nfa storage requirements for suppressorsnfa storage requirements for suppressors

In previous posts, we've discussed moving with suppressors, or any other NFA item, as well as traveling temporarily with them. Now, we'll dig into NFA storage requirements and best practices while you're away and you have to leave it behind.

Trusts — the easiest way

If you own your suppressor under an NFA gun trust or a Single Shot Trust from Silencer Shop, you can easily have another responsible party hold on to your suppressor while you're traveling or deployed.

If there's no one else on your trust, you can easily have a responsible person added to your trust so that they're able to store it for you. For instance, if you're stationed in a state in which silencers are illegal (looking at you, California), adding a friend in your old state to your trust could be an easy solution.

Adding someone to your trust, whether you’re using the Silencer Shop NFA Gun Trust or the Single Shot Trust, is really simple! We wrote a blog post detailing how to add responsible parties to your gun trust.

No trust — no problem

If you don't own your suppressor through a trust, however, the ATF’s website states that “NFA firearms may be left in a safe deposit box in their former state of residence.” The ATF also allows for an easier option: you can lock the suppressor in a room, safe, or a container at a friend/relative's residence as long as you are the sole person possessing a key. Just be sure to leave your helpful friend/relative with copies of the suppressor's registration form and a letter from you authorizing storage at that location.


There are no big surprises here for responsible firearms owners, who are accustomed to safe NFA storage requirements and practices. If ever in doubt, it's always a good idea to call the ATF and speak with someone to clarify any questions you may have. You can reach them at: 304-616-4500 or email