There are a ton of incredible suppressor manufacturers creating durable, versatile, and quiet suppressors for any firearm setup imaginable. As the industry continues to grow, the technology behind suppressors keeps improving. We've come a long way since the early 1900’s. 


At Silencer Shop, we pride ourselves not only on our expertise in the field but also on the invaluable insights gained from tens of thousands of customer reviews. This blog post will guide you through the best suppressor companies in the industry, helping you make an informed decision when purchasing your next suppressor.  


Now, let's dive into our list of the top suppressor manufacturers list of 2024. You may be familiar with these brands already (heck, maybe you already own an item made by someone on this list), but we're going to cover a bit of the history and unique advantages behind each operation. 


We’re going to go over the top companies in the industry, and then we’ll go over some info that should help you choose the right suppressor to meet your individual needs.   


Without further ado, here, in no particular order, are the top eight suppressor companies: 


Best Silencer Manufacturers of 2024 

Best Suppressor Manufacturers

Combat Application Technologies (C.A.T)

Combat Application Technologies, or CAT Suppressors, burst onto the scene at the beginning of the year and made a huge splash in the industry. They came out swinging with high-performance purpose-built suppressors designed to maximize efficiency for specific cartridges, the result are suppressors that have minimal disturbance to the weapon system but have huge benefits to the shooter. 

While other companies build suppressors designed to work on multiple calibers, CAT meticulously builds weapon systems — analyzing pressure curves and combustion characteristics, then using machine learning, advanced CAD modeling, and laser powder bed fusion 3D printing they create silencers engineered to suppress those characteristics. 

If you think this level of technology and engineering sounds like something from a science fiction movie, you might be correct. CAT calls their machine learning and design system “SkyNET” but instead of building T-1000's they’re producing incredibly high performing suppressors. 

Most of the Combat Application Technologies silencers are available in a few different options to best suit your needs. You can choose from high strength Inconel or lightweight titanium, depending on your firing schedule and how hard you run your guns. You can also choose between mounting systems; either HUB mount for maximum versatility, or the built in QD system called TSF X / Spooky. The Spooky QD mount uses a left-handed thread and taper to ensure rock solid lock up and great repeatability but makes getting your silencer stuck nearly impossible.  

Dead Air Suppressors 

Dead Air products are incredibly versatile, thanks in large part to KeyMo, KeyMicro, and Xeno quick detach adapters which allow you to adapt nearly any silencer to excellent QD systems. The company also offers lots of options to customize their silencers, including interchangeable end caps and accessories.  


Dead Air silencers are also reliably durable — most are constructed of hard-use materials like stellite, steel, and titanium baffles. 


Mike Pappas and Todd Magee might be two names you recognize because of their great work in this industry. Dead Air was founded in 2014 and quickly became an industry giant. Mike and Todd's designs and innovations have resulted in very high-performing silencers that have been customer favorites for a decade now. 


Dead Air has great options for nearly any need — most notably, their popular Nomad and Sandman lines. And if you made us choose, we’d say the Dead Air Nomad, Dead Air Sandman-S, and Dead Air Mask 22 HD are suppressors you definitely want to check out. 


Their ultra-lightweight titanium models make great additions to hunting and precision rifle suppressors, allowing today’s outdoorsmen and women to be much safer on the hunt or at the range. 

HUXWRX Suppressors 

Why has HUXWRX, formerly known as OSS Suppressors, won so many military and law enforcement suppressor contracts since its founding in 2010? Because their suppressors boast incredibly durable construction paired with back pressure reduction. 


HUXWRX is renowned for its patented Flow-Through technology. This unique design minimizes back pressure and reduces gas blowback. Reduced blowback has several benefits, including cleaner running rifles, more reliable weapon systems, and reduced recoil; they manage to do all that without sacrificing top-notch sound suppression at the ear.  


The Flow-Through technology used in Huxwrx suppressors allows for more efficient gas management, and reduces blowback substantially. This makes them an excellent choice for use on semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms, where gas blowback can be a significant issue. In fact, adding a HUXWRX suppressor to your AR15 has a minimal impact on bolt speed, meaning they work reliably without any sort of tuning or tinkering.  


HUXWRX suppressors really offer that perfect balance between reduced blowback, reduced point of impact shift, and increased sound suppression, and customers have taken notice. These have quickly become fan-favorite silencers thanks to all of the benefits they offer to shooters.  


While blazing the trail for low backpressure designs, HUXWRX also made left hand threaded mounting systems popular. the HX-QD mount aligns on a taper and features a left hand thread to secure your silencer. That thread opposes the right hand threads on our firearms barrel, which keeps the muzzle device secure. The silencers also self-tighten onto the mounts, so there is nearly no chance of a HUXWRX suppressor coming loose, even during rapid fire. 

For a few examples of Huxwrx’s incredible craftsmanship, take a look at the Huxwrx Flow, or Huxwrx Ventum series of suppressors.  

Q Suppressors 

Q, founded by industry veteran Kevin Brittingham, has quickly made a name for itself with innovative and lightweight suppressors. Q's suppressors are known for their lightweight, accuracy, and sound performance. Their unique approach and cutting-edge technology make Q a standout brand in the suppressor industry. 


They also drive innovation. The team at Q is responsible for developing ground-breaking cartridges like 300BLK and 8.6BLK, firearms like the Honey Badger and Fix, and for popularizing taper style mounting devices.  


Q's commitment to innovation and user-friendly designs ensures that their suppressors are both effective and easy to use. Their unique approach to suppressor design has quickly earned them a loyal following from everyone who wants to shoot quietly.  


Q’s products are characterized by their minimalist aesthetics and high functionality. Their focus on simplifying the user experience, from installation to maintenance, makes Q a favorite among those who appreciate straightforward, reliable gear — with above average swag to accompany the performance. 


The Q Trash Panda, Q Thunder Chicken, and Q Erector are stellar examples of the company’s innovation and quality. 

Rugged Suppressors 

Michael Derdziak and Henry Graham have been in the suppressor business since long before they founded their company in 2014.  


Their names may ring a bell because of all they’ve done for this industry, including Rugged Suppressors. And the name "Rugged" fits — these suppressors are known for their accuracy, reliability, and ridiculous durability. 


A unique feature of many items on the Rugged Suppressors line is their belt fed rating, most of the Rugged lineup is so durable they can withstand the abuse of hundreds of rounds being fired from machine guns. The other great feature of these silencers is the Dual Taper Locking System, which ensures that the suppressor is locked in to avoid any troublesome backing off. This purpose-built mount is ideal for helping the suppressor withstand the forces of heavy recoil and keep it from coming unscrewed from even the hard use rifles.  


Again, breaking this down into just a few examples is so difficult, but we’re going to do it. The Rugged Oculus, Rugged Obsidian, and Rugged Alaskan are just a few you should definitely check out. They have something for your big bore bear gun, all the way down to rimfire pistols.  

SilencerCo Suppressors

SilencerCo makes 'em, Silencer Shop sells 'em — a match made in heaven.  


Since 2008, founders Jonathon Shults and Josh Waldren, along with the rest of the good folks at SiCo have done an incredible job of building the company into one of the most highly respected, successful companies in the industry. 


The SilencerCo line covers the gamut for nearly any use or host firearm. The company has fine-tuned its lineup to truly be a powerhouse, with options like its multi-caliber silencers or its innovative shotgun Salvo 12 suppressor to just barely scratch the surface of all it offers.  


SilencerCo also offers a full line of top-notch accessories and muzzle devices to go with their high-quality suppressors so you can customize your setup according to your needs, they even pinoeered the now ubiquitous HUB (Bravo) 1.375x24 Mounting thread. Everything SilencerCo makes is precision machined and designed to offer awesome sound reduction. 


With how many suppressors SilencerCo has made, narrowing it down to 3 is so difficult! The SilencerCo Omega 36M, SilencerCo Sparrow, and SilencerCo Velos LBP are just a few of the company’s best silencers. Many of these modular designs can work with multiple-diameter bores and are some of the most popular on the market right now.  

Surefire Suppressors 

Surefire is a well-established name in the tactical community, known for its high-quality flashlights and suppressors. Surefire's suppressors are extensively used by military and law enforcement agencies, and their commitment to precision and durability sets them apart. 


Surefire’s attention to user needs and operational requirements ensures that its products not only meet but often exceed the expectations of shooters. Their robust construction is designed to withstand the rigors of harsh environments and heavy use, making them a reliable choice for those who need a suppressor they can trust in any situation. 


These are suppressors that you’ll find attached to military and police rifles quite frequently — If you’re looking for a clone-correct GWOT silencer, it’s most likely a Surefire. 


Beyond their technical specifications, Surefire suppressors are known for their ease of use and maintenance. Their fast-attach mounting system allows for quick and secure attachment and detachment, which is crucial in tactical situations. This repeatable connection also helps keep your whole setup accurate and deliver the precision you’ve come to expect.   


For some of our favorite Surefire suppressors, check out the company’s SOCOM line, particularly the Surefire SOCOM556-RC2, Surefire SOCOM556-RC3, and Surefire SOCOM 556 Mini 2. 

Yankee Hill Machine 

Yankee Hill Machine, commonly known as YHM, has a long history of manufacturing high-quality firearm accessories and suppressors at affordable prices. YHM's commitment to quality machining and innovative designs ensures their suppressors offer excellent value for money. Their robust construction and user-friendly features make YHM a trusted name in the industry. 


YHM's suppressors are designed to offer high performance at a reasonable price, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious shooters who do not want to compromise on quality. 


Yankee Hill is also known for its versatility, offering suppressors that cater to a wide range of calibers and firearms. YHM’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation is evident in its product lineup, which regularly features updates and new models that incorporate user feedback and the latest advancements in suppressor technology.  


Some of our favorite suppressors that YMH sells are the YHM Resonator R2, YHM Turbo T3, and YHM R9. 

What to Look For In a Suppressor Brand

When choosing a suppressor brand, there are a few things to keep in mind:  

Quality of Machining 

The quality of machining is a crucial factor in the performance and longevity of a suppressor. Brands that invest in high-precision manufacturing processes and use durable materials tend to produce suppressors that offer better suppression and withstand rigorous use. Silencer Shop puts every brand we carry through testing and evaluation to ensure that customers get quality, reliable products. 


Multi-Cal vs Single 

Suppressors are available in multi-caliber and single-caliber configurations 


Multi-caliber suppressors offer versatility, allowing you to use the same suppressor on different firearms. Single-caliber suppressors, on the other hand, are optimized for specific calibers and may offer better suppression for those particular rounds.  


Consider your shooting needs and choose a brand that offers the right balance of versatility and performance. 


That's a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this year's ranking of top suppressor manufacturers — it could serve as a helpful launching point for a search.  


If you have any questions about which brands might be best suited to your particular host firearms and intended uses, reach out to us in the live chat box! Our expert customer service team would be happy to assist you! 


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