Hunting with a Silencer on Your Shotgun 

Shotguns are incredibly effective for hunting many game animals due to the variety of loadings offered, but shotguns have traditionally had two major downfalls; hard recoil and being incredibly loud. Due to these drawbacks many hunters ask, can you silence a shotgun? Yes, you can! There are fantastic options in the 12 gauge suppressor category, these silencers will bring down the gunshot sound to a much more manageable level and will soften the recoil so you’re not bruising your shoulder after hunting pheasant. Thanks to efforts from organizations like the American Suppressor Association (ASA) nearly all Americans can use suppressors for hunting.  

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Hunting with a Suppressed Shotgun 

In a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, 95% of hunters stated they do not wear any form of hearing protection while hunting. Silencers can aid in protecting your hearing without having to wear uncomfortable in-ear hearing protection or bulky earmuffs. Protecting your hearing makes hunting with suppressors a no-brainer, but many folks ask, “can shotguns have suppressors?” Absolutely, as long as your shotgun uses a threaded choke, or can be threaded, you can mount a shotgun suppressor and enjoy the perks of suppressed hunting.  

Benefits of Hunting with Shotgun Silencer

You may be wondering, why use a suppressor on a shotgun? The most obvious benefit is the noise. It is no secret that 12 gauge shotguns are loud, when the ducks fly overhead and the shot starts to fly those birds tend to scatter quickly, avid wing-shooter Lex Elliot remarked that she was able to get better shots on more ducks when shooting suppressed due to the birds reacting differently to the quieter shot. A silencer will also reduce the felt recoil of your shotgun and can even help increase your effective range. 

Can You Shoot Buckshot Out of a Suppressor? 

Modern shotgun suppressors are able to handle a variety of common loads including buckshot, birdshot, and solid slugs, they are even able to suppress TSS loads. Most standard game loads will work great in shotgun silencers such as the JK Armament 195 SGX 12 or SilencerCo Salvo. While buckshot and birdshot are good to go, we recommend staying away from specialty rounds such as dragon’s breathe or other incendiary rounds. 

States That Allow Hunting with Suppressors 

If you are a hunter there is a good chance that your state allows you to use suppressors. Suppressors are legal for hunting in 42 states, and millions of Americans enjoy shooting suppressed during hunting season every year. Verify with your local and state law enforcement to double-check that suppressors are legal for hunting in your specific town or county.

Best Shotgun Suppressors for Hunting

The best shotgun suppressors for hunting are the JK Armament SGX 12, VersaX 12, and the SilencerCo Salvo.  These modular suppressors allow you to ideally balance weight, length, and sound suppression for your hunting loadout. Whether you’re hunting doves and grouse in tall grass or using a shotgun for deer hunting in caliber-restricted states, adding a suppressor to your shotgun will provide massive benefits. The best shotgun for JK Armament shotgun suppressors tends to be a pump action model, such as the Remington 870, as the locked breach aids in reducing sound from the ejection port.