Pistol CategoryFollowing the first installment of our series, this segment focuses on another category of suppressors to provide insight for the question: Which pistol silencer do I need? With so many to choose from, finding which can fits your purpose might seem like a difficult task… Silencer Shop is here to guide you. Pistol Overview If wanting to join the silencer community, pistol cans are a great way to start shooting suppressed. Overall, this category offers a wide variety of units that consistently perform at a high level. Pistol silencers provide reduced sound (often more effective than ear protection) and recoil, virtually eliminate muzzle blast, make faster follow-up shots possible, increase accuracy, and create the perfect opportunity to introduce new shooters to handguns. Key Pistol Features A convenient take-apart design allows for most pistol models to be disassembled for cleaning, but if only shooting jacketed ammunition, regular maintenance is an unnecessary chore. That said, a word to the wise: If you plan to shoot unjacketed/cast or .22 rimfire ammo, focus on a silencer that is user-serviceable.  As the bare lead projectile travels through the barrel, the rifling will strip small pieces of that lead off.  These small lead “shavings” are trapped inside the suppressor and over time, will build up to a point where the suppressor is bogged down. With pistol cans, shooters often run smaller caliber bullets through a larger caliber suppressor. A prime example is a 9mm handgun—it works just fine with a .45 caliber silencer, as long as the correct adapters are utilized. Running a larger caliber unit is not as efficient or effective as using a silencer designed for the specific caliber being shot. That said, it will still offer a significant sound reduction in most cases. This is where the versatility of pistol suppressors shines through. Speaking of pistol silencer accessories, there are numerous options in this category, including pistons, boosters, fixed mounts, 3-lug mounts, UZI mounts, and more. Essentially, if you need a particular auxiliary item, we have you covered. In general, the pistol suppressors that we sell include a piston for mounting on a semi-automatic handgun, which is also part of the booster system that allows the weapon to cycle. The basic principle of the booster is to use the gas that comes out of the muzzle to push the suppressor forward on the piston/booster system.  This action removes the weight from the barrel and allows a tilt-lock barrel to cycle properly.  When deciding on your new can, note the thread pattern on your firearm and select a piston for the silencer that matches. If your firearm houses a fixed barrel (like a pistol caliber carbine), a recoil booster is not needed.  Again, most of the pistol silencers we carry include at least some kind of mount.  You should always double check what is included and if it will work with your system(s). Typically, an American made 9mm firearm will use a 1/2x28 thread, but pistols are rarely sold with a threaded barrel. In that case, adding a threaded barrel during checkout is a viable option that will make your new silencer feel right at home. One more note: Do NOT run rifle rounds through pistol caliber silencers unless the can is rated for that specific application. Popular Pistol SilencersAt the time of this blog post, about 40 pistol models are listed on our website. With a myriad of effective units available, there are several go-to cans in the pistol category. Below are some that have caught our ear:

Feel free to review and compare our complete lineup of pistol caliber cans. Each model holds its own attractive reasons why it should be your choice… Hopefully having a wealth of information at your fingertips helps narrow your search. (Again, knowledge is power.) Pistol Summation As with most decisions in life, there are many factors to consider when buying a silencer. Whether sound suppression, weight/length, rating, or price is most important to you, one of the silencers in our virtual vault will meet (and exceed) your needs. The possibilities with pistol suppressors are seemingly endless (even full-auto rated options), so we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your purchase. Happy quiet shooting!