We're proud that working with Silencer Shop is the easiest way to own a firearm suppressor. A lot of the simplicity of our process can be credited to our Silencer Shop kiosks — a reliable army of more than 1,200 units distributed throughout the country in the shops of partner dealerships.

What is a Silencer Shop kiosk and what is it good for? This blog post is here to discuss all you can and cannot do with kiosks!

What Kiosks Are Used For

Kiosks are your one-stop shop for securely collecting all the demographic and identity documentation you'll need for your suppressor application. When you purchase a suppressor and tax stamp on our website, you'll be given the opportunity to choose an FFL/SOT dealer near your house with a Silencer Shop kiosk. When that process is complete, you'll receive a QR code via email and text message to bring with you to the dealership to start your kiosk experience.

Fingerprinting: All NFA applications require a complete set of fingerprints, including both "slap" fingerprints and rolled fingerprints. Silencer Shop kiosks include a fingerprint scanner which allows you to scan and submit those fingerprints to our secure servers hassle-free — no ink and paper required. 

Demographic info: After the fingerprinting process is complete, the kiosk will prompt you with questions to walk you through all the demographic information you'll need to submit as part of your application.

Registration method: You'll also have the opportunity to choose the method by which you'd like to register your suppressor (e.g., trust, corporation, or individual). You can read more about the differences here, but if you haven't made up your mind, you can skip the decision for now. If you are submitting as a trust or corporation, your co-owners can submit their demographic information now as well, if they are with you. If they didn't accompany you, they can submit their information at a later date.

Photo: The kiosk cannot take a passport photo for you. But while you're there, it will guide you to download the Silencer Shop app and follow the instructions to take and submit a compliant photo on your smartphone.

Signature: Show us your best digital cursive to top it all off.

With all that demographic information submitted, we'll get to work! Once we've compiled and manually double-checked your info, we'll share a completed Form 4 with you for final approval.

What Kiosks Are Not Used For 

Let's start by clearing up some misconceptions, starting with the most off-the-mark one. Kiosks at McDonald's don't distribute cheeseburgers. Silencer Shop kiosks don't distribute suppressors — sorry. 

As mentioned before, Silencer Shop kiosks don't have a built-in camera for taking a passport style photo — but the Silencer Shop smartphone app has you covered in that regard.

Further, Silencer Shop kiosks are not where you go shopping for and purchase a suppressor and tax stamp. Those purchases are best completed at home on your trusty computer or with your awesome neighborhood dealer.

Lastly, kiosks are not made for submitting your finalized Form 4 application. That step, also completed on your computer, comes later in the process.

Final Thoughts

Without Silencer Shop, owning a NFA item is complicated. But with over 1,200 kiosks deployed around the country (and hundreds more en route), Silencer Shop meets you where you are and strives to make the process easy.

And the process gets even easier the second time around — we securely save the information you submit through the kiosk, so subsequent Form 4 applications will take no time at all. With a 4.9 star rating from nearly 21,000 reviewers on Trustpilot, we pride ourselves on getting it right. As always, if you ever have questions, our A+ customer service team is only a chat message, phone call, or email away. Our chat feature allows you to pepper our customer service team with your questions any time between 9-6 CST.