Once you get into the working world of any industry, there’s a distinct shift that happens. The details of any field yield this new language that you initially need a working dictionary to translate. It’s not necessarily that the word is a difficult one to define or translate, but in a specific industry, that particular word might mean more than what meets the eye, or have a multi-faceted definition that might need to be broken down. One word that’s been thrown around that we feel needs a little more explanation is modular.

What exactly is a modular silencer?

For a long time, silencers were created as one tube with baffles in it, and for the most part a lot still are. And nothing is wrong with that technology. There’s a reason silencers were initially created this way and still serve as a foundation to the technological advancements being made now. But there are more options than just welding an end cap to a tube of baffles. That’s where modularity comes in to play.

Go Configure

Modular silencers can be separated into two categories that we’re going to explore: configurable size and configurable mounts. We’ve also taken an informal poll around the office, and we’d like to share what specific models and manufacturers stand out to our employees based on personal experience and customer feedback. 

When Size Matters

A configurable size modular silencer is just what it sounds like- you can shorten the length of the silencer based on how many different connections there are. There are two subcategories within the configurable size silencer: an extension tube and threaded baffles.

Extension Tubes

 Totally Tubular

The one extension tube is constructed of a tube that has baffles in it. The manufacturer decides exactly how many baffles are within the silencer and how long the can is. Generally, this type of configuration is technically two tubes that can be threaded together to make a longer suppressor, or you can unthread it and replace the end cap to make a shorter silencer. It’s a great medium for balancing whether you want your firearm to be quieter or lighter because with essentially the flick of the wrist, you can have it one way or the other.

Product Spotlight


Rugged Surge

The Rugged Surge 7.62 is one of the most popular options in this category. Yielding the ability to switch between a length of 9” and 7.5”, the Surge wasn’t the first .30 caliber silencer to let you change lengths, but it was the first rifle silencers that we carried that really brought that particular design feature into favor.

A few other great options for this category are:

Extension Tube Modular Silencers

Threaded Baffles

 Thread Life

Threaded baffles are constructed so that the baffles, when threaded together, create a tubeless silencer. This option – while a relatively new technology – gives you the most versatility and it’s considered the most customizable option. Cans like this allow you to decide exactly what kind of balance you want in your silencer.  While an extension tube lets you decide between heavier but quieter, and lighter but louder, threaded baffles let you tune your system to fall anywhere in between. This sliding scale gives you a considerable amount of options, and you can decide what works best for you and what you’re trying to do, and change it out as those ideas shift.

Product Spotlight

Q Erector

Q Erector

The Q Erector is a good example and a shop favorite. Yielding the option to choose between 11 different configurations based on how many baffles you want to thread together, it is perfect for shooters who want a rimfire silencer that they can “tune” to multiple different hosts and applications.

Another popular item for this category is the:

Dead Air Odessa 9

The Mounts are Calling…

Configurable Mounts

The other type of modular silencer is a configurable mount. This means that you can change what host firearm to run the silencer on, making these types of silencers noteworthy heavy hitters. While changing the length of a silencer is nice, the ability to run a single silencer on different firearm types is even more appealing to a wide variety of shooters.  Most pistol silencers are intended to use on a tilt-locking semi-auto pistol, most rifle silencers are intended to run on a centerfire rifle; silencers that fall into this “modular mount” category bridge these gaps and allow you to run the same can on your AR-15 and your Glock 19.

Product Spotlight

Griffin Optimus

Griffin Optimus

The Griffin Armament Optimus is a good example of what you’re able to run the silencer on. Depending on the mount you've got on the can, the Optimus is at home on your .22 plinker, your 9mm handgun and your .308 dear rifle. You’ve got a lot of options to choose from, and you only need one can to do it.

Note, while Griffin ships the Optimus with various mount options included, you may need to purchase a separate mount for your particular application.  Check out the “What’s in the Box” section of the product description to see if you’re covered.

Some more notable mentions for this group would be:

Hybrid and Optimus Micro

You Can Have the Cake and Eat it Too

Griffin RevolutionsAs we delve deeper into the modularity hole, we’ve got just one final curveball for you.  Both the Griffin Armament Revolution 9 and the Griffin Armament Revolution 45 are fully modular in that the length and mounts can both be configured.

If you’re ever looking for a little more guidance or information, we’ve made it really easy to get a hold of us and we’re happy to help!