Silencer Shop Knowledge Base

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NFA Is Our Business Knowledge Base Silencer Shop Media Technology Leverage Our Staff

Continuing our focus on what Silencer Shop can do for you, we now touch upon the wide-reaching knowledge base that we offer. With a thorough understanding of the suppressor industry, Silencer Shop is able to apply unmatched knowledge and technological methods to provide the best, most advanced service to dealers and customers.

To that end, we strive to utilize our convenient practices as often as possible to bring more business to you, the dealer. In turn, your customers are able to experience an informed, simplified silencer ownership process.

Knowledge Base

Silencer Shop Authority Through our Silencer Shop Authority program, we have direct contact with some of the top suppressor reviewers in the country, thus we are able to provide unbiased feedback regarding individual units. The fact that none of our expert reviewers are affiliated with silencer manufacturers allows for a true/fair assessment of all products.

Moreover, we offer our own YouTube reviews to assist your clientele in their suppressor selection. During each review, extensive tests and evaluations are performed to provide first-hand information to customers.

We understand the products that we carry and strive to deliver thorough and useful insight of every silencer in our inventory, from product descriptions to blog posts to video clips. Not to mention, our customers submit their own reviews on our website via the specific product’s page (Reviews tab) for even more perspective.

In a nutshell, silencers are our passion, and nobody takes the ownership process as seriously as we do. Give us a chance to prove our know-how via:

  • Silencer Shop Authority: direct contact with industry’s best reviewers and users
  • Silencer Shop YouTube channel: assortment of videos highlighting our vast inventory
  • In-house test and evaluation: regular trips to gun range for product testing
  • Customer reviews: unfiltered feedback from suppressor owners
  • Informed staff: avid silencer enthusiasts with extensive experience

Our in-depth knowledge base is a unique opportunity that both dealers and customers should take full advantage of. After all, we specialize in silencers… Why not rely on us?