Vermont Suppressor Hunting Bill Signed into Law by Gov Scott

On June 1, 2022,  Governor Phil Scott (R) signed S 281, an important step forward for Vermont suppressor laws. Effective the end of this month, Vermont will become the latest state in the union to legalize the use of suppressors while hunting. Shooting suppressed improves hearing safety and reduces recoil and residents of the Green Mountain state expressed enthusiasm for the progress being made for responsible gunowners as they eagerly await the implementation of legalized suppressor hunting in Vermont thanks to this ASA-backed pro-silencer bill.


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Can you buy suppressors in Vermont? S 281 was signed into law in Vermont and begining July 1, 2022 suppressor ownership will be legalized in VT for hunting, in addition to the previously approved suppressor usage at shooting ranges. During the 2022 Vermont Legislation session, a series of measures aimed at gun owners have been described as a “mixed bag” with many in the New England state wondering: can you hunt with a suppressor in Vermont? Yes, effective July 1, 2022, legalized suppressor hunting will be allowed in Vermont. Gov Scott, who was previously a race car driver before becoming Govenor, has signed bills restricting guns, so access to suppressors for responsible recreational shooters and hunters is important progress. S 281 has been championed for years by Representatives Pat Brennan (R-Chittenden-9-2) and George Till (D-Chittenden-3).   

“It is my pleasure to announce that with the enactment of S. 281, Governor Scott and the legislature have taken a tremendous step forward towards expanding the right of hunters to use suppressors in the field,” said Rep Brennan, the Co-Chair of the Vermont Legislative Sportsmen Caucus. “For the past seven years, law-abiding citizens in Vermont have enjoyed suppressor ownership, but their use has been restricted to sport shooting at ranges only. With the enactment of S. 281, Vermont outdoorsmen and women finally have the ability to protect their hearing and the hearing of the youth hunting community as well.”


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With the passage of S 281, Vermonters will be able to use suppressors throughout the state at shooting ranges and hunting. This bill, in the works since 2015, was finally signed into law by Governor Scott, with the support of many, especially the Department of Fish and Wildlife and its Commissioner, Chris Herrick

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