NFA Is Our Business

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NFA Is Our Business Knowledge Base Silencer Shop Media Technology Leverage Our Staff

NFA Is Our BusinessAt Silencer Shop, we highly value every phase of the NFA process: from manufacturers to dealers and customers. Each group plays an integral role in the success of the industry, and we try to show our appreciation by working hard to provide the easiest silencer buying experience possible.

This page will explain exactly how we address your business needs and help expand your brand. To learn more, you click the links above and also read our articles on the benefits of partnering with Silencer Shop as well as our unique loyalty program to encourage and incentivize your growth.

NFA Is Our Business

We pride ourselves on being NFA experts. The Silencer Shop staff offers a wealth of knowledge regarding NFA-related topics, from the technical details of the products to the procedural details of NFA transfers. We fully understand the buying process and are continually improving our own procedures to get you and your customers the NFA firearms you want as quickly as legally possible.

We Know eForms

We understand eForms like no one else. We helped test the eForms system during ATF’s beta testing phase, and we’ve developed proprietary software that allows you to prepare and submit your electronic filings with lightning speed. Even before eForms, we were modernizing the NFA process with our famous Kiosks and the Silencer Shop Mobile App. Think of us as the largest distributor of NFA firearms combined with a cutting-edge technology company.

With the abundance of steps and paperwork involved throughout the buying process, we face the challenge head-on to lighten your workload and make it stress-free for your clientele. Nobody takes silencer ownership as seriously as we do… We will gladly prove it to you and your customers.

Let Us Manage the Process

In addition to our Dealer Support Representatives, we have dedicated Compliance and Software Development Teams to assist you and your customers with every stage of the eForms transfer process. We handle nearly all things ATF, NFA, and eForms-related, so you won't need a staff dedicated to the process.

Our proprietary Full AutoTM software allows you to automatically prepare and save multiple eForm 4s all at once, with the click of a button. The software then allows you and your customers to remotely certify the forms at your convenience. Our ATF-knowledgeable staff does all the other work behind the scenes, including:

  • Collecting all customer information: fingerprints, identification and demographic information, photos, and trust documents
  • Reviewing all customer paperwork: extensive in-house inspection of every page of every form and supporting document by our experienced Compliance Team
  • Providing CLEO notification: our nationwide and continually-updated database automatically matches your customer with the nearest CLEO
  • Contacting customers: we personally notify customers if any of their information is missing

Silencer Shop will manage any ATF changes encountered. We truly value our dealer relationships and strive to bring more traffic to your business.