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NFA Is Our Business Knowledge Base Silencer Shop Media Technology Leverage Our Staff

Partnering with Silencer Shop benefits your business in a variety of ways. In addition to overseeing the entire silencer purchasing process and offering second-to-none customer service, our dedicated team provides you and your clients a simplified ownership experience.

Leverage Our Staff

With a knowledgeable and professional crew onsite, Silencer Shop is able to offer something that no other distributer in the industry can provide: We will gladly answer any/all questions that your customers might have. This courtesy allows you to focus on managing your business without the worry of providing direct feedback to a wide assortment of suppressor queries.

Our staff is more than ready to address your customers’ questions, in addition to any that you have, whether it is regarding our Kiosk platform, eForms, how our Powered By Silencer Shop program helps you, or an overview of our preferred cans, we are here to support you and your success.

Let Silencer Shop’s experienced crew work for you! Whatever is required on our end, your expectations will be met and exceeded. We provide quality backing via our dedicated Compliance, Sales, Social Media, Technology, and Purchasing teams. You should never hesitate to contact us with anything that comes to mind. We are always at your disposal.

Customer Communication

When you join the Powered By Silencer Shop Network, we will directly assist your customers with their NFA transactions, contacting and communicating with them to ensure top-shelf customer service and smooth sailing through the NFA transfer process. We understand that running a firearm business is time-consuming, so we offer this courtesy in order for you to focus on your company while we communicate with your loyal suppressor enthusiasts.

At Silencer Shop, our end goal is to provide dealers and customers alike the easiest suppressor purchasing experience possible. Nobody takes silencer ownership as seriously as we do, and we look forward to working for you.