focuses on Glock pistols, the same steps and general components apply to most other semi-automatic, centerfire pistols from various brands.

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suppressor with glocksuppressor with glock

Parts for Silencing a Glock 

There are some parts that you’ll need to make your gun run a 9mm suppressor. The parts you’ll need include:  

  • Threaded Barrel 
  • Pistol Booster Assembly 
  • Suppressor of your choosing 

Threaded Barrel 

You’ll need a barrel with a threaded muzzle in order to attach your silencer. Make sure to get one from a reputable manufacturer designed for your specific model and generation of Glock (e.g. Gen 3 Glock 19 threaded barrel). There are many quality threaded barrels for Glock pistols including the SilencerCo and JK Armament threaded barrels.  

These barrels also give you access to using other accessories such as compensators if you ever have to shoot unsuppressed. 

Pistol Booster 

Pistol barrels work differently than rifle barrels. The barrel on a pistol unlocks and tilts upwards during its operation cycle, presenting a unique challenge.

Because suppressors add significant mass to the barrel, it cannot correctly tilt, which will cause jams. To overcome this, we use pistol booster assemblies (or Nielsen devices), which consist of a threaded piston (which threads onto your barrel) and a captured spring. The spring allows the weight of the silencer to be decoupled from the pistol barrel and allows for correct cycling and reliable operation.

Some pistol suppressors are light enough to allow the Glock to cycle without using a booster, such as JK Armaments CCX 9.

The rule of thumb is if your suppressor weighs approximately 4.5 ounces, a pistol booster (AKA Nielsen Device) will be necessary for proper operation.

Determine what components are required for your silencer model, and match your booster piston's thread pitch to your barrel's thread pitch. Most 9mm barrels will be threaded with a 1/2x28 thread pitch, so you'll need a 1/2x28 piston to mount your silencer to that barrel. 

Choosing a Pistol Suppressor

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the ideal suppressor for Glocks. 

  • Caliber rating 
  • Size and Weight 
  • Modularity 


Caliber rating 

You'll want to ensure that the silencer you choose is rated for your caliber Glock. Centerfire pistol suppressors are usually categorized into 9mm and 45 caliber. 

9mm pistol suppressors are typically rated for: 

  • 9mm Luger 
  • .380ACP 
  • .357 Magnum 
  • .38 Special 


45 cal pistol silencers are typically rated for all of the same calibers as 9mm silencers, plus: 

  • 45ACP 
  • 40 S&W 
  • 45LC 
  • 44 Magnum 

Some of these silencers are also rated for certain rifle calibers like 300BLK, 350 Legend, 45-70, and more, giving you some added utility.   


Size and Weight  

Pistol calibers generally use small powder charges and slow-moving projectiles; these rounds do not generate too much heat or pressure, which allows pistol silencers to use lightweight build materials such as aluminum or titanium.

You can get very lightweight and compact pistol suppressors if you intend only to use them on your Glock. If you intend to use the suppressor on a full auto pistol, like the Glock 18, or for use on rifles, more durable materials like stainless steel might be more applicable to your use case.



Adapting your silencer to different scenarios lets you get much more utility out of the can.

Modularity refers to changing the silencer's size with an extension module, like on the Rugged Obsidian 9, or individually threaded baffles like what the Q Erector 9 uses. This allows you to swap your setup to be the ideal weight and length for you and adjust the sound suppression level. 

Glock 19 silencerGlock 19 silencer

Recommended Parts for Suppressing a Glock 

There are a few things that can improve your suppressed shooting experience and take your silenced Glock to the next level. Our top recommendations for suppressed Glock accessories are: 

  • Red dot sights / Suppressor height sights 
  • Subsonic Ammunition 
  • Teflon tape

Red Dots and Suppressor-Height Sights

Silencers have many benefits but can have one slight drawback: most pistol suppressor diameters can occlude your standard handgun iron sights, making it hard to get a precise point of aim. Luckily, there are a few solutions to this problem, such as red dots or Glock suppressor sights. 

Red dots like the Trijicon RMR or Aimpoint Acro P2 will also give you a precise aiming point that your Glock silencer diameter will not occlude. Taller suppressor height sights can maintain a normal sight picture while your suppressor is mounted.   

Subsonic Ammunition

While your suppressed pistol will run with any standard ammo, it'll be quieter with subsonic rounds.

Keeping things below the speed of sound means no sonic boom; the bullet doesn't break the sound barrier so that it won't make a loud "crack."

Some calibers, like .45 ACP, are naturally subsonic. Calibers like 9mm are subsonic, with heavier bullet weights like those over 147 grains.

To get the most out of your Glock with a silencer, try shooting subsonic ammo. You will achieve the absolute quietest suppressed handgun experience possible. Subsonic ammo gets you as close as possible to "Hollywood quiet." 

Teflon Tape 

Because there are so many moving parts and the forces of recoil are at play, pistol suppressors occasionally come loose under long firing schedules. This results from the slide slamming back into battery and the booster spring compressing during recoil.

An easy fix to ensure your silencer stays firmly attached to your Glock is Teflon tape. It is cheap, readily available, and effective. Just wrap the tape around your threaded Glock barrels threads with a small amount of tape, cinch down your silencer, and enjoy a day of shooting without any issues.

How to Suppress Your Glock 

Suppressing a Glock is super easy, and shooting a silenced Glock is a ton of fun. We've made a quick checklist to ensure your suppressed shooting experience goes perfectly and that your silencer is correctly installed onto your Glock handgun. 


  1. Following all safety rules, field strip your Glock per the process described in the owner's manual.  
  2. Lightly lube your new threaded barrel and install it in place of your factory barrel.  
  3. Reassemble the pistol and check for function by racking the slide, ensuring the barrel unlocks from the battery and locks into the battery correctly.  
  4. OPTIONAL – install a small amount of Teflon tape onto your barrel threads.  
  5. Attach your Glock suppressor onto your threaded barrel with a pistol booster assembly installed.  
  6. Have fun! Enjoy the sweet sound of suppression as you quietly plink with your pistol. 


Equipping your Glock with a suppressor transforms your shooting experience, keeping the decibels down and putting a smile on your face.

You can achieve remarkable suppression with the right components, like a quality threaded barrel, a reliable pistol booster, and the perfect suppressor tailored to your Glock model and caliber. Whether it's for tactical training, enhanced hearing safety, or simply the pleasure of shooting with reduced noise and recoil, suppressing your Glock will unlock a new level of firearms enjoyment.

Remember to consider optional upgrades such as suppressor-height sights or a red dot for improved sighting over your suppressor. And remember the significant benefits of subsonic ammunition for the quietest operation.

By following these steps and adhering to safety protocols, your suppressed Glock will perform exceptionally and provide a uniquely satisfying shooting experience.