Silencer Shop Mobile App

Now that our Silencer Shop Kiosk units are becoming accessible across the country, we feel it’s divine intervention that our Silencer Shop mobile app is now ready for use, too. (Thank you, suppressor gods!) With this initial version being photo-centric, several other exciting and useful features are coming. So, just a heads-up… There’s much more to this technology than a “selfie.” Patience, young grasshopper. 

ATF Photo Taker

For many silencer enthusiasts, the all-important photo aspect of the suppressor registration process involves driving several miles to the nearest pharmacy or post office for a picture that meets ATF requirements. Traffic, inclement weather, faulty equipment, and long lines merely add to the inconvenience of this step. Thankfully, those days are over! 

By downloading our new mobile app, you become your photographer. After all, the most convenient ATF-compliant photo is the one you take yourself.

  • Download our Silencer Shop app to your smartphone—available at Google Play and the Apple App Store
  • Snap your passport-style pic, which we can print directly onto your Form 4. 

Silencer Shop Kiosk Locator

Furthering the convenience, you can also find the nearest Silencer Shop Kiosk via the Silencer Shop app or on this web page. With thousands of Powered By Silencer Shop dealers participating in the kiosk rollout, pinpointing the closest location to you and all responsible persons on your trust is a significant plus. This perk allows you and potential trustees to save time (and gas money) throughout your suppressor purchases.

Info Consolidator

But, wait, there’s more!

After becoming a registered user, the Silencer Shop mobile app also allows you to review your personal information as needed. This attribute includes viewing any changes/updates that we make to your paperwork, so you have real-time visibility to your profile’s accuracy.

Along those same lines, our app will soon offer you the ability to track your existing orders and provides a paperless record of your approvals. No more drudging around your paperwork! 


Our Silencer Shop mobile app is here to help streamline your suppressor transactions with an emphasis on convenience. You shouldn't have to get your passport photo taken at a pharmacy when you have a camera in your pocket in this day and age.

Silencer Shop has made this step as easy as login, aim, and click! You should note that you will need a website account to log into the app. If you don't already have one, it is super easy to set up on our Registration Page.

With future versions sporting new and helpful features, be on the lookout for the most recent unveiling of this ground-breaking application!