best AR 15 and best AR 15 suppressorsbest AR 15 and best AR 15 suppressors
  • Find Your Suppressed Match: Uncover the top AR 15 picks that pair flawlessly with suppressors for a better shooting experience.
  • Bang for your Buck: Learn how you can own a quality AR 15 without emptying your wallet and how to get the best rifle on any budget.
  • Brand Breakdown: Dive into the best AR 15 brands across the spectrum, from high-end heroes to entry-level excellence.
  • Caliber Counts: Explore the most reliable AR 15 calibers to suit your shooting needs, whether at the range or in the woods.
  • Silence is Golden: Experience the advantages of shooting with a suppressor – from protecting your ears to enhancing your aim and having a good time.

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Best AR 15 for Suppression 

The AR-15 is the iconic American rifle celebrated for its versatility and adaptability across various styles of shooting.


When it comes to enhancing your shooting experience, suppressing your AR15 is one of the biggest upgrades you can make. Shooting suppressed will significantly:

  • Reduce Noise
  • Recoil
  • Muzzle Blast


All to keep your ears safe and make you more accurate.


Whether you're a seasoned marksman or just picked up your first rifle, knowing the best AR 15 and how to suppress it effectively will dramatically elevate your range trips.

AR15 Silencer AR15 Silencer

Why Shoot an AR-15 Suppressed?

Shooting your AR15 with a suppressor is a game-changer. The most significant benefit, and the reason you're probably interested in shooting your AR15 suppressed, is the sound reduction.


Hearing damage is no joke, and Tinnitus lasts forever, so protecting your ears from the sound of a gunshot is paramount. A silencer allows you to drastically reduce the decibels from firing your AR and significantly reduce the risk of hearing damage.


Aside from keeping you safer, silencers also improve your accuracy (and I need any advantage I can get). Suppressors work wonders at reducing recoil, or "kick," so your AR15 will shoot smoother and stay on target more easily. You'd be amazed at how much better you shoot with a silencer compared to a bare muzzle.


Suppressed ARs also have less muzzle flash. If you're doing any kind of low-light shooting, like predator hunting or hog hunting, this is a huge advantage. A silencer will reduce flash even better than most flash hiders, which helps your natural night vision in the dark. And, if you're lucky enough to shoot with night vision goggles, silencers are a must!


Muzzle flash can easily auto-gate your NODs (Night Observation Devices), but a suppressor will allow them to operate perfectly without causing you to lose vision every time you shoot your rifle.


While protecting your ears and having improved performance from your AR15 is great, one of the best parts of shooting suppressed is just how much fun it is. Shooting a suppressed AR puts a smile on our face with every trigger pull. When you hear the "pew" instead of a loud "BANG!" It's hard not to crack a smile.

Cost of AR-15

One of the reasons that the AR-15 platform has become so popular in America is due to its cost; you can find a high-quality gun without having to empty your wallet.


One of the most common questions we're asked is, how much is AR15? A quality AR15 from a reputable manufacturer can be as inexpensive as $450. A capable rifle, ready for suppression, for less than a Glock is tough to beat.


Like most things, AR-15 rifles have a spectrum of costs. You can spend as much as you want on a rifle, with some manufacturers using more high-end or custom parts to set their rifles apart from the others. No matter what you're willing to spend, you can find a well-equipped AR-15; just make sure to leave room in your budget for a silencer! 

Best AR15 Brands

The AR15 is America's rifle, and tens of millions are sold every year. To keep pace with that demand, many manufacturers are also building these guns.


Modern AR builders are all good, for the most part, unlike the AR market of 10-15 years ago.


There are dozens of quality AR 15 makers, but the AR 15 brands that we have the most experience with and are confident in recommending to our customers include:

Best AR15 Brands

High End
  • Daniel Defense
  • Q
  • Noveske
  • Sons of Liberty Gun Works
Mid Tier
  • CMMG
  • Aero Precision
  • Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM)
Entry Level
  • Smith and Wesson
  • Palmetto State Armory
  • Yankee Hill Machine (YHM)

Honorable Mention*

  • Sig Sauer

*The Sig MCX series of rifles are not technically AR15s but do share many similarities. While they stray from Stoner's original design, they are still incredibly well-made and reliable rifles and should be considered if you're shopping for an AR15-type rifle.

best ar15 rifle best ar15 rifle


Best AR15

Best AR15

The beauty of the AR 15 is how simple it is to customize and how much adjustment the platform has to fit every unique shooter perfectly. There are a ton of awesome rifles ready to shoot out of the box. Some of our favorite ARs include:


Custom Daniel Defense SBR

Daniel Defense makes some of the best rifles and short barrel rifles (SBRs) in the world, and Silencer Shop makes them easier than ever to get. With our SBR Builder, you can pick out your favorite DD upper, available in different barrel lengths and calibers, and match it with your choice of completed lower. Then, we'll help you out with Form 1 to get you shooting a brand new custom SBR faster and easier than ever.

These Daniel Defense rifles include super accurate cold hammer forged barrels, reliable MPI-test bolt carrier groups, and crisp triggers standard. DD has a reputation for having incredibly high-quality rifles that excel in reliability, and we agree that these guns are tough to beat.


Q Sugar Weasel

While the Honey Badger is not precisely an AR15, the Q Sugar Weasel follows the path of the Armalite Rifle (that's the AR in AR15). The Sugar Weasel gets the same Q love as its sibling, featuring incredibly consistent barrels in both 5.56 and 300BLK. The 16" Sugar Weasel also comes standard with "Literally the Best Trigger Ever Made" Q's glass-like single-stage trigger. If you want a lightweight AR 15, this one is at the top of the list.


CMMG Banshee

The CMMG Banshee is available in a variety of calibers, from .22LR to 300BLK and everything in between. CCMG has top-tier quality control and uses high-grade parts to ensure their rifles are reliable and have awesome fit and finish. Grab a Banshee in your preferred caliber, pick one of the great color choices, and hit the range—it won't let you down! 


While it might seem like a cop-out answer, the best AR-15 is the one that you've built to be perfect for you and your specific use case. You can set up an AR15 to be exactly how you want it and squeeze out extra performance when shooting suppressed with just a few little tweaks, which are easy to do.

Best AR 15 Under $1000

As we mentioned earlier, there is an AR15 for every budget. You want a reliable, safe rifle that also uses good-quality parts, primarily the barrel and bolt carrier group (BCG). The beauty of the AR15 is that you can buy an entry-level rifle and slowly upgrade it over time until you've built a high-end custom rifle that's perfect for you. For that task, we recommend the Palmetto State Armory PA-15.


You can pick up a PA-15 fairly regularly for under $500, but don't let that price fool you—these rifles are excellent. They use 4150V Chrome Moly Vanadium barrels, shot-peened and properly staked BCGs, and MLOK handguards. The best part is that these guns leave a lot of room in the budget for accessories, like suppressors, to get the most out of our new AR15.

Best AR15 Compatible Suppressors

If you have an AR15 and want to make the best upgrade possible -- add a suppressor.


We offer all the top brands and models of AR15-compatible suppressors and can help you narrow down which would be ideal for your rifle. The AR15 is traditionally chambered in 5.56/.223, but 30-caliber options like 300BLK are becoming common. Make sure to choose a silencer compatible with the cartridge you're shooting. 


NOTE: You can shoot 5.56/.223 through a 30cal silencer, but you cannot shoot 300BLK in a 5.56 silencer, due to the size of the bullet.


5.56 AR15 Suppressors

30 Cal AR15 Suppressors

What is the Most Reliable AR-15 Caliber?

The AR15 was designed and built around the 5.56 NATO cartridge, and the 5.56 NATO / .223 Remington remains the most common caliber for the AR15. Recently, a couple of new calibers (listed below) have proven themselves to be excellent options for the AR15 platform too:

  • 56 NATO / .223 Remington
  • 300 BLACKOUT
  • 6mm ARC


5.56 NATO / .223 Remington

The tried-and-true option is still the king of reliability in the AR15 and is the most common chambering for the rifle. 5.56 is a great intermediate cartridge; it has an effective range out to hundreds of yards in most common barrel lengths of AR15, and the ammo is affordable and plentiful. 5.56 ARs are very capable at most tasks and have earned their spot at the top.



Developed by AAC to replace 9mm carbines, the 300BLK cartridge is a marvel of modern ballistics. It uses a .223 case, chopped down and resized to fit a .308 bullet, allowing it to feed and function properly in a standard AR15 receiver and with standard magazines; all that is required is a barrel change. The 300BLK is very effective and comes in supersonic and subsonic rounds. It was purpose-built for suppressors; subsonic 300BLK paired with a silencer is as quiet as you can get with a centerfire rifle.


6mm ARC

The newest on the scene is the 6ARC, the Advanced Rifle Cartridge developed by Hornady. The goal of the 6ARC was to extend the range of the AR15 without increasing size or weight, and it accomplished that mission. 6ARC rifles can easily reach 1,000 yards but retain a small form factor and stay maneuverable. The cartridge has gained so much popularity that silencer makers have noticed and are starting to develop suppressors specifically for the 6mm rifle. If you want to shoot long-range with your AR15, 6ARC is the way to go.


Picking the perfect AR 15 for a quiet time at the range isn't rocket science— it's all about matching your needs with the right tool for the job.


We've walked through the best AR15 brands and models, from the top-tier to the best value and the trusty calibers that won't let you down.


Adding a silencer to your AR15 will help protect your hearing, and it's also just a great time at the range. So, go ahead and choose your favorite suppressed AR 15 and hit the range!