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Can You Put a Silencer on a Shotgun? 

You can absolutely put a silencer on your shotgun, with more 12 gauge silencers being introduced to the market the options for shotgun silencers are getting better and better. If your shotgun uses removable threaded chokes, you can probably mount a silencer to your shotgun. Some companies even offer custom chokes or barrel threading if your shotgun isn't set up to use removable chokes.  

How Does a Shotgun Silencer Work? 

Shotgun suppressors use specially designed baffles that keep the shot pellets condensed as they travel through the suppressor. Generally, shotgun suppressor internals use a guiding system, either rods or trumpet-shaped baffles, that keep the shot cups and wads together to retain accuracy and shot pattern down range, while also preventing baffle strikes from stray pellets. 12 gauge suppressor designs trap gas and give them room to slow and cool, reducing the volume of the gunshot.  

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What Do I Need for a Shotgun Suppressor? 

As long as your barrel is threaded for removable chokes, or can be threaded to accept them, your shotgun can be equipped with a silencer.  You’re probably wondering how to install a shotgun suppressor with a choke; 12 gauge silencers use a threaded choke, simply screw the choke into your barrel, then screw the suppressor onto the choke. Shotgun manufacturers use different chokes, so make sure to get the correct choke for your specific model. What are the differences in chokes? Shotgun chokes vary in length and thread pattern, using the incorrect choke can result in damage to your shotgun and the suppressor.  

Benefits of a Shotgun Suppressor 

Shooting a suppressed shotgun will protect your hearing, reduce felt recoil, and increase projectile velocity. Silencers work to bring the sound of a gunshot down to a hearing-safe level, while also reducing flash. Unique to shotgun silencers is the increase in velocity. Jake Kunsky of JK Armament Suppressors stated that in their testing “velocity increased 10-15% for most loads.” This means that you’ll be able to take down a turkey a little further away than usual, and your slugs will be more effective down range.  

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Shotgun Suppressor Review 

The quietest 12 gauge suppressors on the market currently are the SilencerCo Salvo 12 and the JK Armament 195 SGX 12 and 195 VersaX 12. All these models are modular, meaning they can change lengths to better suit the application, longer will be quieter, while shorter configurations save weight and make the firearm more maneuverable. The Salvo 12 can be arranged from 6” to 12” and weighs 21oz-34.5oz, it uses aluminum and stainless steel construction. The SGX 1212 is configurable from 3.75” to 11.75” and weighs 4.3oz-16oz. The VersaX 12 is a smaller version of the SGX 12 and can be arranged from 3.75” to 8” and 4.3oz-9.3oz. The JK Armament shotgun suppressors are made of high-strength aluminum. Each of these bring the suppressed shotgun sound down to a much more comfortable level, which will aid in protecting your hearing while also making the firearms easier to shoot.  

Can You Get a Silencer for a Shotgun? 

Silencer Shop makes suppressing your shotgun easier than ever. We offer the top brands and models to help get you the quietest shotgun possible. Using our system, filing an ATF eForm 4 for your next suppressor is simple. Our kiosk makes submitting your fingerprints and demographic information a breeze, and submitting your photo is as easy as snapping a selfie. Tap into our compliance check, Silencer Shop has 99.5% accuracy, for the best odds of getting your Form 4 approved the first time.