The next stop on our silencer category breakdown is a change from the norm. One of the smaller categories of suppressors in our inventory, the shotgun and specialty class brings a variety of units to outdoorsmen wanting to shoot their favorite guns without the need for ear protection. With less than 20 cans in this classification, this group is somewhat of a niche category that lends itself to a particular following of firearm enthusiasts. Specialty Category

Specialty Category Overview

Being a concise assemblage, the shotgun and specialty collection runs the gamut of the cans that don't fit the mold of any of our other categories.  Including options for integral units (barrels or entire firearms), dedicated submachine gun models, and specially designed silencers for specific host firearms, the specialty category is definitely worth checking out periodically. Basically, if you own a weapon that does not fall under any of the other main categories, this is your go-to suppressor spot.  You will often times find limited editions, or hard to find items in this category.  

Key Specialty Category Features

Whether used for hunting, home defense, or skeet purposes, these suppressors are beneficial in helping to preserve your hearing. After all, that is the primary goal of silencers. For avid hunters, the ability to minimize sound is paramount in concealing your location from game, as well as improving communications with fellow shooters in close proximity. And for specialty purposes (e.g., UZI), rapid fire noise is problematic for everyone involved. This category covers all specific suppression bases, including integral components that effectively subdue decibel levels while shooting your .22 LR.  

Popular Specialty Category Silencers

Holding a wide variety under its umbrella, the shotgun and specialty silencers class offers many quiet and efficient cans. Some of the more impressive units/packages that we enjoy shooting are: With a succinct but effective inventory of shotgun and specialty silencers, we invite you to explore all options in the category. If looking for a can outside the usual parameters, this is your best bet to find one for your purpose. We even have several full-auto rated models at your disposal.  

Specialty Category Summation

The perception of this category is somewhat of a novelty grouping, but it definitely fills a need in the can industry. For those firearm enthusiasts who prefer to take the path less traveled, this classification is ideal. To that point, this division will continue to grow as silencer manufacturers expand their catalogs, so be sure to follow its progression on our website. As always, Silencer Shop is eager to help you make the most informed shotgun and specialty suppressor purchase possible, so feel free to contact us anytime. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions that you might have. Happy pew-pewing.