Silencer Shop has introduced a tiered dealer rewards program to benefit dealers that use Silencer Shop as their one-stop-shop for all-things silencers.

The concept is simple: the more silencers you buy from Silencer Shop - or that you sell out of our inventory - the more benefits you earn!

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Dealer Rewards

Silencer Shop Paperwork Processing Fees

Once you have reached Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Elite reward level, all Form 4’s submitted through Silencer Shop for all serial numbers that originated at Silencer Shop will be charged the discounted paperwork processing fee based on your loyalty level. 

This discount is applied to submittals generated by 3 different sources:

  1. You purchase a silencer from Silencer Shop for your inventory
  2. You sell through your Dealer Portal out of Silencer Shop inventory
  3. You sell through your unique Dealer URL (found in your dealer account dashboard)

NFA item bought from another source than Silencer Shop will not receive the paperwork processing fee discount.

How to qualify

There are three ways to increase your Reward Total of silencers from Silencer Shop:

  1. Purchasing silencers through your dealer account for your own inventory
  2. Assigning a silencer to your customer through your Dealer Portal directly out of Silencer Shop inventory
  3. Customers who purchase a silencer from your Unique URL

Every serial number that you buy from silencer shop (or sell through our inventory) will then be added to your aggregate total of Silencers.  Once this number hits 10, 50, 100 or 300 you will automatically enter the respective dealer tier.


You purchase 10 silencers through your dealer account today. You are now a Bronze level dealer.

After the form 3 is approved you acquire these 10 serial numbers and sell through them.  Once you're out, you can use the dealer portal to assign serial numbers directly to your customer – out of our inventory.  If the next 40 silencers you sell are completed this way, you have just become a Silver level dealer.

Any combination of direct Silencer Shop purchases for your own inventory, sold through your unique URL as well as selling out of Silencer Shop inventory count towards your Reward Total as soon as they are paid in full.

Silencers purchased by customers from Silencer Shop (without using your unique URL) will receive the discount based on your Loyalty Level but will not contribute to advancement toward the next Loyalty Level.


Loyalty levels are earned in a calendar year.  Once you reach a benefit level, you will retain the status through that calendar year.  

All Dealer Loyalty Rewards benefits start once the status level is achieved. 

Note: Silencers must be paid for before counting toward your total

Silencer Shop reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time.

Loyalty Level is based on purchases made beginning on 1/1/Current calendar year.