556 Rifle CategoryNext in our series discussing the diverse categories of silencers is the extensive 5.56mm rifle group. With such a wide array of 5.56mm rifle suppressors to choose from, there are several highly-effective options on the market. To help you research and select your next 5.56 can, Silencer Shop is at your disposal.

5.56mm Rifle Overview

Before jumping in feet-first, the best approach is to decide which silencer characteristics are the most important to you, such as: length, weight, sound suppression, attachment method, and price. Generally, rifle suppressors weigh more than pistol/rimfire cans due to the thicker and stronger build materials often used to enhance their durability. With our vast inventory of rifle models, finding one (or more) to fit your preferences is just a few mouse clicks away.

Key 5.56mm Rifle Features

Keep in mind that 99% of the 5.56mm or .223 ammo out there is going to be supersonic - right out of the box. The use of subsonic (below the speed of sound) ammo makes the can perform more effectively than the use of supersonic (faster than the speed of sound) ammo but terminal ballistics can be drastically effected.  When a bullet breaks the sound barrier, a miniature sonic “boom/crack” is created, which is audible. Because silencers cannot reduce this sound, 5.56 hosts will almost always be subjected to the supersonic crack.  The way we explain shooting supersonic 5.56 through a suppressor to people, is that it will always sound like a gunshot, but one that is very far away. Moreover, quick-attach (commonly called QD) 5.56mm rifle units are a popular choice for avid shooters because they usually contain a locking mechanism, which ensures the silencer from coming unscrewed from its host firearm. The flash hider or muzzle break that the silencer attaches to often acts as an adapter. This perk allows you to utilize the same silencer on various guns with different thread pitches, as fastening the needed quick-attach muzzle device onto the barrels permits the suppressor to fit multiple host firearms easily.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a trusty old direct thread either. Each 5.56 unit handles .223, .222 Rem, and 220 Swift… and while .22LR will fit down the bore, we strongly advise against it because rifle silencers are not user-serviceable and are designed for jacketed ammo. (Just a friendly heads-up.)

Popular 5.56mm Rifle Silencers

Nearly 50 effective 5.56 rifle units are available on our website, and each undoubtedly guarantees a quiet and effective shooting experience. Some of the cans that we have enjoyed shooting include:

However, there is a full list of 5.56 silencers that will assuredly meet your purpose, so be sure to check out each model. To that point, comparing suppressors is a helpful way to hone in on your ideal unit, and utilizing the compare feature while browsing is definitely a beneficial step.

5.56mm Rifle Summation

Rifle suppressors are efficient sound reduction tools that greatly benefit high-volume shooters. With about 50 different cans shown on our website, deciding which is best for your situation might seem a bit overwhelming. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff is here to answer any questions about your silencer purchase. Whether compactness, mount style, or full-auto rated designation is the most important factor of your new 5.56mm rifle suppressor, Silencer Shop is here to help.