What is S.I.D?

With the unveiling of our cutting-edge Secure Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk, we at Silencer Shop strove to bring suppressor fans some exciting news in light of the recent ATF 41F change. Developed for your convenience and out of the realization that this technology provides a great opportunity to streamline the painstaking suppressor ownership process, we are thrilled to offer this progressive option to the firearms market. After you’ve selected and purchased your awesome new silencer on our website, visiting your nearest S.I.D. Kiosk will ensure that your transaction is completed as efficiently as possible and that your required registration information is in order. A true win-win situation for all parties involved.

Kiosk Locations

After much research and countless communications, we zeroed-in on 300 nationwide Powered By Silencer Shop dealers to house the initial rollout of kiosks (with more sites to come in the near future). Just as an icon designates Powered By dealers during the “Select Your Pickup Location” portion of your purchase, an accompanying fingerprints icon will note the closest kiosk location to your state/zip code. If you prefer, utilize the Class 3 Finder or our Kiosk Dealer List for alternate searching avenues.

Kiosk Benefits

In addition to simplifying the ownership aspect of suppressors, these kiosks offer the convenience of a one-and-done registration process. By utilizing this software, you’ll never need to provide fingerprints again because the unit immediately saves all of your information! (This applies to each trustee, as well.) To that end, swiping your driver’s license during subsequent visits will instantly recall your registration data, which will immediately autofill the screen. Plus, since the kiosk procedure is free (though, some dealers might charge a small fee), your wallet will rejoice. That means more money for ice-cream (and ammunition)!

Kiosk Steps

Once you arrive at your preferred dealer, please follow the below S.I.D. Kiosk steps to finish the process:

  1. Locate kiosk within designated dealer’s storefront
  2. Tap touchscreen to begin process (select preferred account log-in option)
  3. Scan your assigned Quick Response (QR) code
  4. Follow onscreen prompts/instructions
  5. Submit fingerprints for upload (left four fingers; left thumb; right thumb; right four fingers)
  6. Supply signature with finger
  7. Provide registration information
  8. Answer questionnaire
  9. Choose registration method (e.g., trust, corporation, or individual)
  10. Download mobile app for photo
  11. Complete process
  12. Check text messages/emails for account links and alerts
  13. Treat yourself to ice-cream (and ammunition)

If you happen to have any questions during your S.I.D. Kiosk experience, please contact us.

Happy kiosking, and we appreciate you supporting this technology!

What Does This Service Cost? 

If you selected a Powered By Silencer Shop dealer with a kisok at their location at checkout, you may register at that location for FREE.  If however, you did not select a Kiosk location or you have Responsible Persons that will be using a Kiosk at a different location, you may be charged up to $40 to use the Kiosk.  That price is set by the local dealer but should NOT exceed $40.  We highly recomend contacting the kiosk dealers in your area beforehand if you would like to "shop around" for the best price.  $40 is not a number that we made up either, it is - what we found to be - the national average for manual fingerprinting services.