Best Suppressor Accessories 

The best suppressor accessories include top-tier muzzle devices such as the SilencerCo ASR mounting devices, the Dead Air Keymo muzzle brakes, and the Surefire SOCOM muzzle accessories. These attachments have been customer favorites for years, providing solid mounting solutions for suppressors and performing great as muzzle accessories when shooting unsuppressed. Shooting suppressed is some of the most fun you can have at the range, and it will improve your hunts., and using the optimal mount makes using suppressors even better.

Must Have Suppressor Accessories 

There are several silencer accessories that can take your suppressor ownership to the next level.  Using the correct suppressor muzzle brake for mounting your new can, a good suppressor cover to save you and your gear from burns after time on the firing line, or the right tools to make adjustments to your setup can help you squeeze out more performance and optimize your suppressed rifle or pistol for your application.  

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Best Suppressor Muzzle Devices 

If you need the best muzzle device to mount your suppressor to a firearm, brands like Dead Air, SilencerCo, Surefire, OSS, and Q make the best suppressor mounts. These mounts are precision machined to secure your suppressor, while also providing concentricity and repeatability. Below are the top muzzle devices for mounting a suppressor to your rifle or pistol. 


SilencerCo ASR Flash Hider 

SilencerCo ASR has been a customer-favorite mounting solution for years, offering a robust locking system and taper alignment to ensure concentricity. The ASR Flash Hider uses a classic 3-prong design that nearly eliminates flash altogether when used without a silencer attached.  

Dead Air Keymo Muzzle Brake

Dead Air Keymo is one of the most popular mounting systems on the market, renowned for its secure lock-up and ease of use. The Dead Air suppressor accessories are incredibly effective silencer mounts due to their taper design and locking lugs. The Keymo Muzzle Brake is also one of the best muzzle brakes available, its 3 large ports vent gas to drastically cut down on recoil. 

Surefire SOCOM Muzzle Brake 

Surefire suppressor accessories are among the most popular silencer mounts on the market. Primarily designed as a mount for the Us Military contract-winning SOCOM RC2 lineup of suppressors the SOCOM Muzzle Brake uses a tapered shoulder and locking collar design. The 2-port muzzle brake also aids in making a “flatter” shooting rifle. 

Q Cherry Bomb  

The Q Cherry Bomb is an omnidirectional compensator that reduces both muzzle flash and recoil. The Cherry Bomb is easily installed with just a ½" wrench and does not require timing. Using a taper and thread to secure your suppressor, the Cherry Bomb is designed to have repeatable POI shift and ensure concentricity to avoid baffle strikes. 

OSS Muzzle Brake – QD 

The OSS Muzzle Brake QD pairs with the OSS and Huxwrx line of suppressors and is optimized to work with their Flow-Through Technology ™. The OSS Muzzle Brake features coarse threads and a precision machined taper to enhance alignment. The OSS Muzzle Brake disperses gases in multiple directions to virtually eliminate muzzle rise. Like all of the Huxwrx mounts, the OSS Muzzle Brake uses left-hand mounting threads, meaning it is impossible for the mount to get stuck inside of the suppressor, and it tightens itself onto the barrel when shooting and removal of your silencer. 

SilencerCo Piston 

Pistons and boosters are required for shooting pistols suppressed. The SilencerCo Piston allows you to easily mount a silencer to your handgun, just match up the correct caliber and thread pitch and thread it on. These pistons are designed to work with nearly any model handgun, offering a wide range of available thread pitches, and feature multiple lugs which can be adjusted to reduce POI shift. 

SilencerCo ASR Muzzle Brakes 

Using the same robust threads and locking collar as the ASR Flash Hider, the ASR Muzzle Brake offers the same dependable mounting solution for your suppressor but is also incredibly effective for reducing recoil when shooting unsuppressed. The ASR Muzzle Brake utilizes a multi-port design, allowing it to redirect gases and keep the muzzle of your rifle on target. 

OSS Flash Hider QD 

Similar to the OSS Muzzle Brake -QD, the Flash Hider – QD features the exact same thread and taper to ensure a solid mount, but also uses a closed tine architecture which is ideal for reducing muzzle flash. The OSS muzzle devices are brilliantly designed to eliminate using the wrong caliber in your suppressors, 7.62 muzzle devices cannot mount 5.56 suppressors, making it impossible to make a mistake on which caliber you’re shooting through your silencer. 

Dead Air Xeno Adaptor 

The Dead Air Xeno adapter is a lightweight solution for suppressor mounting. Utilizing left-handed threads and precision-milled tapers, these mounts provide a dependable interface to guarantee your suppressor is secure. Xeno mounts also do not require timing, making them quick and easy to install. 

YHM Kurz QD Adapter  

“Kurz” is the German word for “Short”, and the YHM Kurz QD Adapter is one of the smallest and lightest mounting systems on the market. The YHM Kurz muzzle device is a single port design and uses a coarse thread to tighten the suppressor onto a tapered shoulder, increasing accuracy and reliability.