• Modular silencers can be transofrmed into different configurations.
  • Changing a suppressors weight, length, and mounting systems gives you freedom to adapt the suppressor to your setup.
  • Modularity allows you to build 

Modular Suppressors Explained and 5 Benefits 

Over the past two decades the firearms industry has exploded, we’ve seen dozens of new calibers, the popularization of short-barreled rifles and PCCs, and a massive improvement in silencer technology and design. Because modern gun owners own such a wide variety of weapons, silencers had to be able to adapt, so the industry developed modular suppressors.  

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What is a Modular Suppressor? 

Modular silencers are suppressor models that have interchangeable parts to make them applicable to different types of firearms or types of ammunition. These styles of silencers use replaceable mounting systems, swappable endcaps, and even booster modules to be able to change lengths. This modularity allows suppressors to work across a variety of hosts, from pistols to long guns and everything in between. But are modular suppressors good? Yes. Over the last few years, some of the most popular silencer models have featured modular designs and interchangeable parts.  

Suppressors Modular by Length 

A silencer modular by length is just what it sounds like - you can change the length of the silencer using removable baffle sections. This gives you the ability to tune the silencer to your use case. Maybe you’re hiking into a remote hunting spot and the weight and length of your gear is important, a modular silencer allows you to shorten and lighten the load while still providing hearing protection. Or perhaps you’re setting up a rifle at a benchrest and just want the maximum suppression, run it in its long configuration and enjoy the silence.  

Extension Tube Suppressors

Some modular suppressors are constructed using an extension tube. This extension tube threads onto the base module of the suppressor to add more baffles. The tubes can be threaded together to make a longer suppressor or unthreaded to make the suppressor more compact. These modular suppressors also have a removeable end cap, allowing you to customize bore size, add a flash hiding end cap, or even an external brake for some suppressors.  

Modular suppressors that use extension tubes are a great option for balancing whether you want your firearm quieter and longer or more compact. Modular cans are great if you’re into hunting, precision shooting, or have multiple firearms. Modularity is extremely valuable if you’re moving a silencer from a pistol to a rifle, being able to change the size and weight to better match the host firearm will improve your shooting experience.  

Product Spotlight 

SilencerCo Omega 36M  

The SilencerCo Omega 36M is one of the most popular silencers, and for good reason. Its modular design allows it to be used on a variety of hosts, from rifles to pistols. The extension tube design makes the Omega an excellent option for nearly any firearm, with its customizable weight, length, and performance.  

A few other great extension tube modular suppressors are: 

Dead Air Wolfman 

Rugged Obsidian 9 

PWS BDE 7.62 

Threaded Baffle Suppressors 

Threaded baffle silencers also allow you to change the overall length of your suppressor, but these models give you much more adjustment and fine-tuning than extension tube models. In a threaded baffle silencer, each individual baffle has a male and female thread, and connects to the other baffles in the silencer. This means if a modular suppressor kit has an eight-baffle stack, you can run the silencer in any configuration from one to eight baffles. Silencers with threaded baffles allow you to decide exactly what kind of balance you want in your silencer.  

Product Spotlight 


The Q Erector is a good example of a threaded baffle modular suppressor. Providing the option to choose between 11 different configurations based on how many baffles you want to thread together; it is perfect for shooters who want a rimfire silencer that they can tune to various firearm hosts and applications. It is also available in a 9mm version, the Erector 9.

Other popular choices for threaded baffle modular suppressors are: 

Dead Air Odessa-9 

JK Armament SBRX 

Sig Sauer Mod X9 

Modular Suppressors by Mounting Options 

Another type of modular silencers use modular mounting systems. These models have configurable suppressor mounts, meaning you can use the suppressor on different firearm hosts even if their barrels are threaded in different thread pitches. The most common modular mounting system is called HUB mount, it has become an industry standard and allows for the use of quick detach (QD) muzzle devices, direct thread mounts, and more.  

Suppressors with modular mounting options bridge these gaps and can allow you to run the same suppressor on your 300BLK AR-15 and your Glock 19, for example. Because the rear threads of the silencer are standardized (1.375x28) there are countless accessories that allow you to build out the suppressor however you need to for different tasks, firearms, calibers, and more.  

Product Spotlight 

Rugged Alaskan 360

The Rugged Alaskan 360 can shoot any caliber between 5.56 and 338 Lapua, and everything in between. This thing can handle a ton of calibers and needs to be adaptable to a ton of firearms, from rifles to pistols. The Alaskan uses the popular HUB mount, so you can swap mounts quickly and easily.

Other great options for modular mounting silencers include: 

Otter Creek Labs Polonium  


Dead Air Nomad  

5 Benefits of Modular Suppressors 

These are some of the biggest advantages of a modular suppressor: 

  • Fine Tune Weight and Length 
  • Add Your Favorite Mounting System 
  • Adapt To Any Gun in Your Safe 
  • Keep It Quiet 
  • Maximum Customization 

Fine Tune Weight and Length 

Modularity means you can build your suppressor how you want it. When you need a short, light silencer for trekking out into the wilderness, you can do it. If your rifle doesn’t quite fit in your case, you can make the silencer shorter. Modular cans allow you to go long on a rifle then keep your sidearm nice a light by using a shorter configuration. Every gun can be set up with the ideal length suppressor to match. 

Add Your Favorite Mounting System 

These days we’re blessed to have a plethora of mounting solutions, and all of them are great. Everyone has their favorite mounting system, whether its a QD system like Keymo or Plan B, or you want to go minimal with a direct thread mount. Being able to select any mounting system on the market gives you a ton of freedom to make your silencer perfect for you.  

Adapt To Any Gun in Your Safe 

If you’re reading the blog, you’re probably a firearms enthusiast or are on the path to becoming. We all have safes full of our favorite rifles and pistols, and once you start shooting suppressed, it's hard to back, so we need to be able to move silencers around to different guns. Suppressors with modular mounting threads, such as HUB threads, allow you to move a silencer from your 5.56 AR15 to your .308 bolt action, even though the threads differ.  

Keep it Quiet 

Sometimes, decibel reduction is the top priority. When you need whisper-quiet shooting, modular suppressors allow you to add baffles to get the best sound performance possible. This can be awesome for hog hunts or predator hunts where you may have multiple shots and dont want to startle the rest of the pack of animals, or when you’re plinking on the range and want to show off just how quiet your new 300BLK rifle is with subsonic ammo.  

Maximum Customization 

You know your gear and your needs better than anyone; modular silencers allow you to build the suppressor to be perfect for you. Everyone has a unique use case; being able to go from a super short silencer when being compact is key, to going long for ultra quiet shooting, and being able to swap out mounts to work across different guns means you can make the perfect can for you.  


Modularity rocks, it allows you to customize your silencer to be perfect for your unique scenario. No matter what task you’re doing, or what firearm you’re shooting, a modular suppressor will allow you to dial in the performance that you desire without compromise. If you need assistance choosing a modular silencer, or you’re not quite sure which mount you should use, ask the experts here at Silencer Shop, send us an email or give us a call!