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Best Holiday Deals for Suppressors on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

166 million people will shop between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As ownership of gun suppressors continues to increase in popularity, you may be seeking the best suppressor deals or looking for a sale on silencers you can buy online. Silencer Shop is the #1 NFA distributor in the US and you can see 6 of the best Black Friday suppressor deals this holiday season. For every suppressor, the ATF requires a $200 tax stamp and Silencer Shop will cover that cost with these awesome online specials on suppressors. Silencer Shop is here for you and we have a silencer warehouse ready to ship and we’re glad to cover the cost of the tax stamp on select suppressors for a limited time.

Silencer Deals

suppressor deals HX-QD 762 Ti suppressor deals HX-QD 762 Ti

Credit: @huxwrx

We kickoff our black friday deals on suppressors with the HUXWRX HX-QD 762 Ti, this innovative suppressor features OSS Flow-Through technology that redirects gas out of your face. And the versatile 762 Ti, will handle all your favorite 30 caliber rifle cartridges down to 556. And this holiday season, Silencer Shop gifting you a free tax stamp when you grab a HX-QD 762 Ti.

suppressor deals Rad 9suppressor deals Rad 9

With the modular Rad 9, it's like you're getting two suppressors in one, and Silencer Shop is covering your tax stamp. This HUXWRX silencer can be configured in two different sizes: in the short configuration it's 5.15 inches and 5.9 ounces, and in full, it's 7.7 inches and 9.1 ounces. Constructed of titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum, the Rad 9 can handle any schedule of fire you throw at it, including .300 blackout subsonic. Grab this great black friday suppressor deal.

suppressor deals HX-QD 556 Tisuppressor deals HX-QD 556 Ti

Credit: @huxwrx

For your 5.56 firearm, the HUXWRX HX-QD 556 Ti could be the can for you, and for a limited time, Silencer Shop will take care of your tax stamp - making this a one of the best deals on suppressors. This lightweight suppressor will maximize your maneuverability: just 6.67 inches and 13.1 ounces, with the HX-QD 556, you'll bring your A-game to the range.


suppressor deals Griffin Explorr 300 ET3suppressor deals Griffin Explorr 300 ET3

Credit: @griffin_armament

The Griffin Explorr 300 ET3 is a unique, tubeless suppressor, and Silencer Shop has you covered with a free tax stamp.The Explorr 300 has a low-profile flash reducer integral to the suppressor end cap that will keep your game in check during your night shoots. An added benefit of the Explorer 300 is the Taper Mount EZ Brake is included.

suppressor deals Griffin Explorr 300 EU3suppressor deals Griffin Explorr 300 EU3

Credit: @thefirearmsblog

Accessorize your firearm host with this black friday gun accessories deals a free tax stamp courtesy of Silencer Shop on the Explorr 300! This 17-4 Stainless Steel suppressor features the patented ECO-FLOW™ baffle system with multi-caliber sound performance. Want to shoot on the plains in a jiffy? The Griffin Taper Mount interface can be reliably mounted in 5 seconds. 

suppressor deals Griffin 30SD-Ksuppressor deals Griffin 30SD-K

Credit: @griffin_armament

The Griffin Armament 30SD-k utilizes a gate-lock system that works with standard A2 muzzle devices. You can hit your mark without disrupting the herd. With this Griffin can, your host will get down to 127 DB with .300 blackout subsonic. And for a limited time, your tax stamp will be taken care of by Silencer Shop. The Griffin Armament 30SD-k utilizes a gate-lock system that works with standard A2 muzzle devices.