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Alabama Concealed Carry Law: No Permit Needed in 2023 

Taking effect on January 1st, 2023, Alabama has affirmed the right to bear arms for people (both residents and visitors) within the state. With a resounding 70% approval rate, the Republican-led House of Representatives passed House Bill 272 on March 10, 2022, which reinforces the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution and removes previous restrictions for Alabamians to open and concealed carry their firearms.


Founded in 1819, Alabamians have a historic culture of responsible gun ownership, with more than half of the 5 million residents reporting owning a firearm. With new gun laws taking effect in 2023, many of those residents are wondering, when carrying your gun, can you conceal without a permit in Alabama? Yes, with Alabama’s new concealed carry law, taking effect at the beginning of 2023, you will not need a permit for concealed or open carry in Alabama. You can have your handgun or rifle on your person, in your bag, or in your vehicle. Alabama has become 1 of 25 states to enact constitutional carry laws with the resounding support of residents in the state who have applauded the “freedomto exercise gun rights.

Alabama’s New Concealed Carry Law

Alabama’s New Concealed Carry LawAlabama’s New Concealed Carry Law

New for 2023, adults in the Yellowhammer State can possess their firearm(s) freely, with Alabama’s new concealed carry law. At the first of the year, Alabamians can conceal or open carry a legally-owned handgun in public without requiring a restrictive license. This law is applicable in most situations, with some exceptions: schools, public demonstrations, and courthouses to name a few. In the latter scenarios, carrying a firearm will not be allowed onsite for private citizens (but certain government entities such as law enforcement will be able to do so). Because these restrictions are minor, many gun groups still herald this bill as a huge win for gun owners: “This is a great day for gun owners in Alabama as their constitutional right to bear arms without government infringement will soon be restored,” said Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. Instrumental to the legislation of HB 272 were elected officials Rep. Shane Stringer ( R ), who sponsored the bill, and Governor Kay Ivey ( R ) who signed it into law. 

Constitutional Carry Laws

Constitutional Carry LawsConstitutional Carry Laws

The 2nd amendment of the Constitution guarantees the “right to bear arms” this federal principle has been enshrined for Americans since 1787. In the decades after, this right has been hampered by various state laws. In 2023, a tide is turning, as some states restore gun rights as outlined in the constitution. Commonly referred to as constitutional carry laws, this legislation restores (or nearly restores) the fundamental constitutional right to bear arms. There has been an upward trajectory since 2019 for states to circle back to the original principles of the 2nd amendment. In recent years, Texas was among the first states to pass constitutional carry laws, which the Lone Star state did in 2019 by Gov. Greg Abbott (R). Subsequently, many more states followed suit, with four states (Alabama, Ohio, Indiana, and Georgia) enacting constitutional carry in the last year. How many states have constitutional carry? As of January 1, 2023, 25 states across the country have passed permitless or “constitution carry” laws. Constitutional carry laws also have a positive effect on crime: states with permitless carry have reported a decrease in violent crimes and homicides since these laws went into effect. With travel on the rise, you may be heading to Alabama and wonder: can a non-resident carry a gun in Alabama? HB273 eliminates the need for a state-issued permit to carry a legally owned pistol for residents and non-residents.  

How to get Alabama Concealed Carry Permits

How to get Alabama Concealed Carry PermitsHow to get Alabama Concealed Carry Permits

Getting a concealed carry permit in Alabama is elective and requires several steps. Alabama requires concealed carry permit applicants to take a class from a certified instructor, pass an assessment, submit demographic information including fingerprints and a photo to the state, and pay the required fees. This license is limited to individuals over 21 years old, and the permit needs to be renewed every 5 years. While this permit is not required in AL, citizens of the state that travel with their firearm to other states may want to get permitted, relative to those purposes. Alabama has reciprocity with 32 other states, allowing their residents with a permit to carry in most states throughout the nation. 

Alabama Concealed Carry Without Permit in 2023Alabama Concealed Carry Without Permit in 2023