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Silencer Shop & SilencerCo SPEQ Pricing

Silencer Shop, the largest NFA distributor in the US, supports military, first responders and law enforcement, and proudly participates in a special suppressor discount program: SIlencerCo SPEQ. SilencerCo is an innovative suppressor manufacturer that earned numerous 5-star customer ratings and multiple entries in our “Best Suppressors” lists. We’d be glad to work with you for a military discount for your firearms needs. Founded in 2010 in Texas and with over 4,000 dealers nationwide, Silencer Shop is the exclusive nationwide distributor for the SilencerCo SPEQ program.

What is SilencerCo SPEQ Pricing?

SilencerCo SPEQ is a discount program created for those who served our nation. We appreciate you reaching out to ask: does Silencer Shop offer a military discount? Yes, Silencer Shop thanks you for your service and has partnered with SilencerCo to offer a military and law enforcement discount on suppressors via SPEQ. If you are looking for a durable 5.56 suppressor, a lightweight pistol can, or a compact rimfire silencer, you’ll find a variety of SilencerCo’s options at Silencer Shop.

You may qualify for SPEQ pricing if you are:

  • Law Enforcement (Active or retired with credentials)
  • Military (Active, reserve, retired, disabled veterans with medically retired ID, or anyone with a
  • DD 214 that was honorably discharged)
  • Federal Flight Deck Officer (with credentials)
  • Fire Rescue / EMT (with credentials/license)
  • Private Security (Armed private security only)
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Silencer Shop is here for you, and with a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Google, we treat our customers as family. The easiest way to get a silencer is with Silencer Shop's simple six-step process and we’re especially proud to be a resource for servicemen and servicewomen with the SilencerCo military discount.

Getting a SilencerCo suppressor with a military, law enforcement or first responder discount is easy. Just locate a SilencerCo SPEQ dealer through SilencerCo's dealer locator website, enter your address, select the location of your choice. When you contact the local gun shop, ask them to confirm they are Powered by Silencer Shop. Please note that you must contact the dealer to place an order through the SPEQ program and not directly through Silencer Shop

Then, you’ll be on your way to shooting suppressed and we look forward to working with you on a simple ATF submission process.

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Best SilencerCo Products, Powered By Silencer Shop

Hailing from West Valley City, Utah, SilencerCo has been an innovator in the firearms industry since its inception in 2008. You may want to consider these legendary suppressors for your military discount silencer:

SilencerCo Hybrid 46M

The SilencerCo Hybrid 46M was featured on the Top 5 Best Multi Cal Suppressors of 2022 list, utilizing a modular design and a large .46 caliber bore, this suppressor is designed to work on nearly any firearm in your arsenal.

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Credit: @silencerco

SilencerCo Omega 36M

Taking the top spot on the Top 5 Best Multi Cal Suppressors of 2022 list, SilencerCo’s Omega 36M can be adapted to handguns and rifles and has durability for your highest pressure rounds like .338 Lapua.

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SilencerCo Omega 9K

The Omega 9K from SilencerCo was one of 2022’s Best 9mm Suppressors. The Omega 9K is full-auto-rated for 9mm and 300BLK, it is built to handle rigorous firing schedules while maintaining a lightweight and maneuverable size.

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SilencerCo Sparrow 22

The Sparrow 22 is a perennial favorite and was featured on this year’s Top 22LR Suppressors list. The Sparrow’s stainless steel construction and monocore design make it durable enough to suppress 5.7x28mm but weighs just 6.5oz.

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Silencer Shop supports the right to bear arms and appreciates the men and women who bravely serve our nation. Thank you for considering us for your firearms needs and we look forward to working with you for the SilencerCo SPEQ program: just click here to get started

Thank you for your service.