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Silencer Shop built its name through cutting-edge technology that makes suppressor ownership as simple as possible. With the re-launched of ATF’s eForm 4, partnering with a tech-savvy distributor is more critical than ever. Silencer Shop has always been at the forefront of using technology to drive speed and accuracy in this industry and the tech package built in to the new Powered By Silencer Shop System is a game-changer.

Simplicity and Technology

Since it’s inception, Silencer Shop has implemented innovative technology to navigate bureaucratic obstacles and simplify the NFA purchasing process. In its early days, Silencer Shop used its intuitive website and automated platform to streamline the process for completing the complex regulatory forms required to purchase a silencer. The website is a powerful tool that allows customers to connect with dealers in our Powered By Silencer Shop Network. And, the helpful ATF Wait Times page provides up-to-date information to customers as they await their new suppressors.

The Dealer Portal

In 2015, Silencer Shop launched its custom Dealer Portal, which gives you, the dealer, key tools to manage your inventory, track your sales, and communicate with your customers. The Portal provides:

  • Direct access for you to set and manage prices displayed to your customers on the Silencer Shop website
  • Key sales metrics so you can forecast future sales and instantly restock your inventory, seamlessly
  • Tools to track and support all customer orders, to reinforce the trust you're building with your clients

The Kiosk

In 2016, when ATF announced it would require fingerprints and photographs for all silencer purchases, Silencer Shop responded by creating its famous Kiosk and the Silencer Shop Mobile App to make the process as convenient and dependable as possible.

  • FBI-approved fingerprint scanning technology that works perfectly with eForms
  • Users can scan their driver’s license to quickly auto-populate identification fields
  • The Kiosk pairs with the Mobile App to upload the required photo
  • One-and-done process means once you’ve scanned your fingerprints at a Kiosk, you never need to do it again for future purchases

The Full AutoTM eForms Software

In 2021, ATF finally re-launched its long-awaited eForm 4 system, allowing silencer purchasers to electronically file their applications and promising to dramatically reduce wait times. Silencer Shop participated in multiple rounds of beta testing with ATF and the Silencer Shop staff have become experts with the new eForms system.

To help dealers unlock the tremendous potential of eForms—which ATF predicts will shorten NFA wait times to 90 days—Silencer Shop created its proprietary Full Auto software. Dealers in the Powered By Silencer Shop Network can use the software to quickly prepare multiple eForms, simultaneously, which can then be remotely certified through the software. The software also incorporates numerous automated quality control features to ensure the legendary accuracy of the Silencer Shop system.

With the addition of the Full Auto software, Silencer Shop offers a complete, turnkey technology solution to gain access to new customers, manage your inventory, and accelerate transfers through ATF’s new eForms system. There is no better way to operate in the NFA market with the absolute minimum burden on your staff. We emphatically believe in our “Silencer Ownership Simplified” creed. Let us prove it.