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  • 22 rimfire silencers are a great launching point to start your NFA journey. 
  • Rimfire suppressors are incredibly quiet, and recoil is almost nonexistent. 
  • .22lr suppressors are usually less expensive than regular rifle or pistol suppressors. 
  • We have shared our favorite rimfire silencers in 5 different categories. 
  • Silencer Shop can help you get a new 22 silencer easier than ever. 

How to Choose the Best Rimfire Suppressor 

22lr suppressors are a great way to dip your toes into the world of NFA items. Rimfire suppressors are incredibly quiet, as close to “Hollywood quiet” as you can get, and they’re generally less expensive than their centerfire silencer counterparts. If you’re curious about how to choose the best suppressor for your centerfire guns, we've covered those considerations in a separate article. This blog will cover the intricacies of rimfire silencers and highlight some of our favorite .22lr suppressors for different use cases. 

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We usually look at four different categories when trying to determine the best 22 rimfire suppressor for your needs: value for money, sound suppression, ease of maintenance, and versatility between rifles and pistols. We will also share our customers' number one pick for the best all-around 22lr silencer. Let’s dive into our top .22 silencers for each of these attributes. 

Best 22 Suppressor for the Money 

The SilencerCo Warlock 22 is the best value 22 suppressor. You can get the Warlock 22 for slightly more than the cost of a tax stamp. In fact, you can get the Warlock, your tax stamp, and a Single Shot trust, for less than $500. A verified buyer said the Warlock 22 is Very good for the money. Super quiet and virtually silent with subsonic rounds.” We agree, the Warlock performs at a very high level for sound performance without breaking the bank. The Warlock is light on your wallet and light on your weapon, its aluminum construction makes it durable while only weighing 3oz.  


Quietest Rimfire Suppressor 

AB Suppressor’s Little Bird is the quietest 22 suppressor we have ever heard. On our bolt action 22lr host rifle, all we heard was the firing pin and the “ting!” of the steel down range. The AB Little Bird achieves this sound performance with its adjustable baffle system, which allows it to be tuned to any rifle or pistol in your collection. At 6.9 inches and under 3oz, the Little Bird delivers top-tier sound performance without weighing down your firearm. The AB Little Bird is made of 7075 aluminum giving it great strength, this silencer is rated for 22lr, 22magnum, and even 5.7x28. 


Best User Serviceable Suppressors 

User serviceability refers to the ability to be able to disassemble a silencer for cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning rimfire suppressors is important because cartridges like 22lr generate more carbon and lead build-up than jacketed centerfire ammunition. We have found some of the easiest silencers to clean are the SilencerCo Sparrow, AB Little Bird, and the JK Armament 105 VersaX / RFX 22 silencers.  

The Sparrow uses an internal clamshell tube design. This clamshell creates a barrier between the baffles and the outer tube, keeping the outer tube clean and allowing the baffle stack to slide out easily. The Sparrow was one of the first .22 silencers to focus on the ease of maintenance, and it is still one of the best user-serviceable suppressors today.  

The AB Little Bird features removable baffles that thread in and out of the main tube. This is very different than most other .22 suppressors and the design works incredibly well. All of the carbon build-up is pulled out of the silencer as the baffles are screwed out, the removal tool can even be chucked into a hand drill to make this process even faster and easier.  

The JK Armament suppressors feature baffles that thread together. When it's time to clean these modular suppressors, simply unscrew the baffles from each other and you can access the internals of the individual baffles and scrub them clean for your next range trip.  


Best Rimfire Suppressor for Rifles and Pistols 

The SilencerCo Switchback 22 2.0 is the best .22 suppressor for use on a variety of different guns. The Switchback 22 can be assembled in four different configurations, including orientations specifically for suppressed 22 handguns or rifles. You can set up the silencer for optimal sound suppression whether you're shooting a Ruger MKIV SSH or a suppressed 22lr rifle. Furthering the versatility, the Switchback can also suppress 5.7x28, thanks to its stainless steel and titanium build materials. If you need one silencer to work on all of your small-bore firearms, the Switchback 2.0 is an excellent option.  


Best 22 Suppressor Overall 

The Dead Air Mask has been a perennial favorite on our top 22lr silencer list. For the last 3 years customers have deemed the Mask to be the best overall 22lr suppressor, earning it 4.9 stars with nearly 500 verified reviews, “I have six 22 cans and this is my 'go to' can. Absolutely my favorite. No first round pop. Like all of the other reviews said - 'Hollywood quiet'. Easy to disassemble and clean.” one customer exclaimed. This high-performing silencer takes the best overall spot for its robust 17-4 stainless steel construction, ease of cleaning, and its innovative baffle design, which eliminates first-round pop. 



.22lr is the most common ammunition in America, and most gun owners have a rimfire pistol or rifle in their safe. These firearms make excellent silencer hosts, upgrade your favorite .22 plinker with a silencer! .22lr silencers sound incredible, are affordable, and are easy to get when you shop with Silencer Shop. Check out our recommendations above or connect with us on the phone (512-931-4556), via online chat, or on our social media channels to find the perfect suppressor for you and learn more about how we can make getting your next suppressor a breeze.