Top 5 Guns of Extraction 2 

The highly anticipated sequel to the Netflix original action movie “Extraction” debuted Friday, 6/16/2023. Famed Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as Tyler Rake, a former Australian SASR Special Forces operator turned contractor for hire; however, in this film, Thor trades in his hammer for a Daniel Defense AR15. Let’s break down the best guns of “Extraction 2” and Tyler Rake’s guns and gear.

Spoiler Alert: We will be mindful not to give away any major spoilers in the article below, but there will be some small amounts of context and brief descriptions of scenes.

Daniel Defense MFR

Rake’s go-to primary rifle is a full-auto Daniel Defense, similar to the build he used in the first movie. The Daniel is equipped with an EOTECH EXPS 3 holographic sight and a G33 magnifier to extend the firearm's range. This short-barreled rifle (SBR) is also sporting a Peq15 laser, a Modlite weapon light, BCM furniture, and is equipped with a silencer, though it's hard to tell exactly which model, as it has a Liberty's Defense suppressor cover. In the first film, this rifle was suppressed with an AAC M4-2000; in this film, it appears that he is using a SureFire SOCOM556-RC2, an ultra-durable silencer that also sounds awesome. The Surefire RC2 is fielded by the American military and foreign units; it's great to see that level of accuracy in this ex-Special Forces soldier's gear.

Glock 17

The Glock 17 is one of the most common handguns in the world for civilians, law enforcement departments, and militaries, so it makes perfect sense that Rake would choose this handgun as his sidearm of choice. The “Extraction 2” Glock 17 is outfitted with a Rugged Obsidian 9 and a Trijicon RMR to maintain a good sight picture. Rake’s pistol also wears a SureFire X300 light, and we see it with a threaded barrel when the pistol silencer isn’t attached.

Milkor MGL Mk 1S

Admittedly, this firearm is only used in one scene, but it’s hard not to include a grenade launcher in our favorite firearms list. The MGL is a 40mm semi-automatic grenade launcher, in “Extraction 2” we see Tyler Rake fire explosive, incendiary, and smoke rounds from the MGL. Rakes 40mm features an Armson OEG reflex sight, because why wouldn't your 40mm destructive device need a reflex sight?

FN M240B Machine Gun

In the unlikely event you find yourself fighting an enemy helicopter, follow in Tyler Rake’s footsteps and grab an FN M240 Machine Gun with an ACOG. This .308 belt fed machine gun fires approximately 600 rounds per minute, Hemsworth’s character puts it to good use in a pivotal scene in “Extraction 2” that would make John Rambo proud.

VSeven Harbringer AR10

Tyler Rakes opts for a bit larger platform when he needs to make precision shots at longer distances; for this, he selects an 18” V EvenAR10 platform rifle with a Leupold Mark 6 1-6 LPVO, SureFire Scout light, and a B.E. Meyers MAWL. The long-barreled .308 packs a much bigger punch than the shorty 5.56 carbines seen throughout the film and allows for longer engagements, though we would have liked to have seen him toss on a suppressor to match his Daniel SBR. “Extraction 2” does a good job of highlighting the effectiveness of a designated marksman rifle (DMR) such as this build.


The Extraction series has shaped up to combine great action sequences with real-world tactics and equipment that is often missing in these sorts of movies and TV shows. The gear choices are well thought out, from keeping the main cast using their preferred rifles and handguns, to incorporating quality soft goods such as the Viktos gloves and gear used by the protagonists. The last show that reminded us of this level of detail in the kit selection was “The Terminal List.” If we had to pick a gripe, the suppressor sounds are a bit too “Hollywood” sounding, and while the EOTECH sights and magnifiers are cool, there were several scenes where having the magnifier engaged didn’t make sense. Overall, the plot is fantastic, the action scenes are exciting, and the kit used feels natural and in place. Let us know which guns were your favorite or which scenes you enjoyed the most in the comments below.