• Gear Up for Success: As the spring turkey season approaches, it's crucial to round up the right gear for a successful hunt. Having the correct turkey hunting accessories, from essential clothing to advanced equipment like shotgun suppressors, having the right tools can significantly increase your odds of bagging a turkey. Remember, it's not just about having the best gear but building a system you're comfortable with so you can focus on the hunt.  
  • Essential Equipment Breakdown: Key items include high-quality binoculars for spotting turkeys from a distance, camo attire for blending into your surroundings, and a specialized turkey hunting vest for organizing your calls and ammunition. Moreover, choosing the right shotgun and precise choke and suppressor can help ensure a quick and ethical dispatching of your turkey.  
  • Practice and Preparation: Beyond assembling your gear, practicing with your calls and familiarizing yourself with your equipment are vital steps. Comfort and preparation can be life savers in the field, such as staying hydrated and packing a first aid kit. Success in turkey hunting is a blend of the right gear, skill, and adaptability to your environment. 

Table of Contents:

The Ultimate Turkey Hunting Gear Checklist 

The spring turkey season is coming up quickly in most parts of the country, so round up your gear and prepare for this year's turkey hunts! 

Turkey hunting is an American tradition that dates back generations, offering a thrilling challenge and a great way to connect with nature. To ensure success and enjoyment during your turkey hunting expeditions, it's crucial to come prepared with the right gear. This comprehensive checklist covers everything from essential clothing to shotgun suppressors, ensuring you're well-equipped for your next turkey hunt. 

Essential Gear for Turkey Hunters 

The right tools and equipment will increase your odds of putting a turkey in the deep freezer this spring. There is more to hunting than just having the best gear, but building out a cohesive system, from the clothes you're wearing to the shotgun you're shooting, is massively beneficial. 


You need to be comfortable with your equipment and trust the gear you're taking out into the woods so you can focus on calling in a trophy Tom instead of fiddling with your pack. 


Clothing & Personal Items 

Binocular Pack: An excellent binocular pack protects your optics and keeps them within easy reach. Look for one with comfortable straps and quick-access features to spot turkeys without missing a beat. 


Binoculars: High-quality binoculars are invaluable for identifying turkeys from afar, whether in dense forests or wide-open fields. Opt for models that offer clarity, durability, and a wide field of view to spot even the most elusive gobblers. We've had great results from Vortex and Sig Sauer binos during our hunts. 


Camo Pants and Shirt: The proper camouflage helps you blend seamlessly with your environment, making it harder for turkeys to spot you. Most turkeys are shot within 30 yards, so effective turkey-hunting camo is crucial in getting within range to fill your tag. When picking the best camo for turkey hunting, consider the season and terrain when choosing your camo pattern, as this can significantly affect your visibility to the game. 


Turkey hunting hats: Your location within the country will determine your choices for headwear. In Texas, we prioritize hats with wicking materials to stay cool and dry, but if you're in the north, a Merino wool turkey hunting hat might be a better choice to keep you warm on your hunt. 


Turkey Hunting Vest: A specialized vest serves multiple purposes; it organizes your calls, ammunition, and other essentials while providing quick access. Some models include a cushioned seat for comfort when perched against a tree waiting for the gobblers to come in. 


Camo Face Paint: Your face can be one of the most noticeable parts of your body to a turkey, particularly if you have a lighter complexion. A bit of camo face paint can effectively mask your appearance, especially when you need to move or adjust your position. 


Turkey Hunting Boots: Wet and muddy conditions are expected in turkey habitats, and there is nothing worse than trekking through the woods with wet socks and boots. A pair of high-quality waterproof boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable, allowing you to traverse challenging terrains without getting soaked in the process.  

Turkey Hunting Equipment 

Embarking on a turkey hunting adventure requires skill, patience, and the right equipment to increase your chances of bagging a Turkey this spring. 

Using the right equipment to lure in a bird, including a variety of calls and decoys, is the first step in filling your tags. After you've got a turkey into your range, you need to dispatch the animal quickly and ethically; choosing the right turkey hunting shotgun and accessories like a red dot sight, shotgun silencer, and advanced turkey hunting shotgun shells will help you to get an effective hit and fill up the freezer. 


Mouth Call, Box Call, and Locator Call: Mastering various turkey calls can significantly increase your chances of calling in a turkey. Each type of call serves a different purpose and can mimic everything from a hen's yelp to a gobbler's gobble, offering versatility in your calling strategy.  


Decoys: Strategically placed decoys can entice turkeys into favorable positions, making them easier targets. Combining hen, Jake, and strutting Tom decoys can create a realistic and inviting scene for passing turkeys.  


Shotgun: The choice of shotgun is personal and should fit your shooting ability. 12-gauge shotguns are usually considered the best guns for turkey hunting, but you can get the job done with a 20 gauge shotgun or even a .410 with the proper loads. The most important part is making sure you can safely handle the weapon and are accurate out to range.  


Turkey Hunting Choke: Many turkey hunters swear by full or extra-full chokes and call them the best choke for turkey hunting. While these chokes are effective, we prefer using a choke adapter, like the JK Armament CRMD, to allow the use of a suppressor while turkey hunting.  


Shotgun Suppressor: Using a suppressor can significantly reduce the noise and recoil of your shotgun while hunting, protecting your ears from the devastating blast of a shotgun without the need for hot, bulky hearing protection. Shotgun silencers also reduce recoil, making you more accurate while hunting turkey.  


We recommend the JK Armament SGX12 or SilencerCo Salvo 12 for turkey hunting due to their excellent sound suppression and ability to change lengths to suit your hunting style best.   


Shotgun Red Dot Sight: A more modern aiming solution, red dot sights can significantly improve your aim by offering a precise aiming point without the need to align iron sights. Using a red dot for shotgun turkey hunting can be especially useful in the dynamic and often fast-paced environment of turkey hunting, allowing you to get on target faster and be more accurate at further distances.  


Shotgun Shells: Selecting the proper ammunition is crucial. One of the most significant innovations for turkey hunting is TSS, Tungsten Super Shot sells. Tungsten is denser than lead and steel, so you can use smaller, heavier shot pellets, allowing you to extend your range far beyond traditional shotgun ammo. 

Miscellaneous Turkey Hunting Gear  

While the guns, gear, and accessories are the most fun and flashy tools to talk about when it comes to prepping for your next turkey hunt, the small things that you might not think about are what can make the difference in keeping you safe and sound while enjoying the great outdoors. 

Pack some incidentals to keep you up and running on your adventure.   


Bug Spray: Insect repellent is a must-have in many turkey hunting areas, protecting you from bites that can be annoying and potentially harmful. 


Snacks/Water: Maintaining energy levels and staying hydrated is important, especially during long hunts. Pack lightweight, nutritious snacks and enough water to last the day. 


First Aid Kit: A basic first aid kit can address minor injuries or emergencies in the field. It's a small but critical component of your gear.  


Tips for Using Your Hunting Gear

  • Practice with Your Calls: Familiarity and skill with your calls can make or break a hunt. Spend time practicing before the season.  
  • Test Your Equipment: Before heading out, ensure all your gear is in working order, especially your shotgun and red dot sight.  
  • Stay Comfortable: Comfort can impact your patience and focus. Invest in quality clothing and boots for long hours in the field.  
  • Be Aware: Use a suppressor to ditch the ear pro and be more in tune with your surroundings, making you more effective and helping you enjoy nature even more. 


The right gear can make all the difference in turkey hunting, turning an ordinary outing into a successful and enjoyable adventure.  

By understanding and investing in the essential items listed above, you're setting yourself up for a rewarding experience in the great outdoors. Remember, success in turkey hunting comes from your knowledge of the quarry and your ability to adapt to the environment, and the proper gear can ensure you achieve a freezer full of Turkey!